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  1. 1. Making Paper Bag BIG Books
  2. 2. Free powerpoint template: 2 Why Read to Children? * When children are read to every day, they develop many skills. Scientists are finding that children who are exposed to manywords at an early age have a greater chance of success in school and scoring higher on intelligence tests. * Books allow children to imagine and be creative while gaining knowledge of science, math, history, and health. By reading stories to children, they can relate to story characters who face "real life" situations similar to ones they are facing. * Books also introduce print as a form of communication, but most importantly, reading to children helps them develop a love for books, which is the best reason to learn.
  3. 3. 3 Lets Make a PaperBag BIG Book!
  4. 4. Free powerpoint template: 4 * 4 large paper sacks * Scissors * Wide (clear or color) tape * Yarn or ribbon * Holepunch You will need:
  5. 5. Free powerpoint template: 5 Cut the handles off of all 4 paper sacks.
  6. 6. Free powerpoint template: 6 1. Cut downthe sideof oneof the papersacks until youget to the bottom.
  7. 7. Free powerpoint template: 7 2. Carefully Cut off the bottom of the paper sack. (Repeat this procedureon all 4 paper sacks).
  8. 8. Free powerpoint template: 8 3. Removethe bottom from each of the paper sacks. 4. Unfold each sack. 5. Place two rectangles together word side on the inside. 6. Do this stepagain for the othertwo sacks.
  9. 9. Free powerpoint template: 9 7. Carefully tape the two sides together, flipping the sacksover and folding the tape over the other side. 8. Do all4 sides of both sets of sacks.
  10. 10. Free powerpoint template: 10 9. Place the two folded sizes of both sacks together to form your book. 10. To makethe binding you can use tape ora hole punch and ribbon or yarn for a tied binding. 11. This is your opportunity to beCreative!
  11. 11. Free powerpoint template: 11 12. To choose the contents of your big book, refer to the Assignment Sheet #1 in Guiding Storytelling Experiences II LAP.
  12. 12. Dont Forget! You must present your BIG Book to a group of children