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In deze sessie deel ik mijn ervaringen van de afgelopen jaren over hoe je “rijk” kunt worden door het ontwikkelen van Apps. Dit kunnen Windows Phone en Windows 8 apps zijn maar het gaat ook over Android en iOS. We gaan in op de diverse verdien modellen en de daarbij behorende do’s en don’ts.


  • 1. Making Money with Apps Fons Sonnemans @fonssonnemans

2. I AM @FONSSONNEMA NS 3. My Apps 4. How to get rich? 5. Ways to become Rich Write an app for a client Write an app and publish it in a Store Write an app and sell it Affiliate marketing 6. Write an app for a client Price Time & Material Fixed Price Price for every download Find projects on AppGoeroes 7. Write an app and publish it in a Store Which platform iOS, Android, Microsoft, ? Which device Phone, Tablet, PC/Laptop, Watch?, Glasses?, Game Console? Price Paid Free 8. Paid Apps Apple & Google 30% commission Microsoft 30% commission 20% after you pass $25.000 revenue Choose Price From 0.99 to 834,- Which Store & What Price 9. Free Apps Income Ads Trial (= Paid) In-app purchases 90% of all installed apps are free 10. Ads iAd (Apple) AdMob (Google) PubCenter (Microsoft) Others: AdFonic, AdDuplex, InMobi, Smaato, etc Show ads for your other apps Rotate ad providers using Ad Rotator Use in-app purcharse to remove ads, Price? Free app - ad supported 11. PubCenter 12. PubCenter 13. Free with Trial (= Paid) 70x more downloads 10% conversion rate 7x higher sales! Explain the trial in the store description 14. In-app purchases IAP enables you to sell digital goods in your apps and games % Of top grossing iOS apps use in- app purchase -- Business Insider $ In-App revenue in 2011, expected >$ in 2016 - eMarketer 93 1B 4B 15. In-app purchases IAP enables you to sell digital goods in your apps and games 16. What can you sell? Game items (swords, levels, characters) Functionality (more features, new graphics, maps, levels) Accelerated gameplay (unlock items, powerups) eBooks and eMagazines Digital images, music and videos Virtual Currency that can be shared across all your apps (gold, tokens, gems) Postcards from photos taken on the phone A DVD of a video captured and edited on the phone Digital services (backup data to cloud, rent-a-map) 17. In-app purchases 18. Covers 19. Write an app and sell it 20. Affiliate marketing Krijg een commissie over de opbrengst die een andere partij verdient via je app (1% - 8%) Zanox/M4N: Zalando, KPN, Centraal Beheer Partnerprogramma: Boeken, DVDs, etc. 21. How to write a successful app? The best apps only do one thing, but they do it very, very well. Its important that the app is original, improves on another app, solves a problem or entertains. If the app is good, everything that follows will be easier. Create A Great Product 22. How to write a successful app? Incorporate some viral mechanism into the core functionality of the app, so each user that enjoys the app can potentially attract a network of new users. It means the app is better or more engaging when users invite friends to use it. Built In-Virality 23. How to write a successful app? We live in a visual society. With the app store competition growing daily, having good code and a great feature set isnt enough. How your app looks matters Design 24. How to write a successful app? Innovate Analytics and Event Tracking Flurry, Application Insights, Google Analytics, ? Update Regularly Localize the app Development 25. Flurry 26. Application Insights 27. How to write a successful app? App Store Title DevRadio-Part-1-A-Developers-Guide-to-Marketing- Your-App-Naming-Your-App Text Pictures (Logo & Screenshots) Keywords Category 2014/02/27/windows-store-trends-feb-2014-update.aspx Presentation 28. Search: Title + Keywords 29. Search: Title + Keywords 30. Category Game vs Education 31. How to write a successful app? Get More Ratings Social Integration (Candy Crush Saga) Spread the word Website, Facebook fan page, Twitter Channel, YouTube movies Analyze Statistics Get your app reviewed by journalists reviewed-by-review-sites/ phone-windows-8-apps/ Marketing Marketing Development 50/50 32. Get More Ratings 33. Analyze Statistics Distimo Analytics 34. Recap & Questions 35. @fonssonnemans fonssonnemans 36. Laat ons weten wat u vindt van deze sessie! Vul de evaluatie in via en maak kans op een van de 20 prijzen*. Prijswinnaars worden bekend gemaakt via Twitter (#TechDaysNL). Gebruik hiervoor de code op uw badge. Let us know how you feel about this session! Give your feedback via and possibly win one of the 20 prizes*. Winners will be announced via Twitter (#TechDaysNL). Use your personal code on your badge. * Over de uitslag kan niet worden gecorrespondeerd, prijzen zijn voorbeelden All results are final, prices are examples 37. 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Tom Droste 16:20 Lap around Windows Phone 8.1: Introduction to the new developer platform Andy Wigley 17:45 App Analytics voor Windows Phone en Windows Store Mark Monster 17:45 Je hebt een app. Nu alleen nog verkopen! Dennis Vroegop 38. 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