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  • Everyone wants to make his/her wedding day outstanding as it comes once in life. Of course, I was also very excited to make my wedding day spectacular; therefore, I choose the of each and every little thing for my wedding decoration and took care not to miss a single thing. Here, Im going to share the experience of my wedding decoration. I dont like excessive adornment, so I had preferred a simple little decoration.

  • 1.Selected The Theme Color

    Before, starting any decoration, its necessary to choose the theme color. As the purple is my favorite color, I chose the theme of the pink and purple combination. Additionally, these colors are attractive and also give a touch of elegance to the venue.

    2.Arches & Columns

    A big round arch decorated with several beautiful balloons was perfect for the entrance. It was creating a high-class impression which was enough to attract the guests. When anyone entered the gate, it was making the feel of dignity. In two corner sides, two columns were put. Id chosen the same balloon for the columns.

  • 3.Door Decorations

    I'd collected some beautiful roses which had been used to decorate the large doors. The simple flower adornment was increasing their decoration. In the center of the doors, the letters of our name were looking very nice. When the doors opened, I saw a fabulous panorama of the wedding hall.

    4.Ceiling Decoration

    Anyone who came in the wedding hall, the first glance had been going on the ceiling decoration. The ceiling was smartly decorated with the beautiful purple decor. First, Id thought of using delicate flowers but, afterward, I changed my mind and used the paper lanterns. The mix combination of purple and pink paper lanterns was looking stunning.

  • 5.Balloons

    Oh! How can I forget the balloons in the adornment of the most special day of my life? Id preferred the purple and light pink balloons and used them for decoration with an identical distance which was really looked classy.

    6.Table Decorations

    The tables adornment was really the center point of the elegant look which made everyone a WOW feeling. The wedding hall was quite large, and there were so many tables and chairs. Id collected the exclusively designed table linens, organza table overlays and lovely chair covers to decorate them. The beautiful chair covers were decorated with the stylish organza sashes in purple color. Each table contained a pretty flower bouquet and matching napkins. Truly, The table decorations gave an elegant and grand touch to the venue. I got a lot of appreciation especially for the table decoration and chair covers.

  • 7.Candles

    As I didnt want to miss even a single thing, Ive used the special candles. Personalized love votive holders were placed on each and every table which looked unique.

    8.Wall Decoration

    For the wall decoration, Id spend much time as compared to others. I was very confused about the curtains and balloons, and finally, I opted for the trendy curtains in light pink colors. Really, the stylish curtains were looking superb and bright.

  • 9.Party Lights & Special Effects

    Any decoration cant be completed without party lights. Id chosen the high-quality lights with special effects. When the light started, everyone was amazed by its effects. The lights made the venue opulent.

    As I was very attentive for selecting the ever little thing for my wedding decoration, I got success in it. The decoration was really gorgeous, and it also enhanced the glory of the wedding venue which made my wedding day momentous.