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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram everyone says theres money to be made for health and fitness pros on social media and blogs but where? How? And is it possible to make sales without selling out? From the basics of building a media kit and pitch letter to best practices for following disclosure guidelines, Katy Widrick shares the tips and tricks that will have you making money while also making your readers and partners happy. Plus, learn how to set your prices and create contracts so you can go from hobby blogger to professional.


  • 1.TV/Radio/ Magazine Executive Producer ! Blogger (, ! Fitness Instructor (AFAA, PiYo Strength) Hi! Im Katy.

2. Making SalesWithout Selling Out Rule #1: Its a Numbers Game. {Kind of.} Rule #2: Know Your Worth and Your Value. Rule #3: Wear the White Hat. Rule #4: Pay it Forward (Literally, if Possible). 3. What, Where, How Ad Networks Direct Ad Sales Ambassador Networks Affiliate Networks Sponsored Posts Reviews Product Sales Services Spokesperson Work Original Content Freelance Speaking Fees Sponsored Social ???? 4. What, Where, How Ad Networks BlogHer Mode Media Federated Media/Lijit Ad Sense Affiliate Networks Share a Sale Commission Junction Amazon Rakuten (Internal Brand Networks) Sponsored Posts Sweat Pink/Fit Approach FitFluential PopSugar Select Sway Group (SITS) 5. Media Kits & Cover Letters 6. Full Name Website Contact Info Brief Description: You, Blog Key Analytics (monthly averages) Recent Photo/Logo Rates/Services Media Kits & Cover Letters 7. Media Kits & Cover Letters Dear REALNAMEHERE, ! My name is Katy Widrick, and I blog about healthy living, fitness and social media at Im also an AFAA-certified fitness instructor and I have a regular series called Fit Tip Friday, in which I share some fun and challenging bodyweight exercises that can be done by people at all fitness levels and require no equipment. I am a big fan of your XXXBRAND yoga mats and often feature them in my videos. ! I would love to partner with you on an upcoming post, or perhaps see if theres something more long-term we can work on together. Ive attached my media kit as well as a few posts from the series. May I call you next week to follow up? ! 8. Kick Butt, Take Names GOOGLE! HINT: news releases are great sources! Ask on Social Media. Ask for DM, then: I have a marketing proposal Id like to send who is the best contact? Look on LinkedIn. Pick up a phone and call. 9. Master the No-Ask Ask Dont make your deadline THEIR problem (but express scarcity). Be a longtail, longterm partner. Stay in their ears, not their faces. 80/20 rule applies. WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? 10. Other Opportunities IDEA Health and Fitness Association HARO (Help a Reporter Out) ProfNet Your Own Listening Station TweetDeck, HootSuite, Google Alerts 11. AdTermsforBloggers 12. 13 13. Money, Money, Money Ad Networks Vs. Direct Ad Sales Set It and Forget It > Low Reward Heavy Lifting > High Reward ! Use the CPM Rates to Set Your Prices ! Research Your Market Google AdSense 14. Use CPM Rates to Set Flat Fees Example: $2/CPM, 10K Monthly Pageviews 1. 10,000/1,000=10 2. 10 X $2=$20 (projected OR flat) Example: $2/CPM, 50K Monthly Pageviews 1. 50,000/1,000=50 2. 50 X $2=$100 (projected OR flat) 15. Your Toolkit Media Kit Rate Sheet Cover Letter Email List/Service MailChimp AWeber Constant Contact Sales Shop PassionFruit Ads BlogAds 16. Getting Paid Fresh Books PayPal PassionFruit Ads Google Docs/ Word QuickBooks 17. Specific Deliverables Specific Deadlines Proof of Performance (Blog Posts, Social Posts, etc.) Set Your Terms Ahead of Time 50% Deposit Net 30/60/90 Getting Paid 18. Think Big (But Also Small) What Can You Offer Thats Different? What is Unique About Your Story? Whats Already Working? Who Have You Worked With Before? 19. You Know What They Say Photo Credit/Copyright: daarsan/123RF Stock Photo 20. My Favorite Yoga Mat One Post, Many Revenue Streams* 1.Blog Post (Banner Ads) 2.Product Link (Affiliate Sales) 3.Social Amplification (Sponsored Social) 4.Video (Pre-Roll, Sponsored Mention) 5.Syndication on Client Site (Flat Fee) 6.Inclusion in Newsletter (All) *Pick and Choose Wisely 21. Best Practices Be Open, Be Honest: Disclosure Post Your Policies Know the Laws and Guidelines Create and Follow Contracts Listen to Your Readers and Followers Be Selective Be Memorable Go Above and Beyond Pay it Forward 22. Parting Words You Dont Get What You Dont Ask For. 23. @kwidrick Hi! Im Katy.