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Make it Memorable with Star Wars Birthday Party Loot Bags Star Wars has been an extremely successful franchise since its release in 1977. There is no surprise that Disney started entertaining the idea of releasing Star Wars: Episode VII shortly after buying Lucasfilm. It is rumored that actors Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams will reprise their roles from the original three films. In essence, Disney is hopeful to create a whole new generation of Star Wars loyal followers. Compare the idea with successful previous releases of films and shorts related to the Star Wars franchise. It seems certain there is a huge key for success. In keeping with Disney tradition, it inevitably means that stores and party sites are going to be flooded with requests for Star Wars party favors. There are sure to be streamers, party hats and the ever-so-famous goodie bags. When thinking of a themed party for children, Star Wars works well for both boys and girls. The first film in 1977 introduced the world to both new lovable characters and characters you love to hate. Every good epic film has to have memorable characters, including villains. Regardless of which film chosen in the Star Wars series, there are plenty of theme ideas that can be successfully carried out. The party might be in honor of your young Skywalker or Princess Leia. Perhaps your child prefers to be Master Yoda or the infamous Darth Vader. No matter their selection, you will be able to find cheap loot bags portraying the character theme. Childhood is a fascinating time and Star Wars gives children the opportunity to enjoy and explore new worlds. They see the balance of good and evil and how one decision can have an effect on many people. There are enough characters in each of the films that it is easy to create a Star Wars world in your own back yard. Whether the party is set just for girls or boys or is a combination of both, it is possible to cater to all with excellent results.Kids love goodie bags, and there are plenty of party favors to make everyone happy.In addition you can add some variety by printing out free Star Wars coloring pages to entertain party goers.Children like to create and be entertained. Use your imagination to design the ultimate Star Wars party for your youngsters. After all, imagination is the foundation of the legend's success. Your Star Wars party theme can be carried all the way through the food items, such as Dark Side chips and other galactic delicacies. If you want something a little healthier than traditional cake and ice cream, provide orange sherbet a la Leia, Chewie Cookies or Hans Mints.There are plenty of ideas and opportunities to give your child and the kids in attendance a party they will remember for many years. For More Information, Please Visit Us:-