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  • Major and Minor Political PartiesPolitical Dictionary Terms

  • Term 1Device which a voter registers a choice in an election.

  • Answerballot

  • Term 2Place where the voters who live in a precinct vote.

  • Answerpolling place

  • Term 3A voting district.

  • Answerprecinct

  • Term 4When a strong candidate running for an office at the top of the ballot helps attract voters to other candidates on the partys ticket.

  • Answercoattail effect

  • Term 5Voting by those unable to get to their regular polling places on election day.

  • Answerabsentee voting

  • Term 6The top two vote-getters in the first party primary face one another, and the winner becomes the nominee.

  • Answerrunoff primary

  • Term 7People who meet to select the candidates they will support in an upcoming election.

  • Answercaucus

  • Term 8The naming of those who will seek office.

  • Answernomination

  • Term 9Special-interest groups which have an interest in public policy.

  • Answerpolitical action committee

  • Term 10Contributions made to State and local party organizations for activities such as voter registration and party mailings.

  • Answersoft money

  • Term 11An election held within a party to pick that partys candidates for the general election.

  • Answerdirect primary

  • Term 12Regularly scheduled elections which voters make the final selection of officeholders.

  • Answergeneral election

  • Term 13A grant of money, usually from a government.

  • Answersubsidy

  • Term 14Campaign money that is subject to regulation by the Federal Election Commission.

  • Answerhard money

  • Term 15A party nominating election which only declared party members can vote.

  • Answerclosed primary

  • Term 16Elections in which candidates are not identified by party labels.

  • Answernonpartisan election

  • Term 17A party nominating election in which any qualified voter can take part.

  • Answeropen primary