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A collection of magickal drink recipies.


  • Alcoholic Mead

    1/2 gallon of water

    2 cups of honey

    1/4 cup lemon juice

    1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

    1/8 teaspoon allspice

    1 package brewer's yeast

    Heat water, honey, lemon juice, nutmeg, and allspice together in a

    large stock pot. Blend well and remove from the heat. Stir in

    brewer's yeast and pour the mead into a wooden cask. Allow to ferment

    for 6 months. During this time the cask should be aired daily to

    allow gasses to escape. At least once a month it should be poured

    into a fresh cask.

    Bottle the mead after that time and cork the bottles well. Seal them

    if possible with wax.

    Antichill - Cold Ginger Wine / Whiskey

    1pt. brandy

    several pieces fresh bruised ginger root

    Steep 1-2 t. root in brandy or whiskey for 7-10 days.

    Strain, use in tsp. doses when you have a cold or chill or add a tsp. to hot

    peppermint tea or sage tea.

    Apple Beer

    Pour 4 gallons of boiling water over 4 pounds of grated apples in a pan and

    stir each day for two weeks. Then strain and add 2 pounds of sugar, 2 ounces

  • of root ginger and a leval teaspoonful each of cinnamon stick and whole

    cloves. Pour into a cask and bung tightly at once.

    In 6 weeks it will be ready to bottle.

    Basic Wildflower Mead


    2 quarts honey (preferrably wildflower)

    1 gallon water

    1 cup white raisins

    1 egg

    To one gallon of water add two quarts of honey and the white of one, egg,

    mixing WELL. Cook the mixture at medium heat on the stove, stirring

    continuously. When the mix comes to a boil all the scum rises to the top to be

    skimmed, assisted by the egg white, just like you clear stock. When no more

    scum rises add the raisin, turn off the heat, and cover overnight. In the

    morning crush and strain out the raisins, add the yeast, and transfer the

    liquid (called 'must') to a glass jug with a fermentation lock. Keep any

    excess to top off the mead after racking.

    The first racking should be done after one month and the next when

    fermentation stops. Rack again about three, months later. It is important to

    keep the mead topped off to keep the airspace in the bottle to a minimum. When

    you can read newsprint through the jug of mead, bottle and cork. Don't touch

    for at least a year.

    Black Witch Cocktail

    1 1/2 oz Gold rum

  • 1/4oz Dark rum

    1/4 oz Apricot brandy

    1/2oz Pineapple juice

    Shake well with crushed ice, strain into a cocktail glass.

    BlueBelly Mead

    Size 5 gallons

    9 lbs Madhava Colorado Clover honey

    10 lbs (approx) fresh blueberries

    1 oz Cascade pellet hops (boil)

    2 tbsp gypsum

    1 tsp citric acid

    1 big pinch Irish moss

    2 lb corn sugar (to must)

    3/4 cup corn sugar (bottling)

    Unknown yeast probably champagne style

    OG 1.04 @ 105 deg F

    FG 1.01 @ 70 deg F

    Comments: Very sweet at bottling time, this produced a slightly

    sweet finished product with a tendency to foam over when opened,

    like champagne, verry, verry yummy.

    This was the first of a long line of great blueberry meads.

    Borage Punch

    Borage is said to make the heart glad and passions roar!

    1 gallon dry red wine

  • 1 cup lemon juice

    1 cup sugar

    1 borage stalk

    In a large nonmetal container, pour the red wine, lemon juice and sugar.

    Add a stalk of borage, cover and refrigerate overnight.

    To serve, remove the borage, pour into a punch bowl and decorate with borage

    flowers and lemon slices, and set the punch bowl in ice.

    30 servings

    Cat's Claw Blackberry Ale

    Classification: fruit beer, blackberry ale, extract

    Source: Guy McConnell (

    This brew turned out quite well too with a nice blackberry nose complimented

    by a floral note from the Cascade hop tea added at bottling. Enjoy!


    6 pounds Alexander's Pale extract syrup

    1 pound Orange Blossom Honey

    1 pound ( 4 cups )Crystal Malt, 10L

    1/4 pound ( 1 cup ) Victory Malt

    1 ounce Cascade Pellets ( bittering - 60 mins )

    1/2 ounce Cascade Pellets ( finishing )

    1 pint WYeast #1084 Irish Ale Yeast ( recultured )

    8 pounds Blackberries

    2/3 cup Orange Blossom Honey ( for priming )


    Place crushed grain in cold water and steep for 45 minutes at 155 degrees.

  • Sparge into brewpot and bring to a boil. Add extract and bittering hops and

    boil for 50 minutes. During the boil, mash berries through a strainer to

    extract the juice. Add honey and boil for 10 more minutes, skimming off any

    scum that forms. Remove from heat and pour blackberry juice into the hot

    wort. Stir well and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Cool and pour into

    primary containing 3 gallons cold (previously boiled) water. Pitch yeast and

    aerate well. Rack to secondary when vigorous fermentation subsides. When

    fermentation completes, make a "hop tea" with the finishing hops. Cool, add

    to bottling bucket along with honey priming solution, and bottle

    Cherry Kirshe

    13 lbs fresh frozen pitted cherries (sweets)

    4 gal water

    3-4 lbs honey

    3 tbsp molasses

    4-5 tsp brandy per gallon of mead

    mahlab (crushed denatured cherry pits, obtained from Penzeys Spice.

    Champagne yeast

    Crush thawed fruit. Heat 1 gal water to 160 d. F. Add honey and molasses and

    simmer 15 minutes, stirring to dissolve. Pour into fermenter over bagged

    fruit, letting cool to below 80 d. F. Add 3 gal water. Pitch yeast and

    nutrient, agitating to mix well.

    Let ferment out to 17% alcohol, then rack off fruit and add 1 handful

    crushed mahlab and boiled honey water to top up. Let sit on pits for at

    least 2 months, tasting until flavor is smoky with a definite cherry

    overtones. Rack off pits and add brandy. Bottle.

  • Clove Metheglin

    Persians used cloves to rekindle relationships gone cold. The potent

    flavour and scent of the clove gives it associations with energy for


    1 gallon water

    3 pounds dark honey

    2 oranges, sliced with rind

    1 lemon, sliced with rind

    1 1/2 ounces clove (adjust to taste)

    1/2 package y east

    Place all the ingredients except the yeast in a large pot and boil for

    1 hour, skimming as needed. Cool to lukewarm, remove cloves and fruit,

    squeezing to extract the juice. Next add the yeast, and leave the

    mixture covered in a warm area for 2 weeks. Siphon off the clear fluid

    into bottles and age 7 months for sweet wine, 1 year for dry.

    Magical Attributes: Protecting marriages, close friendships, and


    Variations: Instead of water, try apple juice, or half water, half

    orange juice.

    Cowslip Wine

    Boil 2 pounds of white sugar with 5 quarts of water and, while boiling, pour

    over a quart of the yellow part of fresh cowslip and 2 tablespoonsful of

    yeast, spread on a piece of toast. Leave, covered, for 10 days, stirring two

    or three times each day for the first four days. Then strain and bottle.

  • Dandelion Beer


    1/2 quart dandelion blossoms

    1/2 inch ginger root, bruised

    1/2 lemon, diced finely

    2 quarts water

    1 cup brown sugar

    1/4 cup white sugar

    1/8 cup cream of tartar

    1/8 ounce beer yeast (top fermenting)

    Wash the dandelion blossoms and place in a large pot along with the ginger,

    lemon, and water. Boil this together for 15 minutes. In another large

    container, mix the sugars and cream of tartar together, slowly pouring in the

    hot liquid to dissolve. Strain and cool to lukewarm. Suspend the yeast in 1/4

    cup warm water. Add this to the cooled liquid to begin fermentation. Keep in

    a warm place with a heavy cloth over the top for 3 days before straining and


    Age for 1 week, then enjoy. Shelf life is short - about 6 weeks before it

    turns bitter.

    Magical Association: Prophesy, psychic visions, dream oracles.

    Variations: Strawberries are a good substitute in this recipe. Add about 1

    pint during the initial boiling process for a sweeter, slightly pink beer,

    which is magically good for health and happiness. If you plan to eliminate the

    dandelions, use the juice of two large citrons instead, to maintain magical


  • Note: The most loved and hated plant of all time, dandelions are rich in

    vitamins and minerals. They are also known to mark the sun by closing their

    petals when it is dark. They are symbolic of ancient prognostication, and were

    often used for love augury.

    Dandelion Delight

    This lovely spring tonic makes good use of pesky weeds to rejuvenate the body

    with earth's reawakening. Dandelions are high in vitamins, and legends claim

    that Hectate once entertained Theseus with dandelion water.

    3 cups dandelion petals

    1 gallon orange juice

    juice of 1 lemon

    1/4 cup of sugar

    Ginger Ale (optional)

    Clean off the dandelion petals with cool water. In the meantime, warm the

    orange juice and lemon together, then add dandelions.Make certain you only

    have petals (no green parts). Add the sugar, stirring constantly until

    dissolved; strain juices and chill. Add ginger ale for a light, bubblydrink.

    VARIATIONS: Prepare this recipe with lemonade instead of orange juice, and