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A showcase of the very best wines, spirits and cocktail recipes the local and international drinks world has to offer...


<ul><li><p></p><p>drinks list</p><p>Reservations 028 9050 9800 // 59-63 Botanic Avenue, Belfast //</p><p>all cocktails only 3.50 eachsunday to Friday From 5pm until 10pm</p></li><li><p>crane lake 4.95 5.95 16.95Chardonnay, USa Wonderful with rich salmon or chicken dishes, this not to be missed Chardonnay is so versatile with grub - melon, pear and vanilla aromas are perfectly in tune with the lightness of touch displayed by this beauty.</p><p>curious kiwi 5.95 6.95 21.95MarlboroUgh SaUvignon blanC, new zealandClassic Marlborough fruit bomb, showing sharp citrus, passionfruit and herbs.</p><p>santa Gloria 4.95 5.95 16.95SaUvignon blanC,ChileMouth watering aromas of pink grapefruit, lime and a whiff of honey jump from the glass and on the palate its a pure fruit explosion.</p><p>la delizia, 4.95 5.95 17.95Pinot grigio, italyFrom one of the best areas in Italy for Pinot Grigio Fruli; This ensures that it has a lovely custard cream texture and has flavour.</p><p>russbach, 5.75 6.75 19.95reiSling, gerManyListed in a lot of Michelin rated restaurants in Germany. Lime cordial, spice and elderflower flavours makes this ideal with Asian cuisine.</p><p>dudleys stone 4.95 5.95 17.95Chenin blanC, SoUth afriCaChenin Blanc is such an underrated grape but it is a fantastic variety. Delicious honey and spice aromas are married to wicked acidity perfect with mussels or our linguini. In fact superb with anything thats got a dollop of cream in it!</p><p>pasos de capula 21.95verdejo, SPainA peach and apricot scented dry white with a fresh and juicy palate. Verdejo is one of Spains finest varieties. A superb alternative to Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.</p><p>white wine</p><p></p><p>175ml 250ml bottle</p></li><li><p>red wine</p><p>crane lake 4.95 5.95 16.95Merlot, USa A silky, swanky all-American number with loads of damson and vanilla spice notes. As silky as a silkworm working overtime. Oh yeah!</p><p>heratland stickleback 5.95 6.95 21.95Shiraz, aUStraliaThis is a very dark glass of juicy and delicious red. A burst of intense primary fruit greets the palate with blueberries, blackberries and currants. These powerful fruit notes can engulf the uninitiated, but waves of spice can be discovered by seasoned flavour explorers.</p><p>domaine du chateau deau 5.75 6.75 19.95Pinot noir, franCeFull of superhero parma violet and smooth candy aromas.</p><p>rioja crianza 5.95 6.95 19.95SPainA beautiful, fruit driven Rioja that, to be honest, we were lucky to get our hands on. Aged for 12 months in American and French oak. Soft and juicy strawberry and vanilla scented fruit delivery with a hint of toasted oak.</p><p>santa alicia reserve 4.95 5.95 17.95Cabernet SaUvignon, ChileSometimes a wine comes along that we just cant say no to. Cabernet can be really astringent and harsh when young, but the Chilean sunshine has smoothed this right down and made it insanely gluggable! Buy a dozen to fire in the cellar for emergency drinking!</p><p>Farina 5.25 6.25 18.95bardolino, italy The lightest red wine on our list, and what a cracker it is! Made near the shores of Lake Garda in Northern Italy, this wine is low in tannin and alcohol but has crucial acidity which makes it a perfect match with many of the dishes on our menu.</p><p>santa Gloria 4.95 5.95 16.95Merlot, ChileBrilliant wee glugger that ticks all the boxes! Dripping with bright damson fruit and a lovely silky mouthfeel, this is what Merlot is all about, but which is often very difficult to find. </p><p>chateau puybarbe 21.95bordeaUx, franCeThis wine has an intense crimson hue. The nose evolves around straight forward aromas of small red berried fruits and spices. The palate displays a silky structure and remarkable length.</p><p>175ml 250ml bottle</p><p></p></li><li><p>masia j 4.95 5.95 17.95grenaChe, SPain This Grenache Ros is full of lively summer fruit flavours. Refreshingly off dry showing wild strawberries and peach.</p><p>crane lake 5.75 6.75 16.95white zinfandel, USaLight pink wine with floral and tropical aromas; flavors of strawberry, peach and raspberry with a touch of sweetness.</p><p>ros wine175ml 250ml bottle</p><p>villa jolanda 7.95 21.50ProSeCCo, italy Northern Ireland has been transformed in to a land of Prosecco lovers, and is it any wonder? Lighter than Champagne and relatively low in acidity, this funky bubbly is insanely gluggable lemon sherbet fruit all the way! A beautiful aperitif as well...</p><p>villa jolanda pinot ros 21.50roS ProSeCCo, italy</p><p>Packed full of va va voom charm, so easy drinking, such good fun and so chic in a way only the Italians can. Get a glass in before your starter comes and watch the conversation flow!</p><p>santero ros dolce 7.95ProSeCCo, italy</p><p>A vibrant pink sparkling wine with a strawberry mousse essence. Sweet and creamy strawberry fruit makes this the perfect celebration drink</p><p>sparklinG wine200ml bottle</p><p></p></li><li><p>strawberry daiquiri 5.45Havana Club 3 Aos rum blended with fresh lime juice and strawberry pure.</p><p>cosmopolitan 5.45Smirnoff vodka and orange liqueur shaken with fresh lime and cranberry juice.</p><p>cherry kiss daiquiri 5.25Havana Club 3 Aos rum and Disaronna amaretto blended ice cold with cherry pure. </p><p>madisons woo woo 5.25Absolut Peach, skaken with strawberry liqueur and fresh lime juice topped with cranberry.</p><p>raspberry Gin Fizz 5.25Bombay Sapphire gin and fresh lemon juice built over ice topped with lemonade and a raspberry float.</p><p>jameson storm 5.25Jamesons shaken with fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup served over crushed ice with orange bitters. </p><p>malibu bay breeze 5.25Malibu shaken with pineapple juice layered over cranberry juice.</p><p>room 1886 5.25Smirnoff vodka shaken with fresh raspberries, peach schnapps and lime served on the rocks with orange juice.</p><p>absolut very berry mojito 5.45Absolut Kurrant vodka muddled with fresh lime wedges, mango juice and loads of fresh mint - served over crushed ice.</p><p>caramel russian 5.25Smirnoff vodka and Tia Maria built over ice with a cream float and a layer of caramel.</p><p>pear tini 5.25Absolut Pear vodka shaken with passionfruit liqueur and a touch of fresh lemon.</p><p>draGonFly 5.25A large measure of Smirnoff vodka and strawberry pure shaken with fresh lime served with a lemonade top (bartenders favourite).</p><p>cocktails</p><p>all cocktails only 3.50 eachsunday to Friday From 5pm until 10pm</p><p></p></li><li><p>cocktails</p><p>razz tini 5.25Absolut Raspberri shaken with cassis and a touch of lime juice served straight up with a splash of cranberry juice. </p><p>oriGinal mojito 5.25A large measure of Havana Club 3 Aos rum muddled with fresh lime wedges and loads of fresh mint - served over crushed ice.</p><p>snapple apple 5.25Absolut Apple and peach liqueur shaken with sour apple syrup topped with lemonade.</p><p>cuban passion 5.25Havana Club 3 Aos rum and passionfruit liqueur shaken with mint leaves and fresh lemon juice served over cruched ice.</p><p>pina colada daiquiri 5.45A large shot of sunny Malibu and coconut pure blended with pineapple juice and fresh lime.</p><p>zinG slinG 5.25Bombay Sapphire gin and orange liqueur shaken with bitters, pineapple juice and fresh lime juice layered over grenadine.</p><p>blue slushie 5.25Absolut Raspberri and Blue Curaao blended ice cold topped with fresh raspberries.</p><p>amaretto sour 5.25Disaronno amaeretto shaken with fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup served over crushed ice with bitters.</p><p>beaminG manhattan 5.25Jim Beam and sweet vermouth shaken with orange bitters and cherry pure.</p><p>archanGel 5.45Havana Club 3 Aos rum, Captain Morgans Spiced rum, peach liqueur and pineapple juice muddled with fresh strawberries.</p><p>electric iced tea 5.45Smirnoff vodka, Bombay Sapphire gin, Havana Club 3 Aos rum, Blue Curaao, Silver tequila topped with lemonade and lime.</p><p>strawberry marGarita 5.25Silver tequila, strawberry liqueur and fresh lime juice blended with strawberry pure. </p><p>all cocktails only 3.50 eachsunday to Friday From 5pm until 10pm</p><p></p></li><li><p></p><p>Reservations 028 9050 9800 // 59-63 Botanic Avenue, Belfast //</p></li></ul>