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<ul><li><p>Muhammad Abbas </p><p>Profession: Electrical Power Engineer E-mail: khanzada874@gmail.com Cell Number: +971-55-9942642 Current address: U.A.E Dubai Address: Ismaila, Swabi, Pakistan Date of birth: 01/06/1988 </p><p>Educational Qualifications </p><p> Four year bachelors degree in Electrical (Power) Engineering from Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan with 3.15 CGPA (78%) </p><p> HSSC from Board of Intermediate &amp; Secondary Education, Swabi with 75 % marks SSC from Board of Intermediate &amp; Secondary Education, Swabi with 69 % marks </p><p>Work Experience </p><p>01 JAN, 2015 TO PRESENT ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE ENGINEER, TALIB AL HAWAI FOR ELECTRO-</p><p>MECHANICAL WORKS LLC DUBAI. </p><p>Responsibilities: </p><p> To organize all the staff to the site Do maintenance in the sites as well as in the workshop Daily submit the progress report to the manager To carry out all the work with in specified time and according to the drawing To make the connection for all the appliances according with the drawing Complete knowledge of all the connection for the motor , Electrical appliances , HVAC </p><p>system and other power equipments according to the drawing. </p><p>Additional Skills: </p><p> Complete knowledge of the Electrical equipments (Digital multimeter, Oscilloscope, Megger, Clamp meters etc.) </p><p> Vast knowledge of HVAC Fully understand the drawing of A/C duct system plus the Electrical drawing Ability to do the required calculation for the Electrical wiring ,lighting system Also have working knowledge about the firefighting system and fire alarm system Knowledge of different wiring techniques Can calculate the load for the system Ability to make Electrical drawing for system and also Connections Can plan the layout for all the electrical equipments and fixtures Use to with all the electrical tools </p></li><li><p> Ability to perform the testing for all the power tools Working knowledge of all Power tools such as Transformer, Circuit breakers, fuses and </p><p>relays etc. Familiar with the Electrical Code system IEC , BS and ANSI Codes. Also have working knowledge of underground cable system Knowledge of jointing in the underground cables. </p><p>ACCOMPLISHMENTS: </p><p>AS A SITE ENGINEER (ELECTRICAL+HVAC) COMPLETED G+4+ROOF LABOUR ACCOMODATION JEBEL </p><p>ALI DIP 1. INDUSTRIAL AREA 2. </p><p>01 MARCH, 2013 TRAINEE ENGINEER, PEHUR HYDRO POWER PLANT SWABI </p><p>Responsibilities: </p><p> To supervise day to day shift task To carry out all the testing of power equipments To make proper operations of all the generators To prepare estimate for the energy generated on shift basis To check the data collected by the foreman about all the units Ability to performed transformer meggering before proper operation of the switch Yard </p><p>transformers To carry out all the maintenance work directed by the Plant Manager </p><p>Trainings </p><p>ONE MONTH TRAINING AT TARBELA POWER HOUSE (SWABI) </p><p>During my training period I remained attached with Electrical Section, Protection section and High Power Switch Gear System. My training schedule included study and practical work in the following fields: </p><p> Electrical System of Tarbela Power Station Detailed study of Turbine Governor System. Detailed study/observation Electrical equipment and its related accessories </p><p>TWO MONTHS INTERNSHIP AT PHILIPS MORRIS LTD SWABI </p><p>During my training in the Philips Morris Ltd, I learned different aspect of maintenance activities and procedures in Electrical, Electronics, Generators and Mechanical departments. The training schedule covered study and practical work in the following fields: </p><p> Production Quality Assurance Laboratories Warehousing &amp; Logistics </p></li><li><p>Computer/IT Skills </p><p> Expert user of Microsoft Windows, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000, 2003 and XP </p><p> Complete understanding of computer hardware &amp; software C, , Proteus, and Keil. Expert in using Vicon Cutting Software for A/C ducting system. </p><p>Workshops </p><p> Two days workshop on SCADA &amp; PLC Designing sponsored by SINA. Three days Career Counseling Workshop Sponsored by CIIT Abbottabad. Eight days workshop on PLC Ladder Logic Programming sponsored by DoST, KPK </p><p>Language Proficiency </p><p> English Level : Fluent Urdu Level : Expert Arabic Level : Working knowledge </p><p>Hobbies </p><p> Internet Football News paper </p></li></ul>