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UC Berkeley Extension on Management & Leadership midterm project for the Organizational Communication course.


  • 1. EARTH IS NOT ENOUGHAndre Olivo Org. Comm. Brett YokomMidterm project 2013 Summer IDP

2. BEFORE LIFTOFF 24 slides presentation Heavy use of visuals Questions after presentation 3. THE PROBLEM What is common with these people? 4. THE PROBLEMRICHRICHRICHRICHRICHRICH 5. THE PROBLEM OPPORTUNITYRICHRICHRICHRICHRICHRICH 6. THE OPPORTUNITY LUNAR HILTONa once-in-a-lifetime experience 7. WHAT IS LUNAR HILTON?AN EARTH ORBITING HOTEL FOR WORLDS TOP VIPS 8. A PLACE FOR A NEW SENSATIONZERO-G! 9. A PLACE FOR GOOD IDEAS We could have aboat party!AWESOME! Lets spam invite everybody!NOOOOO!!!!!!Meanwhile, in the hotel lobbyNext: Accomodations 10. ROOMS WITH A VIEW WHO PUT ME IN THIS CRAPPY ROOM? THESE WINGS ARE BLOCKING MY VIEW! 11. LUXURY ACCOMODATIONS FREE WI-FIPRIVATE BATHROOMXBOX 360 12. ECONOMY OPTIONSNext: Ammenities 13. MUSIC STUDIO Fly me to the moon 14. TANNING ROOM #NOFILTER 15. GOURMET RESTAURANTS FINEST ASTRONAUT FOODNext: Competitors 16. COMPETITORSBoris Tutchenko CEORUSSIAN GROUP SKAVURZKA Next: Underlying Magic/Technology 17. UNDERLYING MAGIC/TECHNOLOGY (1/2) How can guests get to the hotel?A SPACE ELEVATOR 18. UNDERLYING MAGIC/TECHNOLOGY (2/2) How will you create artificial gravity? 19. AN EXAMPLE OF CENTRIFUGAL FORCENext: Business Model 20. BUSINESS MODELAll-inclusive resort No optionalsNext: Marketing and Sales 21. MARKETING AND SALES MARKETINGSALESSpontaneous media:Direct, no agenciesCelebritiesPrivate jetSweepstakesComplete media coveragePress events 10 x HHonor points Next: Team 22. THE TEAM HILTON NASA IBM Lockheed Martin 42 Inc Kraft FoodsNext: Status and Timeline 23. STATUS AND TIMELINE STATUS Space elevator design Hotel architecture Space operations licencingTIMELINE 2015: elevator 2020: hotel 2021: hire and train2022: operations Next: Projections and Milestones 24. PROJECTIONS AND MILESTONES PROJECTIONSMILESTONES2020: $100M loss2020: start operations2025: break even2025: avg occupancy: 202030: $100M profit2030: avg occupancy 100Next:Summary and Call to Action 25. SUMMARY AND CALL TO ACTION SUMMARY LUNAR HILTON IS A PLACE FOR WORLDS TOP VIPS ALL-INCLUSIVE RESORT ZERO G AND EARTH GRAVITY AVAILABLECALL TO ACTION $ 5B NEEDED TO KICKSTART THE PROJECT $ 50B IN 10 YEARS ROI IN 10 YEARS MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW! 26. Q&ATHANKS