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Developing gifts and talents; Connecting the pieces. Lovejoy ISD . Gifted and talented services. GT classes whats different?. Common vocabulary = elements of Depth & Complexity Pre-assessment and curriculum compacting (as needed) More open-ended / problem-based learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Lovejoy ISD Gifted and talented servicesDeveloping gifts and talents;Connecting the pieces..

  • GT classes whats different?Common vocabulary = elements of Depth & Complexity

    Pre-assessment and curriculum compacting (as needed)

    More open-ended / problem-based learning

    Socratic forums are a staple

    Faster pace, less repetition

    More project based learning

  • Middle School

  • GT CORE CLASSESFor intellectually &/or academically gifted

    English & Social Studies / History*

    Math & Science*

    *(May be taken separately)

  • GT CORE CLASSESMath Grades 6 8; accelerated (most)

    6th Pre-Algebra (IAAT testing)

    7th - Algebra 1 (High School credit) (7th grade Math Plus)

    8th - Geometry (High School credit) Still have to take 4 years of math while in High School Texas state requirement for graduation

  • GT CORE CLASSESGT Science: Hands on, inquiry based learning

    GT English: Focus shifts from narrative to expository / data supported writing; WWW

    GT History / Social Studies (data supported writing, analytical) (8th grade Mock Trial Competition)

  • Independent Studies Independent Studies an elective course; topic of student choice

    Level 1 (Investigatory) opportunity to study topic of choice

    Level 2 (Mentorship) for those who excel at I.S. 1 and need more support

  • High School

  • GT: PreAP & AP classes

    Two levels of classes at the high school PreAP and AP

    GT sections of these classes are not weighted more heavily than corresponding Pre-AP or AP classes.


    Identified students may choose GT classes outside area of identification (must maintain 80%+ to remain)

    Transcripts will reflect GT Class registration.

  • GT ClassesGT classes are designed for the intellectually and academically gifted

    GT Classes are offered in the four foundation core subjects: English Math Science History

  • English9th : PreAP-GT English 1 10th : PreAP-GT English 2 11th : AP-GT English Language 12th : AP-GT English Literature

  • Math (most)9th : PreAP GT Algebra II

    10th: PreAP GT PreCalculus

    11th / 12th : AP-GT Calculus AB AP-GT Calculus BC AP-GT Statistics

  • Science9th: PreAP-GT Biology 10th: PreAP-GT Chemistry 11th: PreAP-GT Physics 12th: AP Biology AP Chemistry AP-GT Physics C (Calculus based) AP Environmental Science

  • History / Social Studies9th: AP Human Geography *new* (replaces PreAP - GT World Geography )

    10th: AP-GT World History

    11th: AP-GT US History

    12th: AP Economics, AP Government, AP European History

  • STUDENT CHOICEIndependent Studies - 4 levels: - Independent Study I (exploratory) - Independent Study / Mentorship - IS/M, Level 2 (professional products) - IS/Engineering Design &Development /Mentorship *new*

  • GT: other opportunitiesOpportunities for extended learning and challenge are also offered for students gifted in : - Technology - Creative Arts (teacher referral only) - Leadership

  • GT-PSTGT Problem-solving Team in place for gifted students who need acceleration.

    Decisions are made on assessment data.

  • For information and forms: Visit the GT webpage on the Lovejoy ISD site: : click on Departments, Gifted and Talented Jan DeLisle, GT Coordinator e-mail: phone: 469-742-8400

  • Lovejoy ISD GT Services

    Bringing the pieces together for total talent development