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<ul><li><p>July thru Augustwin BIGpart of the promotion</p><p>prices that hit THE SPOTrewards that reach HIGHER</p><p>Sign up today and savein-store or online at </p><p>www.tranerewards.com</p><p>Special Pricing Through August 31, 2014Get registered today at tranerewards.com</p><p>ECO-2020 Refrigerant Recovery Unit</p><p>TOL04034 / 2020-8000 Designed for residential and </p><p>light-commercial contractors Twin-cylinder (1 HP) fan-cooled, </p><p>oil-less compressor Recovers all CFC, HFC and HCFC </p><p>non-flammable refrigerants</p><p>NEW!</p><p>Our brand. Your brand.Start to Finish.</p><p>(see page 3)</p><p>A winner at every Trane store</p><p>Register to win a 4 ft. Giant Jenga and Bag Toss game</p><p>SEE IT.SAVE IT.</p><p>SHARE IT.All the facts, </p><p>right in the field.(See page 2 for more details)</p><p>2014 Fluke Corporation AD 6002432A_EN</p><p>$675.41 </p><p>Supply</p></li><li><p>Take Control of Your EnvironmentTHERMOSTATS AND ACCESSORIES</p><p>Sign up today and save. In-store or online at </p><p>www.tranerewards.com</p><p>Fluke 3000 FC HVAC SystemThe Fluke 3000 FC HVAC System lets you work on HVAC/R equipment faster, safer, easier. Connect the remote modules, view readings from a distance with the Fluke Connect app.</p><p>Fluke Ti110 Infrared CameraFluke Ti110 offers digital and infrared image blending, a temperature range of -4 F to 482 F and voice annotation. Now compatible with Fluke Connect. </p><p>Fluke 805 Vibration MeterThe Fluke 805 Vibration Meter is the most reliable vibration screening device avail-able for frontline me-chanical troubleshoot-ing teams that need repeatable, severity-scaled readings of overall vibration and bearing condition.</p><p>Amprobe TMULD-300The TMULD-300 tests pressurized air lines, refrigeration systems, and steam lines for leaks.</p><p>2014 Fluke Corporation AD 6002434A_EN</p><p>Ultrasonic Leak Detector with Transmitter</p><p>3</p><p>SFTHATSWIFI Thermostat Wi-Fi Internet access module</p><p>SFTHATSSENTouch screen outdoor/indoor temperature sensor</p><p>Accessories</p><p>SFTHATSWP Touch screen wall plate</p><p>Residential SFTHRTS742 Up to 4H/2C; dual fuel capable Simple operation Switchable between programmable or non-programmable</p><p>SFTHRTSH742 Humidication &amp; dehumidification control</p><p>Commercial SFTHCTS742 Up to 4H/2C Switchable between programmable and non-programmable Up to 3 occupied periods 365-day calendar for holiday programming</p><p>SFTHCTSH742 Humidication &amp; dehumidification control</p><p>SFTHRP121 Up to 2H/1C Outdoor sensor ready Programmable or </p><p>non-programmable</p><p>SFTHRPH742 Up to 4H/2C Adjustable 2nd, 3rd &amp; 4th stage </p><p>timers &amp; deadbands Outdoor sensor ready Humidity control capable</p><p>SFTHRP742 Up to 4H/2C Adjustable 2nd, 3rd &amp; 4th stage </p><p>timers &amp; deadbands Outdoor sensor ready</p><p>SFTHCPH742 Up to 4H/2C Adjustable 2nd, 3rd &amp; 4th stage </p><p>timers &amp; deadbands Setpoint limiting Remote sensor ready</p><p>SFTHCP742 Up to 4H/2C Adjustable 2nd, 3rd &amp; 4th stage </p><p>timers &amp; deadbands Setpoint limiting</p><p>High Resolution, Full Color Touchscreen Thermostat</p><p>Premier Series Thermostats Residential</p><p>Commercial</p><p>SFTHCPH022 Up to 2H/1C Dry contact equipped Random start Setpoint limiting</p><p>$36.47 $9.41 $3.24 </p><p>2014 Fluke Corporation.All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Smart phone, wireless service, and data plan not included with purchase. Compatible with Android (4.3 and up) and iOS (4s and later).Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., Registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. 4/2014 6002433A-EN.</p><p>22</p><p>$36.47 $9.41 $3.24 </p><p>$130.00 $135.00 </p><p>$40.00 $76.47 $60.00 </p><p>$61.76 $78.82 $63.53</p></li><li><p>MOTORS &amp; ELECTRICAL</p><p>Sign up today in your local Trane storeEarn rewards and </p><p>multiply your savings.4 5</p><p>Sign up today and save. In-store or online at </p><p>www.tranerewards.com</p><p>Trane parts stores have a full line of portable air conditioners to sell OR rent!</p><p> Your choice rent or purchase Easy to install Accessories available for YOUR application Local parts and service</p><p>MovinCool Portable Air Conditioners</p><p>COOLING or DEHUMIDIFICATION - we can help!</p><p>The Power You Need To SucceedWide variety of compressors: Trane, Copeland, Tecumseh, Danfoss, Bristol and more!</p><p>Huge cast iron compressor inventory, nationwide stocking locations, competitive pricing.Trane, Copeland, Carrier, Carlyle, and York remanufactured compressors available.</p><p>YOUR ONE-STOP COMPRESSOR SHOP!</p><p>Fan Belts \</p><p>REMINDER: Change the belt when you change the motor! Most styles and sizes available at your local Trane parts store.</p><p>Enclosed Relay</p><p>RLY02547 / RIBU1C 10 AMP SPDT 10-30 vac/dc/120 vac coil</p><p>Relay</p><p>RLY02548 / RIBU1S 10 AMP SPST-N/O + override 10-30 vac/dc/120 vac coil</p><p>Relay</p><p>RLY02541 / RIB2401B 20 AMP SPDT 24 vac/dc/120 vac coil</p><p>RX11-Flush Starter Kit 2-Pound Canister</p><p>CHM00410 / 4300-11Flushes 5-7 tons</p><p>1-Pound Canister</p><p>CHM00510 / 4300-09Flushes 3-4 tons</p><p>CHM01007 / 4300-38 Next generation flushing technology It remains a constant boiling solvent and is now stronger, </p><p>faster acting and dissolves more oil, moisture, and contaminants than any other flush</p><p> Ideal for line sets, burnouts and other flushing requirement Starter kit includes: Rx11-flush liquid, Rx11-flush liquid </p><p>tank, Rx11-flush 24" hose and Rx11-flush gun</p><p>RX-Acid Scavenger</p><p>CHM00413 / 4301-02 Provides better, more convenient way to neutralize or "scavenge" </p><p>acid in refrigeration, A/C systems after burnouts or during normal ongoing systems maintenance</p><p> Formulated for use with all lubricants mineral, alkylbenzene, and polyolester</p><p>Cogged V-Belt</p><p>AX35 / AX3537" outer length</p><p>Cogged V-Belt</p><p>BX62 / BX6265" outer length</p><p>Cogged V-Belt</p><p>AX32 / AX3234" outer length</p><p>2 ZR25K5E COM11165 COM11188 COM11294 COM113092.75 ZR32K5E COM11166 COM11191 COM11296 COM11206 COM11311 COM11225</p><p>3 ZR38K5E COM11167 COM11193 COM11297 COM113123.5 ZR42K5E COM11168 COM11196 COM11298 COM11210 COM11313 COM107204 ZR48K5E COM11169 COM11199 COM11172 COM11213 COM11177 COM10606</p><p>4.75 ZR57K3E COM11170 COM11173 COM11178 COM082465 ZR61K3E COM11171 COM11203 COM11174 COM11217 COM11179 COM11234</p><p>5.75 ZR68KCE COM08728 COM11220 COM11180 COM082446 ZR72KCE COM11175 COM08726 COM11181 COM071768 ZR94KCE COM11176 COM1118210 ZR125KCE COM08727 COM0873412 ZR144KCE COM11304 COM1118313 ZR16M3E COM1118415 ZR19M3E COM11185</p><p>Capacity Model #TFD </p><p>Copeland I AllianceTF5 </p><p>Copeland I AlliancePFV </p><p>Copeland I Alliance</p><p>CONDENSOR FAN TEAO</p><p>BLOWER OAO</p><p>HP VOLTAGE SPEED BEARING</p><p>TRANE/US </p><p>MOTORS </p><p>PART NUMBER</p><p>TRANE/GENTEQ </p><p>PART NUMBER</p><p>US MOTORS </p><p>PRICE</p><p>GENTEQ </p><p>PRICE</p><p>1/4 208/230 1075/1 SLEEVE MOT06038 MOT07961</p><p>1/3 208/230 1075/1 SLEEVE MOT06040 MOT07962</p><p>1/2 208/230 1075/1 SLEEVE MOT06041 MOT07963</p><p>HP VOLTAGE SPEED BEARING</p><p>TRANE/US </p><p>MOTORS </p><p>PART NUMBER</p><p>TRANE/GENTEQ </p><p>PART NUMBER</p><p>US MOTORS </p><p>PRICE</p><p>GENTEQ </p><p>PRICE</p><p>1/4 115 1075/3 SLEEVE MOT06109 MOT07965</p><p>1/3 115 1075/3 SLEEVE MOT06114 MOT06114</p><p>1/2 115 1075/3 SLEEVE MOT06119 MOT06119</p><p>$5.98 </p><p>$10.98 </p><p>$5.98 </p><p>$15.95 $16.95 </p><p>$96.78 $89.01 $45.16 $21.05 </p><p>$11.95 </p><p>$56.10</p><p>$59.85</p><p>$66.25</p><p>$65.64</p><p>$70.02</p><p>$77.52</p><p>$59.85</p><p>$61.46</p><p>$74.29</p><p>$70.02</p><p>$71.91</p><p>$86.91</p></li><li><p>Sign up today at tranerewards.com or in-store and save.</p><p>Sign up today and save. In-store or online at </p><p>www.tranerewards.com</p><p>Comfortsite...for product literature, tutorials, HVAC Knowledge Center, parts ID, Warranty Credit Requests, parts ordering, and so much more! Online Your time Any timeCall your local Trane parts store for more information!</p><p>Keep Your Cool As Things Heat Up</p><p>RESIDENTIAL EQUIPMENT &amp; INSTALLATION</p><p>Flexible, affordable options 13 &amp; 14 SEER R410A &amp; R22 dry ship units 1-1/2 to 5 ton models 80% &amp; 95% AFUE furnaces 40,000 to 140,000 BTU units</p><p>Get the Most from www.comfortsite.com</p><p>NEED A BARE BONES SOLUTION IN THE 15 TO 25 TON RANGE? </p><p>Odyssey Split </p><p>Cooling</p><p>Odyssey Split Heat </p><p>PumpPrecedent Cooling</p><p>Precedent Cooling, Gas Heat</p><p>Voyager, Packaged Cooling </p><p>Electric Heat</p><p>Voyager, Packaged </p><p>Gas Electric</p><p>Cooling Capacity (Tons)</p><p>6.07.5</p><p>10.012.515.020.0</p><p>5.07.5</p><p>10.012.515.020.0</p><p></p><p>10.0</p><p></p><p>10.0</p><p>12.515.017.520.025.0</p><p>12.515.017.520.025.0</p><p>Voltages 208-230/60/3460/60/3575/60/3</p><p>208-230/60/3460/60/3575/60/3</p><p>208-230/60/1208-230/60/3</p><p>460/60/3575/60/3</p><p>208-230/60/1208-230/60/3</p><p>460/60/3575/60/3</p><p>208-230/60/3460/60/3 575/60/3</p><p>208-230/60/3460/60/3 575/60/3</p><p>Ask us about the NEW Foundation product line! AND the curb is built in!</p><p>NEED AN ADAPTER CURB FOR YOUR REPLACEMENT UNIT? WE CAN ARRANGE THAT FOR YOU!</p><p>6 7</p><p> ReKlaim with Trane and Airgas refrigerants Easy cylinder exchange program All used refrigerant accepted Follow the EPA regulations and get paid for your efforts!</p><p>Refrigerant Reclamation</p><p>Magnetic Remote Test and Reset Station SEN00919 / RTS151 Automatic fire detector accessory Test duct smoke detectors from a convenient </p><p>location Use with SEN01639</p><p>SEN01639 / D4120 4-wire photoelectric, integrated low-flow technology Wide operating temperature (-4F to 158F) and humidity (0% to 95% non-condensing) ranges Air velocity rating 100 ft/min to 4,000 ft/min</p><p>Sampling Tube</p><p>TUB12397 / DST54-8 ft sampling tube for SEN01639</p><p>TUB12395 / DST1.51-2 ft sampling tube for SEN01639</p><p>REQUIRED by CODE in </p><p>ALL 50 States!</p><p> Quality HVAC Coils when you need them</p><p> Same-day quotes Coils for any equipment </p><p>or brand Competitively priced High quality 100 years experience</p><p>http://surefitcoils.trane.com/ trane-surefit-coils/global/</p><p>SureFitTM Coils</p><p>Duct Smoke Detector</p><p>Trane Supply stores are your </p><p>one-stop for refrigerant.</p><p>R22R410A R134AR407C R404A</p><p>$100.44</p><p>$25.71 </p><p>$9.04$5.17</p><p>Call for PricingHyper Heat Mini-Splits</p><p> MSZ-FE Hyper Heat 100% heating capacity to 5 degrees Year round comfort Unmatched efficency</p><p>PTACs &amp; HeatPumps</p><p>CENTURY</p><p>Features: 5-year limited compressor warranty/ </p><p>1-year limited parts warranty(3-17 tons) 1-year limited compressor warranty/ </p><p>1 year limited parts warranty (20 and 25 tons) Anti short cycle timer </p><p> Colored &amp; numbered wiring Convertible airflow Crankcase heaters Available with or without economizer Available in standard and high efficiency configurations</p></li><li><p>8 9</p><p>Dual Temperature Meter</p><p>TOL02102 / ST4 Measure two temperatures </p><p>simultaneously using k-type, wrap tab beaded thermocouples</p><p> Two k-type thermocouples included</p><p>Wireless Refrigerant Scale</p><p>TOL03432 / SRS2C 220 pound capacity 1/4 ounce accuracy Backlit display</p><p>Better Manage The Things You MeasureHAND &amp; TEST TOOLS</p><p>Sign up today and save. In-store or online at </p><p>www.tranerewards.com</p><p>X-3B Air Swirl Kit</p><p> KIT08348 / 0386-0335 Extreme Swirl Technology Silver brazes to 1-5/8" "B" tank connection Kit includes AR-B regulator, G-4 handle, AH-12 hose, A3 and </p><p>A-11 tips</p><p>TDLX 2010B Carrier Kit, Air Fuel - Acetylene</p><p> TOL03719 / 0386-0578 No need to lift a heavy Acetylene tank any longer! Telescoping handle for easily pulling tote where </p><p>you need it Kit includes: PL-8A and A-3 tips, G4 torch handle, </p><p>AR-B Regulator, AH -12 hose, tank key</p><p>CST-P Tote Kit, Oxy-Acetylene Without Tanks</p><p> KIT12434 / 0386-1320 Designed for light duty cutting, brazing, and heating jobs Includes handle with check valves, two brazing tips, oxygen </p><p>and acetylene regulators, striker, goggles, center balanced tote with storage compartment</p><p>Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector with Flex Extension</p><p>SEN01565 / SRL2K7 Triggers on all CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs </p><p>and blends Sealed sensor doesn't "touch" </p><p>refrigerant as it passes through instrument LONGER LIFE!</p><p>The Shield Refrigerant Locking Cap; 12 Pack SHLD-U12 / SHLD-U12 YOUR BEST OPTION TO MEET CODE Water-proof color coded sleeves All brass design No corrossion with a tamper-resistant key Provides customers with protection against theft and huffing</p><p>MADE INTHE USA</p><p>7 CFM Platinum Vacuum Pump DV-200N / DV-200N Two stage direct drive, tested to 15 microns Finned aluminum housing for heat reduction Includes gas balast and blank-off isolation valve</p><p>Digital Vacuum Gauge DV-22N / DV-22N 20 to 9,000 micron range Saves last vacuum readout after shut-down Micron gauges are the only tool to accurately read the </p><p>low pressure produced when evacuation/dehydration is complete!</p><p>MADE INTHE USA</p><p>Quart Bottle Black Gold Deep Vacuum Oil DVO-12 / DVO-12 Extremely pure and non-detergent Refined, more viscous, and more stable Clear color to aid in detecting contamination</p><p>MADE INTHE USA</p><p>How to Choose a Vacuum Pump</p><p>Vacuum pumps are one of the most used tools in the service techs truck. Also, in the world of new refrigerants, pulling the recommended DEEP VACUUM is critical, so performance and durability is the service techs first priority while price is second. Performance and durability are found in PREMIUM vacuum pumps which offer the three most important fea-tures. It all starts with the brush. 1. Gas ballast valve The gas ballast helps prevent unwanted water vapor from contaminating the vacuum pump oil, allowing the pump to pull a deeper vacuum. Less contamination in your oil keeps your pump clean for longer periods of time, which saves money. 2. Blank-off valve The blank-off valve helps isolate the pump from any connec-tions. It can be used to isolate a system to check for moisture or leaks and to maintain a vacuum when changing oil on large jobs. 3. Buy America Most domestic manufactured vacuum pumps have a performance and durability advantage over imported pumps. In addition, you are supporting the US economy. </p><p>1/4" Vacuum/Charge Valve with Side Port</p><p> TOL01391 / 18975 4-in-1 ball valve tool for vacuum, charge, cores, and recovery Remove and replace Schrader cores without losing charge</p><p>Charging Hose 60" RYB PLUS II 1/4" with Compact Ball Valve End</p><p> HSE01206 / 29985 Full flow valve; Recommended for R410A; Rated for 4000 psi (276 bar) minimum burst and 800 psi (55 bar) </p><p>maximum working pressure and an operating temperature of -20 to 180F (-28.8 to 82.2C)</p><p>TITAN 4-Valve Test and Charging Manifold</p><p> MFD01129 / 49967 With 60" PLUS II RYB and 3/8" x 45, R/B </p><p>gauges, psi, R22/404A/410, F Fourth hose enables connection to hi/lo sides, </p><p>refrigerant tank and recovery unit or vacuum pump for diagnostics, evacuation, and charging without switching hoses</p><p>MADE INTHE USASeries 41 Manifold </p><p>With 3-1/8" Gauges</p><p> MFD01050 / 42004 With 60" PLUS II standard fittings, psi, R22/404A/410A, F Hose assemblies UL recognized for 4000 psi (275 bar) burst and 800 psi (55 </p><p>bar) working pressure</p><p>MADE INTHE USA</p><p>MADE INTHE USA</p><p>H-10PM All-In-One Refrigerant Leak Detector TOL02785 / 3015-0627 Detects all CFC, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants Pass/fail test mode Includes battery and charger</p><p>MADE INTHE USA</p><p>MADE INTHE USA</p><p>Includes Carrying Case!10" Quick-Adjust Klaw Plump Pliers </p><p>TOL03920 / D504-10B Unique jaw design provides multiple points of contact for </p><p>maximum torque Push button and quick ratchet Compact, narrow design for working in small or hard to </p><p>reach spaces 12" also available (TOL03921/D504-12B)</p><p>Compact Design!</p><p>All Purpose Pliers With Stripper</p><p>J206-8C / J206-8C Induction-hardened cutting knives for hard wire Long nose for grabbing and looping wire Strips 8-16 AWG solid and 10-18 AWG stranded wire 6-23 and 10-32 screw shearing</p><p>MADE INTHE USA</p><p>NEW!</p><p>Extra-Wide Jaw 8" (203 mm) Adjustable Wrench TOL03937 / D509-8 Great for expansion valves! 1-1/2'' jaw for same capacity as standard 12'' wrench...</p></li></ul>