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  • Lottery Winners! Contributed by Andree Leclerc, Canada

    Chart 1: Russell D. Clark American truck driver, won $2.7 million on a lottery Megabucks drawing 11/16/1991 on a ticket he had bought the prior week. He overheard people talking about the unclaimed prize, looked at his ticket and went into shock. He and his wife Joyce, a secretary, and four kids will get $102,622 a year after taxes for the next 20 years.

    Chart 2: Rosemarie Bowser American winner of $13 million in the Massachusetts lottery on 12/22/1984. She is married to Ralph Bowser.

  • Chart 3: Bill Nigro American lucky winner of $17.3 million on the Massachusetts State Lottery 3/25/1994. He picked up his Mass Millions ticket at the market the prior week as he did regularly. A Chemical Bank manager, he is a big, beefy, homely looking guy, looks like an Italian truck driver. He and his wife Sandy have three girls, one in college and two in high school. With his first check of $580,000 they plan to buy a new house and financially help their large extended family. Money had been tight since one of the girls started college.

    Chart 4: Tina Tegerdies American lottery winner of $5 million in the New York lottery on 8/07/1982.

  • Chart 5: Paula Moore American lucky winner of the largest lottery jackpot in 25 years, $24 million on 3/17/1997, Belmont, MA. She and her husband Bill picked up the first of 20 annual checks in the amount of $1.4 million, after taxes, on 3/20/1997, Braintree, MA. She bought the winning ticket the prior Friday, 3/14/97, Methuen, MA. As a devout Christian who lives a basic and simple life, the first check she wrote, for $100,000, was to her church for the building fund. Her and her husband plan on getting a nicer home, paying off bills and helping their daughter Kirsty and two-year-old granddaughter Krystal. She has worked for the local IRS office since she was 18 and likes her job and co-workers, as well as enjoying hobbies of bowling and bingo.

    Chart 6: Shirley May American lottery winner who won a $3.3. million lottery jackpot on 12/26/1991, the day that the 30-day foreclosure notice on the family home expired. She had been playing the Megabucks lottery for three months prior to her win, letting the computer pick the numbers for her. Prior to this "Christmas miracle," she and her husband Steven and their two kids had moved to Massachusetts after living for 11 years in Chicago. She worked in a rehabilitation center for the mentally handicapped and retarded but they were financially behind in their bills; unable to meet the mortgage payments on their home.

  • Chart 7: Bruce John Hegarty American lottery winner, who, on 2/23/1993, won a $26.7 million jackpot in Dennis Port, MA. He collected the first payment the following day, riding in a limo and still in a state of shock. He and his wife, Donna, had been living on the wages of her job as a cashier as he was an out-of-work apprentice plumber. He had only worked briefly for the past two years and they were living from month-to-month, as well as struggling with an old car. To top all of that off, they had to meet the needs of three kids, 15 months, seven, and eight years old. The couples win was the third largest in Massachusetts Lottery history.

    Chart 8: Kenneth Greene American lottery winner of $13 million on 12/22/92, when he was given his first payment of $6.5 million. A disabled truck driver, Greene had been out of work for three years. His wife

  • Joanne was holding two jobs, as a cashier and as a receptionist to support the family. Greene bought his lottery ticket on 11/25/1992 when the cashier by mistake sold him a ticket for Megabucks instead of the less-prize Massachusetts-Cash. Megabucks had not been won for seven weeks and was up to $13 million. On 12/21/92, Greene was throwing away old tickets and checking numbers when he realized that he was holding a winner. At the lottery headquarters, Joanne laughed and cried, nearly passing out twice from hyperventilating. They were not only at rock bottom, but their parents were about to lose their house of 30 years for being behind on the mortgage payments. The Greenes paid off both mortgages and began looking for a new house, celebrating with a huge Christmas for entire family, including their daughter Misty, 15 and son Ken, 3.

    Charts 9 & 10: Twins Lee J. Dubin & Michael Dubin American twins and lucky winners of $25,641,100 in Mass Millions lottery on 6/25/1994 with a quick-pick ticket they had bought three days before. They will be paid over 20 years in annual instalments of about $850,000 a year. They will also help their parents, who are in poor health, and Lees his ex-wife and son, Michael. They had an older brother who died in a plane crash in Alaska. Lee worked the graveyard shift at a produce warehouse, manual labor. He has a tendency to be wild and accident prone; driving his motorcycle to work, scarred from crashes, but manages to come out OK, lucky. He loves the rush of danger when he trail-rides at night.

  • Michael, more stable than his dare-devil brother, is an executive of a real estate company based in Los Angeles, CA. The family has had its share of problems; he and his wife lost a baby last November.

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