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  • simple, safe and totally hygenic

    looking after the little ones

  • life is quite hectic these days particularly for those with young children. Simple steps to make everyday tasks that little bit easier can make the world of difference.

    providing baby changing facilities demonstrates a level of care and understanding of your visitors needs.

    customers are more likely to return and importantly recommend you to others. cannon hygiene will install all products delivering a hassle-free solution that supports your brand.

    Safe, Hygienicand dependablelook after your customers by helping them to care for their babies and young children. cannon hygienes range of infant care products is designed with safety and hygiene as a priority.

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  • nappy cHanging making this design makes the most of limited washroom space. When in use, controlled lowering ensures safety and the specially shaped smooth and rounded edges protects babies from harm.

    Safety straps are available for added peace of mind.

    sealed hinges and no seams maintain hygiene and make it easy to clean. providing a surface sanitiser dispenser and paper towels assures users that they are being cared for in a hygienic washroom.

    Meeting the requirements of BS en12221-1;2008 you can be sure that babies on your premises are in safe hands.

    the infant seat provides a safe place for infants to sit, allowing parents to use other washroom facilities knowing their child is safe. fully adjustable retaining straps ensure safety. the infant seat also stores upright to maximise limited washroom space.

    a breezethe cannon hygiene baby changing Unit is securely fixed to the wall and remains upright until in use.

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  • nappy DiSpoSalhygienic the cannon hygiene nappy units allow waste to be disposed of in a safe manner.

    We will only ever provide a unit exchange service as we believe this is the best and most hygienic service for you. Units are replaced on a regular basis and returned to our specialist local facilities to dispose of the waste, wash and sanitise the units. the replacement service ensures your units do not remain in the same place gathering dust and growing bacteria.

    our service personnel are trained to be efficient, discreet and hygienic when visiting your premises. you can relax in the knowledge there is a hygienically clean unit in the washroom at all times.

    harness the power of activapthere is no better or more effective germicide available.

    a full and proper nappy service goes further than just odour control.

    nappy units can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Unlike deodorisers which just mask odours, germicides are active against bacteria and inhibit their growth before killing them completely.

    activap is a unique vapour action germicide which uses elements from nature to kill harmful bacteria.

    the vapour action is extremely important as it leaves no area of the unit untouched and does not rely on the waste coming into direct contact with the germicide carrier. it even penetrates nappy Bags.

    standing up to the most stringent independent testing activap provides unrivalled protection to kill 99.999% of all germs, rendering waste harmless.

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  • being able to purchase a nappy can mean everything at the right moment.

    the nappy vending unit provides a valuable emergency service.

    each pack provides a unisex nappy, 2 wipes and a disposal bag. Vending at 2 per pack with robust construction to ensure reliability.

    make sure you give the right caring impression to your staff and customers.


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  • a BaByfresh as

    the fragrance of baby powder instantly promotes a feeling of cleanliness and well-being.

    captured within our infant fragrance it provides a subtle yet highly effective odour neutralising fragrance to complete your infant care provision.

    So, to really look after the little ones on your premises, the only solution is the cannon Hygiene solution.

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  • cannon hygiene has developed a unique and integrated approach to delivering outstanding hygiene solutions for your washrooms and throughout your organisation.

    this approach is designed to meet your specific needs and support the well-being of your staff, customers and other stakeholders. We also underpin your corporate and social responsibilities and support your brand. We offer great value solutions that work every time and that stand independent testing to the very highest hygiene standards.

    We have a comprehensive range of products and services to meet your hygiene and energy saving needs.

    it is why customers choose cannon hygiene and why they choose to stay.

    the cannon hygiene

    pRoMiSe to see how advanced our air care solution iscall

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