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User guide for Lookbook Cloud - a Facebook app that helps online merchants to convert their Facebook page fans to customers. The app allows to create an interactive slideshow with multiple hotspots per slide, each hotspot can be linked with a product in online store. Lookbook mainly targets online fashion and homewares/furniture retailers and designers. Link to app - https://apps.facebook.com/lookbooklcoud/ NEW - Lookbook Cloud for Shopify - https://apps.shopify.com/lookbook-2


  • 1. LOOKBOOK CLOUD USER GUIDE Version 1.0 (c)LookbookCloud,2013

2. STEP 1. SIGNING-UP Visit app page - https://apps.facebook.com/lookbooklcoud/ Youll see the page like below if you havent signed-up before (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Click to big green button Check prices and sign-up N.B. Make sure that Facebook user you use is a manager of your business Facebook page or these rights can be assigned. It is required to publish lookbook created to your business page 3. STEP 1. SIGNING-UP After clicking to Check prices and sign-up youll see a page where you can check subscription options and select one (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Select a plan you prefer, accept T&C and click Subscribe (big green button at the bottom) 4. STEP 1. SIGNING-UP After that you will see a thank you page and in several seconds be forwarded to Account information tab (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Fill there your business information and click Save button at the bottom 5. STEP 2. CREATING YOUR LOOKBOOK After saving your account information youll be forwarded to main menu (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Click to Manage your Lookbook to create your 1st lookbook 6. STEP 2. CREATING YOUR LOOKBOOK Youll see a screen where you can manage lookbooks (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Click to Add Lookbook to create your 1st lookbook You may use breadcrumbs navigation to navigate between app sections Note that you cant use browser back button, it doesnt work in app! 7. STEP 2. CREATING YOUR LOOKBOOK Enter lookbook name in the screen appeared and click Add (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Your lookbook is created, now you need to add slides there 8. STEP 2. CREATING YOUR LOOKBOOK After you created your lookbook it will be visible in lookbooks screen (c)LookbookCloud,2013 There are number of self-explanatory options available here. Just note that disabled lookbook are not visible for your app front-end users, it maybe useful if you are not quite ready to have some lookbooks public Click to lookbook name to move into lookbook and add slides 9. STEP 3. CREATING SLIDES Slides screen have similar with lookbooks screen inteface, but allow you to work with slides (c)LookbookCloud,2013 As always you can use breadcrumbs navigation to move to list of lookbooks or home screen Click to Add slide button to add new slide 10. STEP 3. CREATING SLIDES Slides screen have similar with lookbooks screen inteface, but allow you to work with slides (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Enter slide title, it will be displayed at the bottom if the slide and visible to front-end users Upload image from your local computer. Recommended image width to height ratio is 16:9. Exact image size is 724x407 pixels. If you have bigger images, they will be resized by our system, but note that very big images may load for a while so we recommend to resize images before loading them to Lookbook Cloud 11. STEP 3. CREATING SLIDES When the slide is added it appears in the list as per the screenshot below (c)LookbookCloud,2013 You can check image loaded by clicking to its name under Image column Click to slide title to add hotspots to the slide 12. STEP 4. ADDING HOTSPOTS After clicking to slide title youll see the interface like below (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Navigation and menu options are self-explanatory and annotated on the screenshot above Click to Add hotspot button to create your 1st hotspot 13. STEP 4. ADDING HOTSPOTS Interface that allows to add hotspot looks like the screenshot below (c)LookbookCloud,2013 1st you need to select rectangular area that activates hotspot. Click to one corner of the area and keeping mouse button clicked select the area and release the button Rectangular area can be moved (drag and drop by mouse) or resized (drag one of the corner for that) Hotspot icon can be moved (drag and drop) to the most appropriate place Enter product name, URL (with http:// or https:// prefix) and price in the overlay next to hotspot and click Add button 14. STEP 4. ADDING HOTSPOTS Hotspots can be edited, use a corresponding button in the list of hotspots as illustrated on the screen below (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Its also possible to disable hotspots, in this case they will be not visible for public and enable them back 15. STEP 4. ADDING HOTSPOTS You can use Preview button in the top part of interface to check how your lookbook will be visible for public once you publish it (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Note that Sharing button doesnt work from preview (it works perfectly from published lookbooks) 16. STEP 5. PUBLISHING LOOKBOOK Once you prepared all your lookbooks, slides and hotspots its time to publish your app Return to Home (use breadcrumb navigation), then go to Manage your subscription and Account Management tab (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Click to Add to page button to publish your lookbook on your business page Note: the user that created a lookbook has to be a Manager of the Facebook page where lookbook will be published 17. STEP 5. PUBLISHING LOOKBOOK Select the page where lookbook should be published in the drop-down and click Add Page Tab button (c)LookbookCloud,2013 Thats it, lookbook cloud app is added to your page! 18. STEP 5. PUBLISHING LOOKBOOK You can find it among other tab apps (if you have any), it should look like on the screenshot below (c)LookbookCloud,2013 19. STEP 5. PUBLISHING LOOKBOOK When you or your page visitors click to the tab icon, they will see lookbook you created: (c)LookbookCloud,2013 20. STEP 6. SHARING ON TIMELINE We strongly recommend you to share slides from your lookbook on the timeline to make it more visible and attract more fans to check it To do that select any slide and click Share button, enter some text in the sharing interface and shared slide will appear on your page timeline (c)LookbookCloud,2013 21. STEP 6. SHARING ON TIMELINE Slide shared on the timeline (c)LookbookCloud,2013 22. STEP 7. CHECKING PERFORMANCE User reporting section (link from main menu) to keep track on your lookbooks performance. It is updated daily and show number of views (impressions), hotspots hovers and conversions (clicks) (c)LookbookCloud,2013 23. QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about Lookbook Cloud, contact our team using the details below: Lookbook Cloud Facebook official page - https://www.facebook.com/LookbookCloud Lookbook Cloud support page - https://lookbookcloud.com/fb/support.jsp Emails Customer support - support@lookbookcloud.com Sales sales@lookbookcloud.com Other inquiries - info@lookbookcloud.com (c)LookbookCloud,2013