long term forest management creating a forest management plan

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  • LONG TERM FOREST MANAGEMENTCreating a Forest Management Plan

  • ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALSSelectmenTown AdministratorConservation CommissionSpecial committeeCombinationDECISION MAKING

  • LANDOWNER GOAL ASSESSMENT FORMGeneral InformationWhat you want from your landTenure of your propertyWhat you have to work withGoal specific informationIncomeRecreationScenic beautyWood productsWildlifeOther qualities and/or featuresCultural featuresUnique areasOther


  • Is there more than one parcel? Should separate parcel plans be developed?Develop criteria to prioritize each parcels need for planningSizeQuality, quantity, rarity of resources presentAre there pre-existing uses of the resources?Proximity to population, will uses develop?Surrounding ownership patterns and usesLandscape with contiguous like goals and objectivesAccessibilityBudgetHistorical and cultural significance

  • Obtain or develop a good set of maps.SurveyTax GPS

  • Inventory the resourcesDesign a relevant field inventory system based on goals and objectivesTimber cruiseWriting the planCreating a management plan mapPlan presentation

  • Writing the Plan Describe all resources addressedMake recommendations for all relevant resources and give consideration to other resources

  • Creating a management plan map

    Conventional hand drafted GIS arcview drawn mapLayer information producing several mapsLayer information may be online, or CDGranit program, NRCS etc

  • Plan presentationPresent plan to administrators firstMake adjustments to plan if necessaryPresent plan to public

  • Adoption of plan by:AdministrationSelectmenTown administratorConservation commissionSpecial committeeCombinationIMPLEMENTATION

  • Natural resource professionalEstablish a long term professional relationship, communication.Annual or longer term work agreementMonthly meetings with administratorsDevelop annual goals and schedule prioritiesDevelop annual project proposalsDevelop a budgetDevelop work agreement for annual projectsDeliver annual reports citing accomplishmentsBe flexible

  • FundingMunicipal sourcesTown warrant annualTimber salesGovernmentalGrantsCost share programsPrivateGifts and endowmentsLand and facilities

  • Partnerships and memberships for recognition, information, services and cooperation. MunicipalRecreation departmentSchool districtHighwayEngineeringPlanning

  • B. StateState forestWetlands BureauFish and wildlife


  • Conservation organizationsTNC, AMC, Tin MountainServicesExpertisePrograms

  • AffiliationsTree FarmGreen certification

  • Special interestMount Washington Valley Ski Tour AssociationNew England Mountain Bike Association

  • Logging, may or may not be appropriate, that decision must be made, it often enables other projects to take place.

  • Planning a timber saleWhere shall funds goRefer to planWhereWhat type

  • What typeConventionalMechanicalSpecialSpecial needs, buffers, roads rights of way, permits, closure costs

  • Special needs, buffers, roads rights of way, permits, closure costs

  • WhenHow to sellCompetitive bidNegotiationOperateStumpage saleActual cut volumeLump sumNotify public and hold meeting

  • 1998 Ice Storm

  • 1998 Ice Storm

  • 1999-2000 Salvage harvest

  • 1999-2000 Salvage harvest


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