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Logic Apps Sharing My ExperiencesM.R. Ashwin Prabhu



Who am I?M.R.Ashwin PrabhuMicrosoft Integration MVP 2015, 2014Based in UKIndependent Consultant in BizTalk Server and ServicesOver 12 years of experience in BizTalkBlog: http://www.fortuvis.com/blog/



AgendaWhy cloud for integration?Where its started & where we are now - Logic AppsApp ServiceLogic AppsSwagger, SwashbuckleDemoCase StudyRole Based Access ControlDeploy Logic Apps from Visual StudioWhats next?

Why cloud for integration?Priority to business process than IT procurementPay for what you use not for what sleeps on your rack: Operational Expense against the Capital ExpenseIntegrate with SaaSSimplify the B2B integrationUse cloud to extend your on-premise investments424-March-2015

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Where its started & where we are now - Logic Apps5Api AppsEasily build and consume APIs in the cloud

Web AppsWeb apps that scale with your business

LOGIC AppsAutomate business process across SaaS and on-premises

Mobile AppsBuild Mobile apps for any device

App Service While developing a website, applications internal logic may involve moving file from FTP to SQL database, for this simple integration scenario developer would have written their own bespoken integration code to achieve the same along with the code around manageability like exception handling, tracking the status of the file transfer etc. The same organisation would have used BizTalk for another simple integration requirement as part of a complex integration specific project. Think about the same case in cloud.The main reasons for handling/implementing the different approaches for the integration scenario with in a same organisation is because:

BizTalk facilities like adapters, XML Validator, Transformation services were very specific to BizTalk and were not available in the arsenal of non-BizTalk developers to implement a simple scenario like above.

If a web site or mobile services developer were to use BizTalk services, challenges involved in learning a new product for implementing a simple integration case. Why a non-BizTalk developer need to undergo a steep learning curve while implementing a simple integration requirement.

Microsoft realised this problem and made the integration specific features accessible to Azure Web App (Azure website) and Mobile App (mobile Services) too making integration features available as part of the same platform. So in case a website / mobile developer wants to implement the simple scenario like moving file from FTP to SQL database, they can use the integration features like FTP and SQL connectors, BizTalk XML Validator to validate the transmitted files. The same platform can also be used by integration specialist to handle complex integration scenarios. This step/platform by Microsoft making BizTalk facilities to be part of boarder suite of facilities in Azure along with Webs Apps and Mobile Apps is called App Service. This supports the Microsofts vision of Democratize Integration and to make rich ecosystem.

Azure App Serviceis a single service that includes all of the existing capabilities from Azure Websites, Azure Mobile Services, and Azure BizTalk Services. Azure App Service is a fully managed PaaS (Platform as a Service) for developers that makes it easier to build web, mobile and integration apps.

Microsoft Azure App Service= Web App (Azure Websites) + Mobile App (Mobile Services) + Logic App (BizTalk Services)+ API App


Logic AppsBrowser based work flow engineWith pre-built connectorsWith BizTalk API AppsEnables to use custom API appsProvides in-built support for trackingProvides Role-based Access ControlManage deployment lifecycle with Resource ManagerSame underlying engine as Azure -Resource Manager


Swagger, SwashbukleSpecification for describing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful APIsProvides ecosystem of many toolsSwagger-UI dynamically generate documentation from a Swagger-compliant APIKeeps the documentation in sync with the server codeSwashbuckle - ASP.NET Web API implementation of SwaggerIn Azure API Apps, Microsoft adapts Swashbuckle to implement Swagger 2.08






MapAuditingAS2/EDIJSON/XML/FFMediate shapes

API AppsLogic Apps

How BizTalk fits in Azure APP Services9

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What we can expect nextAzure services available on-prembuilt-in designer for Logic App in Visual StudioConvoys, Long running process, Auto DeliveryLarge Message handlingBetter error messages11

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