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How secure is your Home

Who brings real security into your Home

LOCKSLocks are the most common security mechanism used to protect your home from potential intruders.

What is the importance of secure locks

Occurrence of lack of safe locksAccording to the latest FBI statistics, there were 1.9 million burglaries happened in United States and 59% were the result of forced entry.


Various types of Locks

Different lock types Knob LocksDead Bolt LocksLever Handle LocksCombo LockGun Lock

Knob Locks

Lever Handle LocksLever handle locks are normally utilized for inward entryways as a part of business settings. They are simpler to open than handle bolts as they have an extensive push down style handle instead of a handle that one must handle and turn.

Lever Handle Locks

Advantages of Dead Bolt LocksIt provides safer doorIt has Unique Locking MechanismIt has Greater protection than spring latch locksAvailable in different stylesIt discourage intruders

Deadbolts Locks

Access Control Locks - Remotely manage and control access to even a large number of offices through one interface

Gun Lock

Electronic Dead Bolt Numbered keypad set up of a key and it require a code to slide the deadbolt open and its Keyless passage cushions give wonderful security

Are you looking services for replacing car key, car key duplication, emergency car lockout or Ignition Problem

Locksmith & Mobile Locksmith ServicesA1 Locksmith of the Palm Beaches is a well-known name in the locksmith industry and provides all kinds of locksmith services. With over 25 years of experience in the field, A1 Locksmith has become synonymous with quality lock services.

A-1 Locksmith - Protecting Homes, Business and Vehicles since 1990

A-1 Locksmith

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