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Dance into the season with L'Occitane


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  • Across the ancient Provenal town of Ar les, wi th i t s

    Roman amphitheatre and vibrant town squares, the

    December sun cas ts i t s sof t l ight, dazzling the l ime-

    washed s tone walls. Charming alleyways, f i l led wi th

    scents of Chris tmas, invi te you to dance f rom one to

    the nex t and discover the wonders wi thin.

    Watch the sun r ise to the eas t of the amphi theatre

    and fol low i t s journey to the wes t, f rom the P lace

    de la Major to the l ive ly f ishing neighbourhood of

    La Roquet te.

    Now and again, you may glimpse the shadow of

    the Arlsiennes pet t icoat or catch a f leet ing glance

    of her colour ful dress, as she moves elegantly and

    discreet ly through the town, with a rhy thm in her

    s tep and a t imeless beaut y that inspires all...

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    Eau de Toilet te 75ml - $72.00

    a new fragrancefor the fes t ive season


    Rose from Grasse, sweet violet and saf fron from Provencecome together in a f loral fusion that reveals unexpected nuances.

    The Arlsienne fragrance evokes the woman from Arles full of mys ter y, beaut y and grace.

  • Discover the New Arlsienne Collec tionVelvet Hand Cream 30ml - $12 Beautifying Powder 9g - $42 Shower Cream 250ml - $28

    Body Oil 75ml - $45 Perfumed Soap 50g - $5 Scented Candle 140g - $45

    Rose from Grasse, sweet violet and saf fron from Provence come together in a f loral fusion that reveals unexpected nuances.

    The Arlsienne fragrance evokes the woman from Arles full of mys ter y, beaut y and grace.


    Utter ly del ightful and s imply i rres is t ible,our pet i ts gi f ts make the perfect s tocking f i l lers. . .

  • Savons de Provence $28Shea Butter Gentle Soap 4x100g

    (Milk, Lavender, Verbena)

    Hand Cream Trio $32 (wor th $36)Shea Butter Hand Cream 30ml

    Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 30mlArlesienne Hand Cream 30ml

    Verbena Hand Wash Duo $50 (worth $60) Verbena Cleansing Hand Wash 300ml

    Verbena Moisturising Hand Lotion 300ml

    Petit Exquisite Delights $27Verbena Eau de Toilet te 10ml

    Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilet te 7.5mlRoses et Reines Eau de Toilet te 7.5ml

    Shea Butter Travel Treats $24 Shea Butter Foot Cream 30mlShea Butter Hand Cream 30ml

    Lavender Voyage Set $30Lavender Hand Cream 30ml

    Bonne Mere Soap - Lavender 100gLavender Organic Shower Gel 75ml

  • Nourishing Almond Collec tion $100 (wor th over $110)Almond Shower Oil 500ml

    Almond Soap 50gAlmond Supple Skin Oil 15ml

    Almond Milk Concentrate 100mlAlmond Hand Cream 30ml


    The del ic ious, mouth-water ing scent and luxur ious texturesof our Almond col lect ion make this the perfect gi f t

    for a spot of indulgent pampering.

    Lavender Hand Duo $50 (wor th $60)Cleansing Hand Wash &

    Moisturising Hand Lotion (300ml each)

  • Energising Verbena Collec tion $100 (wor th $126)

    Verbena Body Lotion 250mlVerbena Shower Gel 500mlShea Soap- Verbena 100gVerbena Hand Cream 30ml

    Verbena Eau de Toilet te 20ml

    Discover pure, refreshing Verbena, inspired by Provenal markets where citrus notes of freshly picked verbena leaves fill the air. For a moment of relaxation

    and wellbeing, enjoy our aromatic fine lavender from Haute-Provence

    Lavender Hand Duo $50 (wor th $60)Cleansing Hand Wash &

    Moisturising Hand Lotion (300ml each)

  • Organic immortelle essential oil sustainably sourced from Corsica lies atthe heart of our anti-ageing skincare. This exceptional essence works to repair

    and renew skin for a visibly smoother and more radiant complexion.


    Immor telle Precious Collec tion $145 (wor th over $189)Precious Cleansing Foam 150ml - Precious Cream 50ml - Essential Water 30ml - Precious Eye Balm 15ml

  • Discover our award-winning Divine skincare collection,with powerful anti-ageing formulas that will restore, regenerate and

    reveal younger-looking skin that glows with vitality.

    Immor telle Div ine Collec tion $250 (wor th over $294)Precious Cleansing Foam 150ml - Divine Cream 50ml - Divine Eyes 15ml - Divine Lotion 50ml


    Elegant and sophis t icated, Nrol i & Orchide is a sumptuous blendof two precious whi te f lowers radiant orange blossom from the

    Medi terranean and caress ing whi te orchid from Madagascar.

    Neroli & Orchide Collec tion $90 (wor th $115)Eau de Toilet te 75ml - Body Milk 50ml - Shower Gel 175ml

  • Reminiscent of spr ing in Provence, Cherry Blossom captures the del icate fragrance of f lowering

    cherry t rees cover ing the Lubron hi l ls .

    Delicate Cherr y B lossom Collec tion $100 (wor th $124)Eau de Toilette 75ml - Shower Gel 250ml - Body Lotion 75ml - Bonne Mre Rose Soap 100g - Hand Cream 30ml


    For generat ions, shepherds in Provence have handed downthe heal ing secrets of Cade essent ial oi l to their sons a puri fy ing

    and strengthening essence extracted from wi ld juniper plants.

    Invigorating Cade Collec tion $110 (Wor th $154)Shower Gel 250ml - Af ter Shave Balm 30ml - Eau de Toilet te 100ml - Shaving Gel 150ml

  • Passionate LOCCITAN Gif t Collec tion $110 (Wor th $154)Shower Gel 250ml - Af ter Shave Balm 30ml - Eau de Toilet te 100ml - Shaving Gel 150ml

    With i ts dis t inct ive aroma of dis t i l led lavender,peppery notes and spiced woods, LOcci tan evokes the

    landscape of Provence in al l i ts rugged mystery.


    Protecting Shea Butter Collection $100 (wor th over $119)Shea Milk Soap 100g - Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream 100ml

    Shea Ultra Rich Hand and Body Wash 300mlShea Butter Hand Cream 75ml - Shea Butter Foot Cream 75ml

    Deeply nourishing, protecting and soothing, our Shea Butter collection is the ultimate winter must-have. Made with fairly traded shea butter sourced through

    a partnership that benefits over 15,000 women in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

  • Discover the secret to sof t , smooth hands in three easy s tepswi th this select ion of indulgent, pampering treats.

    Perfect preparat ion for your party season manicure.. .

    The Secret to Beautiful Hands $70 (wor th $89)Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil 7.5ml One Minute Hand Scrub 100ml

    Metal Key Hand Cream 75ml


    Create the perfect fest ive ambiencewith our scented candles and home fragrances.

    Winter Forest Home Perfume 100ml - $34 Candied Fruits Refill 100g - $28 Diffuser Set - $29 Neroli & Orchidee Candle 190g - $45 Lavender Relaxing Candle 270g - $45

  • T H E A R T O F G I F T- G I V I N GSpoil yourself and your loved ones this fes t ive season with

    exquisi te gif t s, bounti ful s tocking f i l lers and personalised

    gif t collec t ions f rom LOCCITANE. Whether i t s a single

    dazzling bot t le or a bespoke gif t box, ever y LOCCITANE

    gif t is beauti fully presented with Provenal t issue paper,

    boxes and r ibbons to sui t your needs.

    V isi t your neares t boutique today or shop online at


    Step into Provence this season and receive:

    Complimentar y gif t wrapping Personal gif t advice Exc lusive gif ts & special of fers

    ONLINE au.loccitane.com

    IN-STORE Visit your local boutique download our app


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