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  • Living in Big Canoe A Resident's Guide









  • Big Canoe Property Owners Association 10586 Big Canoe, Jasper, GA 30143 (706) 268-3346 July 12, 2019

    Photos by Tim Moran, Steve Miller, Steve Papke, Carl Bauman, Mark Green, Bert Loftman, Linda Powell, Adrianna Nogareda, and Rhonda Stock

    2 Big Canoe Property Owners Association (706) 268-3346

    Table of Contents INFORMATION RESOURCES The Big Canoe Directory 4 Big Canoe Road Map 4 Weekly E-mail News 4 Websites & Social Media 4 Channel 12 4 Publications 4

    UTILITIES Land-line Phone Service 5 Phone Books 5 Mobile Phone Service 5 Cable TV 5 Satellite TV 5 Water 5 Electricity 5 Gas 5

    MAIL DELIVERY US Postal Service 6 Delivery Address 6 UPS and FedEx 6 Alpha Boxes 6

    PUBLIC SAFETY North & South Gates 6 Guest Access to Big Canoe 6 Key Storage 7 Transponders 7

    SERVICES Internet 7 Property Owner Card 7 Trash Disposal 7 Architectural Control 8 Big Canoe Animal Rescue 8 Storage Yard 8 Facilities Rentals 8 Wellness Collaborative 8

    SCHOOLS County 8 Private 8

    ACTIVITIES Fitness Center 8 Marina 8 Golf 9 Tennis and Pickleball 9 Outdoor Pools 9 Trails 9 Wildcat Recreation Area 9 Children’s/Family Activities 9 Programs & Events 9 Bocce 10 Robert B. Platt Museum 10

    CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS BC Chapel Women’s Guild 10 Dinner for 8 10 Ridgerunners 10 Wildflower Bunch 10 Friday A.M. Men’s Fellowship 10 Squires and Stags 10 Acoustic Showcase 10 Artists Club 10 Knowledge Series 10 North Georgia Veterans 11 Black Bear Society 11 Canasta 11 Cigar Club 11 Knit Togethers 11 Lit Lunch 11 Mah Jongg 11 Scrapbooking Group 11 DAR 11 Gumshoes & Cops Book Club 11

  • Big Canoe Property Owners Association 3

    Welcome to the Mountains of Big Canoe® Big Canoe is a private, gated, master-planned community designed to achieve a harmonious integration of the natural beauty of the land with those elements most desired in a residential community. It is a community in the true sense of the word, multi-generational, offering a small-town atmosphere. Big Canoe is governed from within through the Property Owners Association (POA). The POA is charged with implementing covenants, administering rules and regulations, providing community services including security, operating the amenities and maintaining common property and assets.

  • 4 Big Canoe Property Owners Association (706) 268-3346


    The Big Canoe Directory NEW EDITION AVAILABLE EACH JANUARY The directory lists the phone number, e-mail, street address, and mailing address of any Property Owner who wishes to be listed. It also includes frequently called phone numbers and e-mail addresses, a Big Canoe Road Map, and information about the Big Canoe Chapel, amenities, clubs, activities, volunteer organizations, and Dawson and Pickens counties. Directories are available at the Fitness Center, Golf Pro Shop, Racquet Club, and Canoe Lodge for $20 plus tax.

    Big Canoe Road Map AVAILABLE ONLINE AT BIGCANOEPOA.ORG The Big Canoe Road Map will help you navigate our community and includes a complete road index. Copies are available at the gates, at the POA office (located at the Canoe Lodge) and in your POA direc- tory. Wall maps are available for $10 at the Fitness Center and Canoe Lodge.

    Weekly E-mail News

    RECAP OF THE WEEK'S E-MAILS AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE Four e-mails are sent to subscribers each week covering activities and news in Big Canoe. Monday: Clubhouse News Tuesday: Events & Happenings Wednesday: Active Lifestyle Friday: News & Announcements Special announcements, weather alerts and Public Safety news e-mails are sent as needed. Sign up at or contact the Communications Manager at info@bigca- or (706) 268-3375.

    Websites & Social Media CHECK THE POA WEBSITE FOR LINKS TO CLUB SITES The POA website at provides comprehensive amenity, activity, calendar and governance information. is the online version of the monthly POA magazine covering events and happenings in the community. Big Canoe Chapel’s website at bigca- provides information about worship services, activities, and contacts. Smoke Signals Online at bigcanoenews. com is the online version of the newspaper with breaking news and archived stories from the newspaper’s current and back issues.

    Access to the POA, Inside the Gates, Smoke Signals and Big Canoe Chapel websites has been consolidated at bigca- Put this link in your Internet browser “Favorites” for quick access to all Big Canoe websites. Big Canoe activities are posted on Face- book at bigcanoeamenities and on Twitter @bcpoa. Current golf course conditions are tweeted to golfcourse27.

    Channel 12 NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE BIG CANOE Big Canoe amenity hours and information are broadcast on this Windstream Big Canoe only cable system channel. Channel 12 is not available on satellite TV.

    Publications NEWSTANDS LOCATED IN THE POSTAL FACILITY Inside the Gates, a monthly magazine, published by the POA, is available on the POA website and at the Fitness Center, Postal Facility and Canoe Lodge. Smoke Signals, Big Canoe’s award winning community newspaper, is a free monthly publication. You can pick up a copy at the Postal Facil- ity as well as at local surrounding area sites. You can reach Smoke Signals staff at or (770) 893-1594.

    Each year the POA offers a handy guide to who lives here and how to connect with them. It’s called the Big Canoe Community Directory. Directories can be purchased at Canoe Lodge, the Fitness Center, Racquet Club, or the Golf Pro Shop throughout the year.

  • POA News 2 Events & Happenings 14 Calendar 14 Wining & Dining 21 Getting Fit & Healthy 26 Around the Tees 28 Racquets ‘Round the Nets


    Marina 31 Bocce 34 Let’s Go Clubbing 35


    Fireworks Lake Sconti

    Thursday • July 4 9:30 PM

    Family Fun Day Playfield Park

    Thursday • July 4 11:00 AM

    Fun Run/Walk Wildcat Recreation Area

    Saturday • July 6 8:00 AM

    Terraces Concert Tyn Tymes

    Saturday • July 27 7:00 PM

    The July 4th Family Fun Day drew a tremendous crowd of all ages to enjoy food, fun, live entertainment, a classic car show, bouncy houses and a fabulous watermelon eating contest.

    Enriching life in the Big Canoe community July 2019 Big Canoe Property Owners Association 5

    Pickens County Progress (706-253-2457) is the Pickens County weekly and is avail- able by mail. Dawson Community News (706-265-3384) is the Dawson County weekly. Dawson News & Advertiser (706-265-2345)


    Land-line Phone Service ONLY ONE COMPANY SERVES YOUR PROPERTY LOCATION Because Big Canoe is in two counties, we receive telephone service from two separate service providers. Generally, Big Canoe residents who live in Dawson County connect through the 579 exchange, and their service provider is Windstream (866-590-9599). Big Canoe residents who live in Pickens County are connected through the 268 exchange, and their phone company is TDS Telecom (866-571-6662). All Big Canoe residents are in the 706 area code. From either exchange, a call to the Atlanta metropolitan calling area (404, 770 and 678, and parts of the 706 area codes) is toll free and does not require a “1” when dialing. However, a call to most exchanges within area code 706 is a toll call and does require a “1”. When making a call, all ten digits of the phone number must be dialed.

    Phone Books

    SEE THE ROSTER AT THE POA SITE FOR RESIDENTS NUMBERS Bulk quantities of surrounding north Geor- gia community phone books and yellow pages are periodically dropped at the Big Canoe Postal Facility.

    Mobile Phone Service CHOOSE A PROVIDER WITH A GOOD SIGNAL AT YOUR HOME Cellular service is available in Big Canoe and coverage varies by provider. AT&T and Verizon provide service from a cell tower on Big Canoe property off Steve Tate Highway and generally provide the widest service area.

    Cable TV WEBSITE: WINDSTREAM.COM Windstream (706-872-2323) is the only provider of cable service in Big Canoe but currently these areas do not have access: The Waterford Section -Waterford Way, Still Spring and Water Lilly; The Bluffs at Ridgeview- Skyline Drive, Sunrise Way, Ridgeview Way, Moonlight Lane and Star- light Lane; Twin Creeks - Twin Creeks Dr. Contact Windstream for updates.

    Satellite TV

    TDS ALSO SELLS DISH BUNDLES Receiver services are available for those who have an unobstructed view of the southwestern sky. Contact Direct TV at or (800- 280-4388); Dish Network at dishnetwork. com or (888-656-2461)

    Water WEBSITE: UIWATER.COM/GEORGIA Water service is provided to most of the community by Utilities, Inc. of Georgia (706-268-3400.) The Waterford neigh- borhood gets water from Pickens County (706-253-8718.)

    Electricity WEBSITE: AMICALOLAEMC.COM Amicalola EMC (706-253-5200) provides electricity. Report power outages to (706) 253-0359.

    Gas WEBSITE: BLOSSMANGAS.COM There is no natural gas service to Big Canoe. Gas appliances and fireplace logs re