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<ul><li> 1. Families as Partners in Literacy Education Emma Hinss </li></ul> <p> 2. Literacy learning begins with you! 3. Literacy learning does not only happen at school! Write a shopping list before you go. Read the shopping list and collect items. Read the packet logos or labels. Read the numbers. Speak about where to find something ( e.g. It is next to the bananas). Ask and answer questions ( e.g. Can you find a packet that has a b on it? or Which pack has less sugar?) Read the recipe and tell me which items I need. Listen to instructions (e.g. Can you get the milk from aisle three, then the lettuce from the fruit and vegetable section please?) 4. The world is different today and so is Literacy! 5. Today learners are different 6. The skills and requirements are different! The ways we read and write have evolved and so have the texts types. 7. Children recode oral language into reading and writing by connecting print to letters/groups of letters/words. 8. ORAL LANGUAGE 9. Literacy at Corpus Christi 10. Planning for Literacy Success at Corpus Christi 11. What does it look like 12. What we A variety in teaching and learning approaches (small group, independent etc.) Authentic and rich learning opportunities (immersions) A personalised approach Use of technologies SEL (language and scripts) Assessment and planning 13. We value visuals To and 14. We value multimodal learning. 15. We value oral language! 16. Colourful Semantics We value supporting oral language development. Parts of Speech 17. We value teaching and learning with technologies. 18. We value daily reading! 19. We value encouraging children to be creative, analytical and independent learners who take risks. 20. We value children making mistakes. 21. We value families as partners. 22. Keep the conversation going Read the newsletter. Check the communications board. Be a model (read, write, speak and listen and value learning). Engage in co-learning opportunities (e.g. Literacy bag, take home class toy, home reading). Provide routine (read, talk and write). Value mistakes, praise and encourage. Provide experiences and talk about them. TALK, TALK, TALK! How can we become partners in Literacy education? 23. LiteracyLiteracy 24. Literacy learning opportunities dont just happen at school. Literacy learning is everywhere 25. so get children involved! 26. The world is different today and so is Literacy! 27. However, language is still the basis of Literacy learning! 28. Daily reading is still critical... 29. and partnerships for learning still help create success! So, lets keep the conversations going! Together Everyone Achieves More </p>