List of Donors to the Society's Library.

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    List of Donors to the Societys Library.

    Mr G. M. Ash Prof. K. Berg Dr E. Bobrov Mr A.V. Bogdan Mr J. P. M. Brenan Dr A. C. van Bruggen Prof. R. P. Celarier Miss M. H. Chambers Dr A. Chastain Mr E. W. Classey Dr J . G. Cockburn Dr J. Colhoun Dr D. D. Correa Dr L. Croizat Mr F. Crook Prof. C. D. Darlington Dr P. E. P. Deraniyagala Prof. I. A. Efremov Dr J . Eriksson Mr R. S. George Dr S. S. Ghosh Dr H. Gilbert-Carter Mr P. S. Green Dr K. Hagberg Dr J. Haller Prof. Sir Alister Hardy Dr 0. Hedberg Prof. Roger Heim Asst Prof. H. R. Hewer Dr B. M. Hobby Dr R. E. Holttum Sir Julian S. Huxley Miss D. J. Jackson Dr A. J. T. Janse Capt. Lloyd Jones Miss P. M. Jones Mrs Mia C. Karsten Mr R. W. J. Keay Mr D. J . B. Killick Prof. Dr A. E. Kohts Mr H. Krook Mr D. Leatherdale Prof. Dr W. M. Docters van Leeuwen Dr D. J. Lewis Dr H. H. Mann Prof. E. Marcus Mr E. S. Maurer Dr D. G. Morgan Mrs Mia Dkland Rev. J. Pallithanam Dr E. L. Palmer Prof. L. R. Parodi Prof. E. N. Pavlovsky Prof. R. D. Purchon The Executrix of the late Mr H. V. Rose Dr G. Rowley

    Dr D. F. 0. Russell Prof. S. Sarup Mr H. L. Savage Acad. T. Savalescu Mr T. Smitinand Prof. J. M. Sosa Prof. W. R. Taylor Dr A. Tindell Hopwood Prof. A. Trotter Prof. K. Tsuneki Dr A. H. Uggla Dr H. C. D. de Wit

    Royal Society of London Scottish Society for Research in Plant

    Singer-Polignac Foundation Trustees of the British Museum


    UNESCO Universidad Central, Quito, Ecuador University of Birmingham Messrs E.-Ward Ltd - Messrs G. Bell & Sons Ltd Curator, Bolus Herbarium, University of

    Cape Town Main Botanical Garden, MOSCOW Bose Institute Caradoc and Severn Valley Field Club Council for Sciences of Indonesia Director-General of the British Council Director of the L. H. Bailey Hortorium Dominion Museum, Wellington East African Agriculture and Forestry

    East Malling Research Station East Pakistan (Director of Fisheries) Field Studies Council Forestry Commission Hope Dept of Entomology, Oxford Messrs Hutchinson & Co. Ltd Hydrobiological Research Unit of the

    University of Khartoum Imperial College, London Dr W. Junk, Publishers Laboratory of Parasitology of Poland La Socibtk Linnbenne de Quebec Editor, I Medical Digest Messrs Methuen & Co. Ministry of Agriculture, Alger Ministry of Economy, Portugal National Museum of Wales Nature Conservancy Oxford University Press Royal College of Surgeons of England Royal Entomological Society of London

    Research Organisation