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  • 1.The power of LinkedInAdvertising Week, LondonWed 20th MarchJonathan BradfordStrategic Account ManagerChristina JenkinsHead of Insights, EMEA

2. Agenda Evolution of theplatformThe myths ofLinkedInThe MindsetDivide How brands areachieving successLinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved 2 3. Nataly Kelly Landed her book deal on LinkedInRead Natalys storyConnect theworldsprofessionals tomake them moreproductive andsuccessfulLinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved3 4. IdentityConnect, find and be foundThe valuewe bring toInsights Be great at what you do our members Everywhere Work wherever ourmembers work 5. 39+ M European 2 new membersprofessionalsjoin every secondLinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved5 6. LinkedIn has evolved Into a rich professional platform 6 7. 2008 2013Connect, communicateConnect,and manage yourengage and consumenetworkcontent 8. Influencers aresharing insightson a daily basisRichard Branson gained 1M+followers in just 6 weeksOver 170 participants on theprogramme including JamesCaan, Arianna Huffington &David CameronFollow influential professionalsfor genuine insight LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved 8 9. Content5XPage views generatedon content vs. job LinkedIn is about much more thanpostings on theLinkedIn platformgetting a new job Jobs 10. Just being on LinkedIn is notenoughProfile tips; Profiles with photos are 7 times morelikely to be viewed See what commonalities you have byviewing others profiles Share more than your job title. Thesame job title can often mean differentthings and different firms Showcase your professionalachievements through a profilesummary and uploading content toLinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reservedyour profile10 11. There are many sources of professional insightContentLinkedIn TodayInfluencersYour news feed is a window toSlideShareyourprofessionalCompany Pages world Connections Groups 11 12. Understanding theMindset on socialmedia is critical for a brands successLinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved 12 13. Three key takeawaysPower of emotion 1Mindset differs by network 2People want to hear frombrands on professional sites 3 13 14. Emotionplays a keyrole inBOTHpersonalandprofessionalnetworks. 15. Personal networking is for Personal networks old school buddiesgoodare about old memoriesparties. reminiscing andhaving fun 16. Professionally when IProfessionalnetwork, its for information networks areto do my job better. purposeful andaspirational 17. EASCI needsto clean up smallwords even moreEmotions onprofessionalnetworks are just below the surface 18. Top 5 reasons people use socialnetworksSource: Q10a Information to receive18Base: Professional SN users (5204) Personal SN users (8692) 19. Top 3 content types people expect 20. 3 tips to optimise your marketing withthe right mindsetRecognise the separation betweenpersonal & professional networks.1Align your brand with emotionby matching your message to 2the user mindset.Frame how your brand helpsusers gain knowledge and3success on professional network. 21. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions in 90 seconds; View the video here 22. Success stories22 23. HP has driven over onemillion followers to theircompany pageThis is an invaluable asset forbuilding a relationship withtheir target audience throughcontentTheir one million followers areconnected to a total of 46Million LinkedIn members23 24. Mercedes utilised LinkedIntargeting to engage a highnet worth audienceCoinciding with enhancementsmade to a recent model thebrand provided value throughtips on maximising their target50 to 12,000audiences LinkedIn experiencefollowersUnderpinned by content to 240x increasetheir HNW followers via their in just 5 weekscompany page 25. The Connect group giveswomen a voice. It enablesCiti to tailor content to theneeds of their audienceUsing paid, owned andearned media the groupnow has over 100,000members from CXO toInternDue to member demand Citihave been running physicalevents elusively for Connectmembers 25 26. Samsung & LinkedInco-created Galaxy Note IIAwaken your creativeAPImicrositeLeveraged LinkedIn API.Members could vote for theirfavourite features and share,both on the site and throughtheir networksShowcased both the featuresof the new device across 7markets and leveraged the26LinkedIn viral network 27. Case studies and Download the latest thought full Mindset leadershipDivide 28. Thank You