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LinJen Promotions Inc. Presents. < Your Company Name Here >. Personal Assistance. Be Remembered. Consumer response to traditional marketing mediums are rapidly changing. Its Time For New Strategies. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>LinJen Promotions Inc. PresentsPersonal Assistance&lt; Your Company Name Here &gt;</p></li><li><p>Consumer response to traditional marketing mediums are rapidly changingBe Remembered</p></li><li><p>Todays challenging economic times require companies to spend their marketing dollars more effectivelyIts Time For New Strategies</p></li><li><p>Companies now feature marketing campaigns built around the concept of social networkingHuman Interaction Is In Demand</p></li><li><p>People Are DemandingWE WANTWE NEED</p></li><li><p>People Want to Feel Special</p></li><li><p>How Do You Satisfy the Needs of Every Client, Prospect, Member and/or Employee?Give ThemWhat They Want!Make Everyone Happy</p></li><li><p>What Is BrandedPersonal Assistance? LIVE 24/7 cell phone based personal assistance service, branded in your name.</p><p> Gives personalized service to clients, prospects, members and/or employees.</p><p> They contact YOUR Personal Assistants for anything at anytime from anywhere.</p></li><li><p>A Custom Designed GiftThe WOW! creative team designs the VIP Card to your exact specifications.&lt; Your Company Nameor Logo Here &gt;Personal Assistance</p></li><li><p>Greeting CardsCustomized greeting cards help explain and deliver the program more effectively</p></li><li><p>Recipient CallsCard backs provide simple calling instructions, suggestions and the toll free number</p></li><li><p>Every Caller is Greeted by Nameand Hears Your Custom Greeting*Hello Mrs. Williams, Thank you for calling &lt; your company name &gt; Personal Assistance. This is Amanda. How may I assist you?*Greetings can be instantly changed using our secure website</p></li><li><p>What Do Callers Ask For?Weather ForecastsCity GuideFlight InfoTee TimesEvent TicketsEntertainment GuideMovie Times/ReviewsStock QuotesHomework HelpSport ScoresGeneral TriviaAnything Else You Can ImagineDirectory AssistanceDriving DirectionsTraffic ConditionsTravel ArrangementsDining SuggestionsDining ReservationsOnline ShoppingPrice ComparisonsProduct ReviewsAppointment RemindersEmergency Assistance</p></li><li><p>No Limitation, Only ImaginationWe Also Perform TasksMy Uncle just passed away and wanted to be cremated and placed in a John Deere cookie jar. Can you find me one.Please call my 2:00 appointment and tell them that I am running 15 minutes late. Text me the confirmation.We are at Universal Studios. Tickets are really expensive but they have online specials. Please purchase 6 two-day passes using my credit card and text me the confirmation number.I have boarded Delta Flight 623 and left my briefcase in the terminal. Please find it and have it sent to my destination.My wife and I are going to Italy for our 25th anniversary. Can you arrange for an artist to paint a portrait of us while we are in Venice.</p></li><li><p>Every Call Is Concluded With Your Custom Closing Message*Thank you for calling &lt; your company name &gt; where you are always a VIP.*Closings can be instantly changed using our secure website</p></li><li><p>Information Can Be DeliveredBack To Caller In Several WaysWhile on the phoneA Return Phone CallEmailText MessageYourPersonalAssistanceAnswer</p></li><li><p>A Constant ReminderWhen you gift VIP Personal Assistance Cards, you are actually giving 2 gifts in one:Your Branded VIP Personal AssistanceA mini billboard that is kept in the recipients wallet or purse</p></li><li><p>Delivery MethodsThere are several methods to gift your personal assistance:Email InvitationsPhysical CardsDatabase IntegrationWe can integrate with your database to give your members instant access to your personal assistance.</p></li><li><p>DemographicsPeople Helping People transcends all demographics.Everyone Needs Help With Something!TeenagersSuper MomsSeniorsChildrenExecutives</p></li><li><p>You Dont Only Influence the RecipientAccording to a survey of 100,000 callersof calls made in the presence of others were done on speakerphonePersonalAssistanceYour Company Name</p></li><li><p>What About the iPhone and Blackberry?Top 5 Reasons a WOW! Personal Assistant Beats a Smart Phone:#5 WOW! has access to subscription-only resources.Consumer Reports, Public Data, Hoovers, Monster, 6 Medical Journals #3 Increasingly illegal to search on a phone while driving.Phone usage while driving is now #1 cause of death among teens#2 Phones cant perform actual tasks like a human can.Price comparisons, reservations, travel, call on your behalf, emergency help, etc.#4 Difficult to do meaningful research using a smart phone.</p></li><li><p>Optional BenefitsWe offer several enhancements to increase the value of your programsEvery VIP card can also include a complimentary $25.00 Dining Gift Certificate that is valid at over 10,000 nationwide restaurants.We can enhance the feeling of safety and security for the VIP card recipient by allowing our personal assistants to see a callers location when they call.Cards can also provide 4 roadside assistance calls per year, with up to a $100.00 benefit for each incident.</p></li><li><p>Current Special IncentivesWe have extended our $25.00 benefit!Until the end of September, every card order for at least 250 cards will include a $25.00 dining certificate on EVERY CARD!</p></li><li><p>How to Redeem $25.00 CertificateCards are printed withredemption instructionsRecipients visit VIP-Dining.comand enter in the account numberfound on the back of their VIP CardRecipients receive aRedemption code andare redirected to Restaurant.comto print a $25.00 certificate validat over 10,000 restaurants.</p></li><li><p>A Few Facts All Personal Assistants are company hired, trained and operate in the WOW! Dallas corporate headquarters. Accessed by phone or email from anywhere in the world. Services available in English, Spanish and French. Recipients are referred back to YOUR company for another card when their minutes run out. Caller information is NEVER tracked or shared. Cards carry any denomination of minutes of personal assistance. Callers are allowed an additional courtesy call after minutes expire. Average call time is 1 minute 48 seconds per query. The personal assistance benefit can be used over an entire year.</p></li><li><p>What Do All These CompaniesHave In Common?They All Have Personal AssistancePrograms Powered by</p></li><li><p>Custom ProgramsWe will customize a program to your exact specifications and budget</p></li><li><p>Programs Available for Any ApplicationANY OTHER INDUSTRY!</p><p>****************************</p></li></ul>