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  • 1. Lighting and Scenery 101

2. Purpose of Lighting 1. Reveal basic shape of the person/object 2. Lighten or darken shadows 3. Show where the object is relative to the background 4. Give some sparkle to person or object 3. Types of Light Directional has a precise beam and harsh shadows Diffused spreads out over a large area and has no clearly defined shadows 4. Shadows 5. Shadows 6. Shadows Shadows are needed to give an object shape and texture. 7. Color Temperature Indoor = 3200 K vs. Outdoor=5600K 8. Lighting Instruments Spotlights Fresnel is the main spotlight used Extremely directional Fast falloff causing harsher shadows Most often used as key light 9. Lighting Instruments Flood Light The top image is an example of a scoop Not at all directional Very slow falloff rate making soft shadows Most often used as fill light 10. Lighting Instruments Ellipsoidal Spotlight used for special effects Can be used with cookies/gobos Very directional 11. Lighting Instruments Cyc Light Diffused light used to light backdrops 12. 3-Point Lighting *Studio lighting standard Three Components 1.Key 2.Fill 3.Back 13. 3-Point Lighting Key Light Main/most powerful light 14. 3-Point Lighting Fill Light Takes away too much shadow 15. 3-Point Lighting Back Light Separates talent from background 16. 3-Point Lighting 17. 3-Point Lighting 18. 3-Point Lighting 19. Things to Remember!!! Scout ahead Determine lighting requirements for a location before the shooting date Be prepared Its helpful to have gaffers tape, reflectors, gloves and clothespins Dont overload circuits Dont plug more than 1000 watts into a single circuit Dont waste lamp life Preserve energy and lamp life by turning them off when they are not being used Secure light stands Use sandbags Watch out for cords Be time conscious