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Life of the Buddha. Context. Prince Siddhartha Gautama Part of the Shakya Clan (hence name Shakyamuni) Born Kapilavastu in Northern India, 563BCE Indian religion at time was Hinduism. Siddhartha’s Birth. Queen Maya’s dream: elephant in side Born in garden at Lumbini - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Life of the Buddha

  • ContextPrince Siddhartha GautamaPart of the Shakya Clan (hence name Shakyamuni)Born Kapilavastu in Northern India, 563BCEIndian religion at time was Hinduism

  • Siddharthas Birth

    Queen Mayas dream: elephant in sideBorn in garden at LumbiniTrees bent down to support Queen MayaBorn out of her side (no pain)Golden SkinWalked seven steps and lotuses grew at his feetDeclared this was his last rebirth

  • Siddharthas Early LifeA seer called Asita told his father King Sudohanna that he would either grow up to be a great king, or a holy man.To make sure he became a king like him, the King kept Siddhartha in the palace for his whole life.He was surrounded by youth, beauty, pleasure and wealth, and had no idea that life could be any different.

  • The Great Renunciation (The Four Sights)However, Siddhartha was still not happy, and wanted to find out what was beyond the palace walls.He convinced his charioteer Channa to take him outside 4 times.On these occasions he saw an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and lastly a holy man (saddhu).The first three sights depressed him, but the fourth gave him hope that he could find happinessHe decided to leave his family to become a wandering holy man in search of the truth

  • AsceticismSiddhartha joined some yogins who taught him the art of meditation. He stayed with them for a couple of years, then moved on to join a group of ascetics.Ascetics deny themselves things in order to force the mind to see clearly. For example, a lazy person might force themselves to stand all the time.Siddhartha decided that since he had lived a life of material luxury, he would starve himself.Legend has it that he reduced his food until he was living on 3 grains of rice a day and almost died.He eventually realised that this was not helping him realise the truth, and (with some help from a local girl) made himself better.

  • EnlightenmentThen, Siddhartha sat under a bodhi tree and decided he would not move until he had an answer to the worlds suffering.For many days Siddhartha meditated, facing Mara and all of his temptations.Eventually Siddhartha came to realise the truth about reality and became enlightened.He was now the Buddha (this means enlightened one)He spent the rest of his life travelling and teaching what he had learned.

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  • In your jotterConvert the story of the Buddha's life into 10 key bullet points with a picture to illustrate each point.

  • In the back of your Buddhism jotter put the heading GLOSSARYThen add the following terms with their meanings:BuddhaEnlightenmentAsceticSiddhartha GautamaSeerRenunciationYogi

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  • So is the story true?Probably not, there is no historical evidence to verify the story of the Buddhas life.Especially the more miraculous parts like his mother giving birth through her side and feeling no pain!

  • What would a Buddhist say?Well a Buddhist would say that whether its true or not isnt the point.The point is what the story means, what does it teach us or help us to understand.

  • What does it all mean?The Buddha's life story is full of symbolismWhat do you think the four sights were trying to tell the Buddha?What does this tell us about the human condition?