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<ul><li><p>Patent for Dows personal care products</p><p>Dow Corning Australia Beauty Ltdhas received patent no 358,898 forpersonal care products with stableemulsions. The formulation features asilicone oil emulsion stabilised withsoap, which is created in situ fromone or more fatty acids and a cationof a base during the emusificationprocess. The invention also renders amethod of creating a soap stabilisedoil-in-water emulsion including thesteps of forming a first mixturecomprising a silicone oil, a base andinitial water, mixing the first formulawith a fatty acid component andemulsifying the resulting combination.Soap and Cosmetics, Jun 2002, 78 (6), 20</p><p>Patent for Cognis surface-activecomposition</p><p>Patent no 6,362,142 was given toCognis surface-active compositionfor cleaning human hair, skin, avariety of substrates such as clothingand various kinds of hard surfaces.The composition comprises anesterquat; a chitosan and/or chitosanderivative, and a protein hydrolyzate.</p><p>Soap and Cosmetics, Jun 2002, 78 (6), 20</p><p>Shiseido earns clear detergent patent</p><p>Shiseido has obtained US patent no6,352,965 for a transparent, soliddetergent containing a humectant,water and a mixture of fatty acid salts.</p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Jul2002, 39 (7), 30</p><p>Cleansing bars patented by Albermarle</p><p>Albermarle has obtained US patentno 6,352,966 for a cleansing barcomprising alkyl succinic acid alkalimetal salts.</p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Jul2002, 39 (7), 30</p><p>DiverseyLever earns patent for dishdetergent</p><p>DiverseyLever has obtained USpatent no 6,368,420 for a dishdetergent that uses an enzyme toclean dirty dishes and bleach as apost rinse.</p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Jul2002, 39 (7), 30</p><p>Lever Brothers patents stain-inremoving detergent</p><p>Lever Brothers has obtained USpatent no 6,352,968 for a detergentformulated with surfactants and acompound that binds to fabricstains.</p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Jul2002, 39 (7), 30</p><p>Unilever HPC patents low-VOC hairspray</p><p>Unilever HPC has obtained US patentno 6,395,264 for a non-aerosol hairspray containing 55% or less VOCcontent. The composition isformulated with a fixative polymer, asurfactant, a neutralizing agent, analcohol, salt and water.</p><p>HAPPI, Household &amp; Personal Products Industry, Jul2002, 39 (7), 30</p><p>Patent for fragranced consumablearticles</p><p>International Flavors and FragrancesInc was given patent no 6,200,949 fora process to make solid phasecontrollably releasable fragrance-bearing consumable articles such asencapsulated fragrances indetergents or fabric softener articlesand compositions. With the process,an aqueous fragrance emulsion isformed, including a modified starch;spray drying or freeze drying orfreeze drying the emulsion to form afragrance-containing powder; andcombining a solid consumable articlebase, such as a detergent or fabricsoftener base, with the fragrance-bearing powder.Soap and Cosmetics, Jun 2002, 78 (6), 20</p><p>ENVIRONMENTALTailor-made, wash-active BASFsubstances are all-rounders thatdissolve dirt and protect theenvironment</p><p>BASF is one of the largest suppliersof tailor-made wash activesubstances for car washes. Oily andwater-insoluble substances are</p><p>dissolved by emulsifiers and finelydispersed in the wash water.Dispersing agents support thedispersion in the wash water andremove solid particles. Surfactantsform a protective foam layer thatreduces the mechanical effects ofcar-wash brushes. Wetting agentsmake the water softer and allow thecar to pearl up residue-free whiledrying. In addition to the cleaningeffect, environment protection is ofprimary importance to BASF.Todays surfactants arebiodegradable and form foam thateasily disintegrates so that lesswash water is needed.</p><p>Press release from: BASF Group, Germany. Website:http://www.basf.de (19 Jun 2002)</p><p>Textiles: report on implementing codeof good environmental practice [1 table]</p><p>A report by the EuropeanCommission, drawn up in the wake ofRecommendation 1998/480/EC,outlines the progress made bymembers of AISE (InternationalAssociation of the Soap andDetergent Industry) on five voluntarytargets set for the end of 2001 undera code of good environmentalpractice for household laundrydetergents. The 15 EU states plusIceland, Norway and Switzerlandhave signed up to the code. TheCommission says that although realprogress has been made, there is stilla long way to go before targets set forend 2001 are met. These are listed.Two of the targets, 10% reduction inper capita consumption of poorlybiodegradable ingredients (PBOs)(kg/per capita); baseline 0.32 kg; andprovision of information toconsumers, were fully met within thefirst years, but the available datasuggests that much remains to bedone in order to reduce consumptionof detergents and packaging. Despitea clear tendency towards lowerconsumption of detergent, the 50%target had still not been met. A tablegives detergent, packaging and PBOconsumption in 1996-1998, 1999-2000 and target for 2001.Europe Environment, 25 Jun 2002, (614), I.21(Europe Information Service sa, Avenue Ad Lacomble66, B-1030, Bruxelles, Belgium. Tel: 322 737 77 09.Fax: 322 732 67 57. Website: http://www.eis.be)</p><p>SEPTEMBER 2002 5</p><p>F O C U S O N S U R F A C T A N T S</p></li></ul>