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ndia produces roughly Rs. 250 crores worth of firecrackers annually. Despite the erratic fluctuation in the market prices this commodity sells liker hot-cake during almost all national festivities including marriages, victory celebrations and other occasions of revelry. Of these, Diwali is one festival which accounts for the highest consumption in our country.


  • 1. Its now or never!! Created by: -Prarthana Kharod -Meghana Kharod -Stuti Mankad
  • 2. What is the presentation all about? Diwali is originally religious festival Presently, main attraction FIREWORKS We are trying to create an awareness about the harmful effects of fireworks, by this presentation
  • 3. Types of fireworks FireworksSparklers Firecrackers
  • 4. Composition Possible components of any firework:-1. KNO3 7. NaHCO32. BaCl3 8. Carbon3. As 9. Sulfur4. Strontium Nitrate 10.Perchlorate5. Potassium 11. Aluminium Powder Perchlorate6. Copper Oxide
  • 5. Fireworks and Air pollution Emission of smoke -more in the light illuminating fire cracker- Levels of SO2 & RSPM (respirable suspended particulate matter) -marginally higher on Diwali day. Increase of 9.5% in Air pollution every year-after Diwali. Combustion processes in industry, power stations & traffic or from volcanic eruptions into the atmosphere emission of SO2 & NO2 photochemical oxidation combination of acids with the water droplets in clouds fall on the surface of the earth as rain, snow or sleet Critical levels of SPM were observed in residential areas of many Indian cities including Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Jamnagar of Gujarat.
  • 6. Ten locations having highest concentration of Sulphur Dioxide during year 2003 Residential AreasS.No Location State Annual Average conc. (g/m 3 )1 Nal Stop, Pune Maharashtra 362. Swargate, Pune Maharashtra 343. Nashik Municipal Council, Maharashtra 30 Nashik4. RTO Colony Tank, Nasik Maharashtra 275. Grasim Kalyan Kendra, Nagda Madhya Pradesh 226 Visak Hostel, Sector 4, Bhilai Chattisgarh 227. Vapi Nagar Palika, Vapi Gujarat 208. Chitale Clinic, Solapur Maharashtra 209. Cadilla Bridge, Narole, Gujarat 19 Ahmedabad10. City Dandia Bazaar, Vadodara Gujarat 19
  • 7. Ten Locations Having Highest Concentration of RSPM during year 2003 Residential AreasS.No. Location State Annual Average conc. (g/m 3)1. Regional Office, Jalandhar Punjab 245*2. New HIG-9, Hirapur, Raipur Chattisgarh 240*3. Regional Office, Punjab SPCB/ Punjab 218* Vishwakarma Chowk, Ludhiana4. Regional Office, Alwar Rajasthan 198*5. Town Hall, Delhi Delhi 189*6. HIG 21, 22, New Ghantaghar, Korba Chattisgarh 183*7. Cadilla Bridge Narol, Ahmedabad Gujarat 179*8. City Dandia Bazaar, Vadodara Gujarat 178*9. Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 174*10 Deputy ka Padao, Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 173*
  • 8. Health hazards of air pollution Harmful chemicals emitted through smoke known to cause various respiratory diseases Bright light eye damage
  • 9. Specific health effects of various compounds Chlorate Barium compounds Toxic by inhalation & Toxic through ingestion inhalation & accidental ingestion Direct exposure Red Soluble Barium salts in blood cell destruction firecrackers Directly affects vomiting, abdominal Kidney. pain, bloody diarrhea, shallow breathing, convulsions, coma, death.
  • 10. Nitrate compounds Sulfur compounds Toxic through Acute inhalation of inhalation & skin Sulfur powder/dust contact shortness of breath, Inhalation acute cough, tightness & pulmonary edema or feeling of burning in COPD the chest Skin contact Poisoning irritation significant absorption of eyes, skin, lungs & from burnt areas GIT causes corrosion of skin & other tissues
  • 11. Copper irritation of respiratory tract Cadmium Anemia and kidney damage Lead Nervous system affection Magnesium Dust & fume cause metal fume fever Sodium Reacts violently with moisture & can attack skin
  • 12. Cloud of dustSurrounding the Earth
  • 13. Fireworks and Noise pollution Noise- Wrong sound, at wrong time, at wrong place =150 db- physical rupture of human ear drum Crackers that make a noise of more than 125 db at 4 meter distance from the point of bursting- banned by the law.
  • 14. Remember- Noise made bymost of the crackers, harm us.
  • 15. Health hazards of Noise pollution1. Auditory Physical damage to ear Inability to detect weak sounds
  • 16. 2. Non Auditory High Blood Pressure Emotional and psychological effects Irritability, anxiety, stress Mental fatigue Poor performance of school children Affects particularly children May lead to accidents like fire, blasts etc.
  • 17. Global warming & climate change Burning issue Global warming has changed the climate, significantly
  • 18. The melting iceeffect of Global Warming
  • 19. Where should I go now???
  • 20. Melting ice on the mountains
  • 21. Effects of Climate Change The joint warmest years globally since world records began in 1856 were 1998 and 2005, followed by 2001/2/3/4/6! In last 50 years, The Arctic ice sheet has lost almost half its thickness-contracting at approx 8% per decade. Water shortages occurred. According to the insurance industry, three times as many severe natural disasters during the 1990s as during the 1960s. Lengthening of growing seasons in the most northern and southern countries, animal and plant species moving to higher ground, decline of some animal and plant populations, earlier tree flowering, insect emergence and egg-laying in birds.