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a webquest designed for fifth graders to learn about the eight species of bear while using the internet


  • 1. Lets Go onA Bear Hunt This WebQuest was created by Jessica Orchitt

2. Topic of Webquest: To learn about the eight species of wild bear around the world.Grade level: Fourth/Fifth gradeIt should be noted that this Webquest is designed for completion in pairs or small groups. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask your teacher. The Challange On your hunt through this Webquest you will encounter eight different species of bears found in various habitats throughout the world.The Journey You are going on a Webquest! Your job is to hunt around and find out many facts about the eight species of wild bears living around the world. The Report Just a reminder, after you have clicked on a colored hyperlink use the up/down arrows on the right side of the screen to view the new site and find your information. Please remember to only click on the links assigned. When you are finished with a link click on the back button at the top of the screen to return to your Lets Go on a Bear Hunt Webquest, thanks! 3. ThefirstthingthataWebquesthunterneedstodoistrackdowneachwildbearspeciesbyclickingonthepicturesbelow.Makesuretogetagraphfromyourteachertologyourfindings.Incategorieswheretherearemultiplefactsyoumaypickthreethatyoufoundmostinterestingtolistonyourgraph.Havefun! Sloth BearAmerican Black Bear Asiatic Black BearPolar Bear Sun Bear Brown BearSpectacled Bear Panda Bear More bear information Even more bear facts 4. With your partner or team mates pick one of the 8 bear species to learn more about. After you have Choose one of the books from the researched this bear as a group each non-fiction book list to read. After of you can pick a bear project to do. you have finished it write a paragraph summary, rate the book based on the number of qualityEveryone will get a copy of the pictures, facts about bears, did itpolar bear word search and theteach you something new.polar bear word scramble to complete. When you have completed your word search and Here you can find maps that show word scramble ask your teacher to were some bear species live. see the answer key and check your answers. Okay you have done a lot of research and learned a great deal This link is just for you to hear the about the 8 species of wild bear. language and sounds of black Now it is time to take a bear quiz it bears. is to be done on your own. When you have completed it hand it in toyour teacher. Read Grizzly Hibernation and then choose one of the procedures and complete it either as a group or on Here is a short video for you to your own. watch on black bears in the wild. 5. Polar bear extinction For extra credit you can either do this project individually or in a group. Readabout polar bear extinction and create a poster, collage, or write a letter to a stateofficial about what you think should be done to help save the polar bear.Conclusion Congratulations! You have now completed your bear hunt. Think of a fact you just learned that fascinated you to share with someone outside your group. 6. Bear Facts bear species Brown BearSun bearPolar Bear Asiatic Black Bear scientificname family and community life diet habitat populationphysical features Bear Facts bear species Sloth BearSpectacled Giant Panda Bear North American 7. Collaborative Work Skills : Let's Go On A Bear Hunt 8. CATEGORY 4 3 21 Contributions RoutinelyUsually Sometimes provides Rarely provides provides usefulprovides useful useful ideas whenuseful ideas when ideas when ideas whenparticipating in the participating in the participating in participating ingroup and in group and in the group and in the group and classroom discussion.classroom classroomin classroom discussion. May discussion.discussion.refuse to participate.Quality ofProvides work of Provides high Provides work that Provides work that the highestquality work. occasionally needs tousually needs to be Workquality. be checked/redone by checked/redone byother group membersothers to ensureto ensure quality. quality.AttitudeNever is publiclyRarely is Occasionally is publicly Often is publicly critical of thepublicly critical critical of the projectcritical of the project project or the of the project or or the work of other or the work of other work of others.the work of members of the group.members of the Always has a others. Often Usually has a positive group. Often has a positive attitudehas a positiveattitude about the negative attitude about theattitude abouttask(s). about the task(s). task(s). the task(s).PreparednessBrings neededAlmost always Almost always brings Often forgets materials to brings needed needed materials but needed materials or class and is materials tosometimes needs to is rarely ready to get always ready toclass and issettle down and get to to work. work.ready to work.workPride Work reflectsWork reflects a Work reflects some Work reflects very this student's strong effort effort from this little effort on the best efforts.from this student. part of this student.student.Working withAlmost alwaysUsually listens Often listens to, shares Rarely listens to, listens to,to, shares, with, with, and supports the shares with, and Othersshares with, and and supportsefforts of others, but supports the efforts supports the the efforts ofsometimes is not a of others. Often is efforts of others. others. Doesgood team member.not a good team Tries to keepnot causeplayer. people working "waves" in the well together. group.Focus on theConsistently Focuses on theFocuses on the taskRarely focuses on stays focusedtask and what and what needs to be the task and what taskon the task andneeds to be done some of the needs to be done. what needs todone most oftime. Other groupLets others do the be done. Verythe time. Other members must work. self-directed. group members sometimes nag, prod,can count onand remind to keepthis person.this person on-task.Time- Routinely uses Usually usesTends to Rarely gets things time welltime well procrastinate, but done by the managementthroughout the throughout thealways gets things deadlines AND project to project, butdone by the deadlines. group has to adjust ensure thingsmay haveGroup does not havedeadlines or work get done onprocrastinatedto adjust deadlines or responsibilities time. Groupon one thing. work responsibilitiesbecause of this does not have to Group does notbecause of thisperson's inadequate adjust deadlines have to adjustperson's time management. or workdeadlines orprocrastination. responsibilities work because of thisresponsibilities person's because of this procrastination. person'sprocrastination. 9. 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