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this is a class aimed to tech english through the technology


  • SUNDAT, JULY 20 OF 2014 LESSONPLAN Grade: 10 Students: 35 Topic: ENVIROMENT AND POLLUTION Grammar focus: to be verb and simple present Materials: VIDEOS ABOUT ENVIROMENT AND POLLUTION, VIDEOVIN,WORDSHEETS Timing: 60 Aims: At the end of the class learners will be able to recognize in English the vocabulary concerning to environment and pollution. A) To apply correctly the auxiliary ( to be) in real contexts. B) To express the simple presenttense in real contexts. PROCEDURE: 1#) the work here is to select the properterms listed below to match the statements that follow. Write the letter of the term in the blank. https://www.teachervision.com/tv/printables/GREEN_Pollution_Matchin g.pdf (15minutes) during the class: students are going to watch a video about environment and pollution in order to identify what humans actions produce the pollution in earths environment and which are the effects of pollution and its types. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krKyo6eAk5E (20 minutes) 2#) the purpose with this second video is student can heard the audio, watch the surtitles of the video that appear down. They must read at the same time they watch and listen for improve their pronunciation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmSpqov-Rms ( 3 minutes) 3#) students will have to create some group, each group must choose a kind of pollution and selectslogans or write their own slogans or messagesif they want it like that. The point is that the slogan each team representthe types of pollution they select,then must do a
  • crackdown about environmental saving and for reducing pollution. Taking into account what was learned. http://abc.environmentalinfobank.com/environmental-news-- articles/environmental-messages(20 minutes) 1#
  • 3# lest save the word BY : JHON MARIO RODRIGUEZ RENTERIA