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Lesson Ideas for Spanish Crafts and activities!

To introduce oneself with ME LLAMO:Take a lolly pop stick and paper plate. Attach the paper plate on the stick so as to make a mask. Use wool for hair, and get them to make faces on the paper plates of themselves with various craft materials. You can talk through the various parts of the face whilst creating this- OJOS,BOCA, NARIZ etc Then get them to write on the back of the plate ME LLAMO....They then lift the paper plate face up whilst repeating the phrase on the back of it.

To introduce colours:Using either a parachute or an old Twister mat. Keep the parachute in the air with the children holding it. Find a soft ball and get them to throw it into the colour segment they wish in Spanish eg. Uno, Dos Tres ROJO!! Add another ball to the game and get them to say two colours. For older children introduce the game twister and they can also learn the names for parts of the body and left and right too.

To introduce music:Cut out the shape of a full castanet in foam and back it with cardboard. Get children to decorate the cardboard side. Turn over onto the foam side and place a small piece of sticky back plastic on the outer edge. Stick to this a 1p coin on each edge and then wrap wool round the top so as to put round the wrist, then bend it in half- listen to them clack clack with their homemade castauelas!

Introducing the house:Take a regular cereal box and cut it in half. Over the open edge fold a strap of paper. Stick a plain piece of paper to the front of the box which they decorate with a picture of a house as you tell them what LA PUERTA is, what LAS VENTANAS are etc. They have now created a handbag house. They can then go home and cut out pictures of furniture, label them in Spanish and slip into their handbag house. Get them to come back the next lesson and talk you through what they have collected in their house.

Introducing the Weather:

Take two long sticks such as gardening rods, cross them over and stick with tape. Attach on each end some string or wool. You can then create pictures with words, 4 types of weather in Spanish and add onto each piec e of string, creating their own weather mobileIntroducingVocab/numbers:JaJaJa books create their own flashcards with vocabulary and numbers on. You can either lay the cards out and get them to turn each one over, then try again to see if they can remember where the words are or hide 1-10 in different parts of the room. Let the children run round and find them, then lay them out on the floor, making sure they have all the numbers in sequence and can repeat them. Make sure you do this at the end of a lesson as they get very excited playing this!

Introducing Time:A great favourite is Qu hora es Seor Wolf. Get them to stand at the back of the room with one Mr Wolf. They chant Qu hora es Seor Wolf to which the student replies with the time in Spanish until its time to COMER!!!


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