lesson 1. day 1 good readers read each word accurately when reading aloud. listening comprehension...

Download Lesson 1. Day 1 Good readers read each word accurately when reading aloud. Listening Comprehension Poem about friendship. Poem about friendship. Poems

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  • Lesson 1

  • Day 1Good readers read each word accurately when reading aloud.

    Listening ComprehensionPoem about friendship.Poems arewritten in verse.may repeat certain words or phrases.often include rhythm an rhyming words.

    When you listen to a poem, you should listen to enjoy the rhyme and listen to enjoy the rhyme and rhythm and to understand the poems message.

    Purpose for reading: To enjoy the poets message.

  • To befriend someone means to act as a friend to that person. An unbefriended person has no friends.A trifling error is a small mistake. How does thepoet advise the reader to deal with their friendsmistakes?What does the poet mean when he says that the pay that a friend gets is not written by a figure?

  • What was the poets message?

    Why might it be better to have friends instead of just having neighbors?

    This weeks story is about three friends.

  • Pages 22Characters are the people or animals in a story.

    In fiction stories, as in real life, characters have reasons for acting as they do.

    Read with students.

  • A reader can tell what kind of person a character is by thinking about his or her traits.

    A characters motivations are the reasons the character acts as he or she does.

    Sometimes authors state a characters motivations; other times readers must use what the character says, does, and thinks to figure out the characters motivations.

  • Example of MotivationWhich friends or family member did you call last week?

    Why did you call them?

    Who I calledWhy I called themWhat this shows about mecousin, SamI wanted to thank him for the birthday gift.I am grateful.

  • Page 23Volunteer to read aloud the paragraph.

    Think Aloud: James brags about his science project. When James realizes that Pauls project is better than his, he tries to persuade Paul not to enter the science fair. James bragging shows that he is boastful. What he says to Paul shows that he is jealous.

    Discuss the Graphic Organizer

  • Do you think James really believes that model solar systems are boring?

    Why did James say that?

    What is James motivation for saying that?

    What kinds of things do people say or do when they are boastful or jealous?

    Do Try This

  • Comprehension StrategyStory structure is the way a story is organized.

    Characters, setting, and plot events are 3 elements that are common to all stories.

    Thinking about story structure helps readers understand what is happening in a story, and why it is happening.

  • Volunteer to read aloud the first two paragraphs.

    I will model how to use story structure to identify the story elements.

  • The main character is Bella.The setting is her house on the morning of the first day of school.Bellas problem is that she does not know anyone at her new school, and she is afraid that she will not make friends.

  • Volunteer read aloud rest of the passage.

    Identify the new character, setting, and plot events and record on graphic organizer.

  • PartnersThink of a story you have both read.

    If you cannot think of a story, think of a movie.

    Work together to recall the story elements.

    Create a story map


  • Background KnowledgeYou will be reading a story about how 3 friends spend part of their summer vacation.

    What are some different ways to spend time during summer vacation?

    Summer VacationActivities at homeActivities away from homeSwimPlay baseballSummer campFamily tripVisit relatives

  • Develop ConceptsMany young people try to earn spending money during the summer by selling lemonade at a lemonade stand or by cutting lawns for neighbors.

    Some young people go away to camp, where they swim, hike, and take part in other camp activities.

    Sometimes good friends are apart for long periods of time during the summer.

  • Describe a pact you could make with a friend.What might cause a person to feel queasy?What might a teenager have foisted on a younger brother or sister?What new venture would be good to start during summer vacation?How might a cat show that it is annoyed?What would happen to a plant that you are depriving of sunlight and water?

  • Page 24Read

    What is the pact between Charlie and Tyler?

    Why does Tyler feel queasy?

    What chance of success do you think Uncle Stans business venture has? Explain.

  • Page 25Read

    Why is Charlie annoyed at Tyler?

    How do you think Tyler feels about depriving Charlie of a ride to the ball game?

    Why is the task of driving Charlie to the game foisted on Liz?

  • Decoding Closed Syllable Patternssummer

    How many syllables are in this word?

    Where should I divide it?

    The syllables break between the 2 consonants.

    When syllables break between the 2 consonants, the first syllable is usually pronounced with a short vowel sound.

    This is called a closed syllable pattern.

  • Sandwich

    How many syllables are in this word?

    Where should I divide it?

    The syllables break between the 2 consonants.

    The consonant pair nd in sand stands together in the first syllable.

    The syllables are broken after this consonant blend.

  • Open syllable Has a vowel at the beginning or end Example: read / ing

    Closed syllableBegin and end with consonantExample: sum / mer

  • Divide Words into Syllablescon/test/ant




  • Find 4 examples of multi-syllable words with closed syllable patterns in your book.

    List a few on board.

    Exchange paper with partner.

    Divide into syllables.

    Circle the closed syllable.

  • The End!!!

  • Day 2Read Story


    About the Author and Illustrator

  • The End!!!

  • Day 3Pages 44-45

    Read the title.

    Look at the illustrations.

    Secret Talk is about friendship.

    Teacher read aloud.

    Class chorally read aloud.

  • Identify the rhyming words.

    What does this poem seem to be saying about friendship?

    Poetic imagesLet time pass for a golden hourWhat pictures create with this phrase?Stalk a bird = quietly follow a birdPungent = sharp smellingQueen Annes lace = tall white wild flower

    Paraphrase poem in own words

  • Reread silently and think about what the friends do together.

    What do the 2 friends do together?

    How is the poems ending similar to its beginning?

    Have you ever had a friend you felt so comfortable with that you didnt need to talk? What kinds of things did you do together?

  • PoemWrite a poem about friendship itself or about a special friend you have.

    Begin your poem with the line, I have a friend


  • About the PoetEve Merriam grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    She began writing poetry at the age of seven.

    She is known for poems filled with puns, rhymes, and tongue-twisting verses.

    She spends much of her time touring the country, visiting classrooms, and reading her poetry.

  • Pages 46-47Discuss Comparing Texts Questions

    Read directions for writing.

    Brainstorm ideas for types of contests.

    Discuss Writing Checklist on page 47

    Use graphic organizer to plan.


  • Character Traits and MotivationsCharacters act the way they do for a reason.

    Why might a character brag or show off?

    A characters traits show what the character is like as a person.

    Traits are revealed by what the character thinks, does, and says.

    A characters motivations are the reasons why a character acts as he or she does.

  • Rorys mothers traits and motivationsPage 32 Why does Rorys mother offer to buy a pizza for dinner?

    Page 32 Why does Rorys mother say that one pizza is enough?

    Page 34 Why doesnt Rorys mother scold Bolivia for ordering a second pizza?

    What can you tell about Rorys mother, based on what she does and says?

  • Why is Rory pretending to read the comics as he sits in a lounge chair at the beginning of the story?

    Why does Derek go straight over to Rorys house when he gets home?

    At first, Rory had ignored Bolivia because she is a girl, but Derek made friends with her. What does this show about Derek?

  • Writing Compare 2 characters from the story.Bolivia and RoryRory and DerekDerek and Bolivia

    Write a paragraph telling how the characters are alike and different, based on their traits and motivations.

  • Vocabulary What pact had the boys made when Bolivia first arrived?

    Why did Rory feel queasy about Dereks return from summer camp?

    Why might Rory and Derek feel that Bolivia had been foisted on them?

    How successful was Rorys and Bolivias business venture?

    Why might Rorys mother have been annoyed with Bolivia?

    What did Bolivia really mean when she told Derek she wouldnt think of depriving him of the pizza?

  • The End!!!

  • Day 4

  • If youre not sure what colossal means, reread the first sentence. These sentences are about a large pizza. Colossal must be a synonym for large.If youre not sure what engaging means, reread the first sentence.These sentences are about activities.Engaging must be an antonym for boring.

  • Volunteer read the 2 sentences aloud.

    Identify the underlined words as synonyms or antonyms.

    Use the first underlined word to figure out the meaning of the second underlined word.

  • Bolivia was hungry. Rory was ravenous, too.

    Bolivia ate a large amount of ve


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