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Aperture and Focal length are important specifications to look for when you are buying a DSLR lens for Wildlife Photography.


2. When you cant get close to the [email protected] with a long Focal Length:If you have an APS-C Sensor DSLR - 70-300mm, 80-400mm, 100-400mm, 120-400mm, 150-500mm, 200-500mmIf you have a Full-Frame Sensor DSLR- 80-400mm, 100-400mm, 120-400mm,150-500mm, 200-500mmThe lower-priced Zoomlenses dont have the AFperformance necessary forwildlife action. But they dowork well with nonmovingsubjects. 3. Animal in Focus; Background [email protected] with a large Aperture (low f-stop #)The fastest possible shutter speed (lowest f-stop #) allows you to stop action andto throw the background completely out of focus to place emphasis on thesubject.For example: 300mm /2.8, 400mm /2.8, 500mm /4, 600mm /4 and 800mm/5.6. 4. THE ENDGot questions or comments? Tweet Us @campbellcamerasTag us in your wildlife photos on [email protected]_cameras or #campbellcameras