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A better choice for alternative education

S t r u c t u r e d • D i s c i p l i n e d

A Different Approach to Learning

Since its establishment, Learning Options has embraced a

personal approach to alternative high school education, where

our educators truly engage students. Unlike some districts that

exclusively use web-based learning tools to teach students, we

blend traditional classroom instruction with online learning to

meet students’ academic needs and desire to feel connected to

their school. Such a structure promotes greater accountability

and participation, plus a better understanding of the instructional

material being taught.

Dedicated and Experienced Educators

The staff of Learning Options High School has more than six decades

of instructional experience, with special training in working with

students who require more individual attention. Each of our educators

also has been trained in methods for effectively managing behavior

and the learning experience in small classroom settings. This does

not mean, however, that expectations are lower. In fact, a peek

inside a classroom shows how Learning Options teachers challenge

students daily to stretch themselves academically as they pursue

their diplomas.

“I appreciate the Learning

Options staff’s flexibility and

willingness to work with our

son. They set the tone to

ensure students understand

the importance of staying

organized, completing

assignments and working

towards graduation.”

– Parent

“Learning Options gives students

who struggle in large groups

the opportunity to work in a

smaller class setting, making

teacher support more focused

and effective.”– Educator

L earning Options High School, part of the award-winning Lake Orion Community Schools, provides

students with a unique, highly structured and results-oriented environment for learning that

requires dedication and accountability to be successful. There is a reward for the hard work.

Students who complete the requirements for graduation receive a Lake Orion Community Schools’ diploma

and the opportunity to further prepare themselves for a bright future.

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D i s c i p l i n e d • R e s u l t s - O r i e n t e d

Quality Learning Environment

Students enrolled in Learning Options High School attend classes

in a recently remodeled, dedicated wing of Lake Orion’s Community

Education Resource Center. The area features updated classrooms

with modern instructional technology, inviting common areas, counseling

offi ces, cafeteria, lockers and other amenities that provide a quality

learning environment.

Pride and Respect

Like the entire Lake Orion educational community, a key goal of the

Learning Options’ team is to instill a sense of pride and self-worth

in each student. This is fostered in part by the personal connections

forged between students and staff. In addition, the unique learning

environment helps infuse students with a healthy respect for

each other, the instructional team and the community at large.

We are all Dragons!

Graduation Requirements

A total of 24 credits are needed to graduate and receive a diploma

from Learning Options High School. This is aligned with other leading

alternative high school programs in Oakland County and meets

all of the requirements set forth by the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Course subject areas include mathematics, English language arts,

science, social studies, physical education, visual, performance

and applied arts, and foreign language. An online learning experience

also is required. The high school’s web-based credit recovery program

helps Learning Options students quickly complete previously started

courses for credit.

“Thanks to Learning Options,

I am going to actually graduate

from high school and do

something with my life. If it

wasn’t for this program,

I would never have fi nished

high school on time.”

– Student


Did You Know?More than 90 percent of students who enroll in the Learning

Options High School graduate on time with their respective

classes. The majority go on to attend community colleges

and vocational schools. Some serve their country and

pursue their educations in the military, while others enroll

in universities.

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Educating our students for the challenges of tomorrowEducating our students for the challenges of tomorrow

For more information:

To learn more about the Learning Options High School or obta in an enrollment application packet,

visit www.lakeorion.k12.mi.us, or call 248-693-5450.

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