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Sample pages from Chapter 6 of Learning Adobe Photoshop CS4 by Greg Bowden which demonstrates how to enter text and apply effects to that text such as colour, text warp, style effects, 3D effects and typing text along a path. Text is then added to photos and images


Learning Adobe Photoshop CS4By Greg Bowden

Chapter 6

Adding Text to Designs

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Adding Text to Designs


Text can be added to photographs and manipulated. There are text effects available to curve letters, display them vertically, set text to follow a path and applying similar effects to those you added to shapes in the last chapter.

Starting a New Document1 Load Photoshop or close the current file and select NEW from the FILE menu. 2 Set the WIDTH to 800 pixels, the HEIGHT to 600 pixels, the COLOUR MODE to RGB COLOUR and the BACKGROUND CONTENTS to WHITE.


Select OK to start the page.

Entering TextThe TEXT TOOLS are housed in the TYPE TOOL in the TOOLS panel.

1 Click and hold down the mouse button on the TYPE TOOL and select the HORIZONTAL TYPE TOOL.


The OPTIONS BAR should display the text options which are labelled in the diagram at the top of the next page.

Guided Computer Tutorials 2009


Learning Adobe Photoshop CS4

Text Orientation

Set the Font Style

Set the Antialiasing Method

Text Colour

Open the Character & Paragraph panels

Set the Font Family

Set the Font Size


Warp Text

Accept or reject edits

3 4

Set the VIEW to FIT ON SCREEN by pressing CTRL+0 on the Windows system or COMMAND+0 on the Macintosh system. Click the cursor (which is now an I-Beam) near the top centre of the canvas. 5 Set the FONT to CENTURY GOTHIC or TIMES NEW ROMAN, the FONT STYLE to BOLD, the FONT SIZE to 18 pt and the TEXT COLOUR to RED.

6 Enter your first name.


A text layer is created when you click the I-Beam on the canvas.

Altering TextYou can alter text once it has been entered. 1 Highlight your name by dragging the I-Beam across the letters or by double clicking on the letters.


Guided Computer Tutorials 2009

Adding Text to Designs


2 Set the FONT SIZE to 36 pt and your name should become larger, then set the TEXT COLOUR to BLUE.

3 Click on the COMMIT ANY CURRENT EDITS button to accept the changes.

Warping TextThere are a number of special curved effects that can be applied to the text. These are found in the WARP TEXT button in the OPTIONS BAR.


Single Arced TextClick the I-Beam anywhere in your name. 2 Click on the CREATE WARPED TEXT button in the OPTIONS BAR and the WARP TEXT dialogue box will open.

3 Set the STYLE box to ARC and move the WARP TEXT dialogue box so that you can see your name, which should now be curved.

Guided Computer Tutorials 2009


Learning Adobe Photoshop CS4

4 Move the BLEND slider and the size and direction of the arc will change. Set it to a negative value.

5 Decrease the HORIZONTAL DISTORTION and the letters should start large and curve to smaller.


The reverse occurs if you increase the HORIZONTAL DISTORTION.

6 Increase the VERTICAL DISTORTION and the angle of the letters will be altered.


Guided Computer Tutorials 2009

Adding Text to Designs


7 Set the HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL DISTORTION bars back to 0 then click on the VERTICAL radio button at the top of the dialogue box.


The VERTICAL option gives text the illusion of the text moving out of the screen.

8 Increase the BLEND to reverse the effect.

9 Click on the HORIZONTAL button to set the text back to normal then set the STYLE box to ARC LOWER and the curve will move down.

10 Increase the BLEND to +75% to see the effect more clearly.


Setting the STYLE box to ARC UPPER will set the curve to a slightly different curve up to the normal ARC style.

Guided Computer Tutorials 2009


Learning Adobe Photoshop CS4 11 Try setting the STYLE box to ARCH, BULGE, SHELL LOWER and SHELL UPPER to see the effect of these styles.


Multiple Arcs

You can also set text to wave along a path. In other words, arc more than once.

1 Set the STYLE box to FLAG and decrease the HORIZONTAL DISTORTION to see the effect more clearly. 2 Try setting the STYLE box to WAVE, FISH and RISE to see the effect of these styles.


Three-Dimensional Effects

Warping can also be used to set three-dimensional effects. 1 Return the HORIZONTAL DISTORTION to 0 and set the STYLE box to FISH EYE.

2 Adjust the BLEND to enhance the effect.


As you read across your name the centre letters appear you come out of the screen.


Try setting the STYLE box to INFLATE, SQUEEZE and TWIST to see the effect of those styles. Guided Computer Tutorials 2009


Adding Text to Designs 4 Select OK to return to the page.


D Text OrientationYou can change the direction of text at any time.

1 Click on the CHANGE THE TEXT ORIENTATION button in the OPTIONS BAR and the name should be set to vertical.


Click on the CHANGE THE TEXT ORIENTATION button again the text will be returned to its original direction.

Vertical TextText can be set to be entered down the screen.

1 Click and hold on the TYPE TOOL in the TOOLS panel and select the VERTICAL TEXT TOOL.

Guided Computer Tutorials 2009


Learning Adobe Photoshop CS4

2 Click next to your first name and enter your last name. It will be entered down the screen. Press or to set it.


The same warp options can be applied to vertical text.

Adding Styles to TextThe styles you used in the last few chapters can be applied to text in the same way that they were applied to shapes. 1 Expand the LAYERS panel and click on your first name layer to select your first name.



3 Use the size handles to increase the size of the name.


Press or to accept the transformation.


Guided Computer Tutorials 2009

Adding Text to Designs


5 Open the STYLES panel in the PANEL GROUP.

6 Click on the PANEL MENU icon and select WEB STYLES.


Select OK to replace the current style.

8 Apply a style to the text.


As with shapes, you can turn styles off in the LAYERS panel.

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