Leadership and the Next Generation of Museum Professionals

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Senior museum leaders can have a hand in developing a highly skilled and flexible workforce that is equipped to meet the future needs of museums.


<ul><li> 1. Leadership and the NextGenerationof Museum ProfessionalsRachel SmithIAM Annual Conference 2014</li></ul> <p> 2. Developing the next generation Mentor junior staff Encourage leadership abilities Support professional development 3. Illustration by Al Murphy The Misery of Mentoring Millenials 4. Mentor junior staff What is a mentor? Formal and informal mentorship Mentoring the Next Generation of NonprofitLeaders 5. Encourage leadership abilities Delegate tasks and responsibilities Get involved in new projects Leading When Youre Not In Charge 6. Professional development benefits all Professional development benefits EMPs,other employees, visitors, and the museumsector as a whole ICOM Guidelines for Museum Prof Dev The Teaching Museum 7. ICOM Guidelines for MuseumProfessional Development1. General competencies2. Museology competencies3. Management competencies4. Public programming competencies5. Information and Collections managementand care competencies 8. Why a Teaching Museum? NMAS its assets and opportunities Diversify the workforce staff reflect theprofile and aspirations of localcommunities Broaden entry routes to the profession Bring new ideas, enthusiasm and talentinto NMAS Deliver better services to our users 9. Take-away points Mentorship and sponsorship are crucial for careerprogression. Mentoring relationships benefits nonprofits in many ways. The supervisor is the most obvious mentor, while externalmentors are particularly important for smaller institutions. Encourage leadership abilities through project work andincreasing responsibility. There is a personal responsibility for professionaldevelopment. Remember that professional development benefitseveryone so invest in it. 10. Thank you!Rachel SmithEmail: rsmith19@artic.eduTwitter: @racheljsmith </p>