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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Le ForgeRistorante</p> <p>COMPANY DESCRIPTION</p> <p> Le Forge Ristorante serves the best kind of pizza, pasta, chicken and beverages in town that suits the taste preference of everyone. Le Forge offers quality meals in a pleasant and entertaining family atmosphere. Le Forge is well known for having the best pizza and pasta in the City of Makati. </p> <p>COMPANY VISION</p> <p> Le Forge Ristorante aims to become the leading and preferred pizza and pasta restaurant chain that provide its guests quality products with the best value for money. It also aims to become one of the restaurant chain that best understands and satisfies the needs of the customers. </p> <p>COMPANY MISSION</p> <p>Le Forge Ristorante commits the following mission:</p> <p> We are committed in using the finest and quality ingredients in our recipes. We ensure that no food leaves our kitchen that we ourselves would not eat. </p> <p> To provide products at a fair price- nutritional and well prepared meals.</p> <p> To ensure that all guests and staffs are treated with a respect and dignity they deserve. </p> <p> To anticipate consumer need and deliver outstanding products and services that improve peoples taste. </p> <p>PRODUCTSOFFERED</p> <p>PASTA</p> <p>SHRIMP AND FETA CHEESESPAGHETTI WITH MEATBALLS</p> <p>LASAGNACHICKEN ALFREDO</p> <p>PIZZA</p> <p>BELLY BUSTERHAWAIIANNY CLASSICCHEESY GARLICMARGHERITA PIZZA</p> <p>CHICKEN </p> <p>CHICKEN WINGSHOT WINGS</p> <p>BEVERAGES</p> <p>RESTAURANT LOGO</p>