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DESCRIPTION provides legal assistence to foreign clients. is a team of lawyers who have a big experience in commercial and corporate law. is a parte of lawyer team who provide company formation in Europe and main offshore jurisdictions.


<ul><li> 1. provides legal assistance to foreign investors in Croatia A presentation brought by </li></ul> <p> 2. Who we are LawyersCroatia offers corporate and commercial services to foreign clients in Croatia through its local team formed of lawyers and expert accountants. is a division of, a European Legal Consultant based in Cyprus with offices throughout Europe. 3. What we do will provide all necessary information regarding how to set up a company by foreign clients and also will assist with all legal procedures related to foreign investments in Croatia can equally provide related services such as the procedures associated with purchasing shares in a Croatian company, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence procedures related to investments in Croatia, as well as liquidation and dissolution of Croatian companies. Also our team includes Croatia attorneys specialized in litigation 4. What legal services we provide in Croatia procedures related to registration of companies in Croatia, accounting, tax consultancy, litigations, mergers and acquisitions, aspects related to corporate law in Croatia 5. What services can Lawyers provide Company domiciliation services Accounting services Assistance and representation for the incorporation of LLCs, and other type of entities As well other lawyer services 6. How we can help Company formation of any type Mergers and Acquisitions in Croatia Liquidation and Dissolution of Croatian Companies Corporate and commercial litigation, tax advice and tax planning 7. Type of companies we can establish general partnership limited partnership private limited liability company public limited liability company economic interest association 8. Why open a business in Croatia Many double tax treaties were signed in order to avoid the double taxation of incomes both in Croatia and in the country of origin. Another good reason to invest in Croatia is the fact that the local workforce is very well trained and adaptable and a big majority is multilingual. Since the tourism sector is very developed, the infrastructure is also developed. This grants access to all the Croatian facilities and also ease the processes of import-export. 9. How helped their clients An American investor setting up a D.D in Croatia for real estate services. We were able to help him and the other 2 shareholders start their business very fast. Sweden company setting up a Croatian subsidiary in order to sell their beauty products to their target public. Bulgarian corporate entity conducting a corporate due diligence procedure on a Croatian limited liability company. Client required a complete package for the company formation in Croatia as well. Opening a limited liability company for a customer from Dubai, willing to move his business outside his continent. 10. is a member of, a legal network with member lawyers and law firms throughout Europe. Throughout the years, has gained a great experience in company formation, trademark registration, debt collection and others legal and commercial matters 11. Thank you for your attention For more information please contact us at E-mail: Ph./Fax: (+44)203-287 0408 </p>