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<p>Lawson M3 ERP Project Mgmt - Shrirang Nerurkar</p> <p>IntroductionSkill sets : Multiple end to end implementation of Lawson M3 ERP Project Management Planning ERP implementations &amp; roll outs Risk Management , activity planning &amp; scheduling VED analysis, Validation of processes , Monitoring phases and outputs Ensure orderliness of solutions - Documents , Deliver y, Quality, Methodology etc Due diligence, validation of work arounds and gap mappings Business &amp; ERP Consultancy Competency development Training , Mentoring, Knowledge transfer Advanced peoples handling &amp; Team leading skills People handling skills , Fine Communication, Profit Center Mgmt.</p> <p>Profile highlights : Process / IT experience More than 12 years ERP (Movex / Lawson M3) CoE Lead TCS Ltd. Project manager Metso Automation - USA ERP implementation Domain specialist S &amp; D Lawson M3 Support Manager for Cummins Global in KPIT Industry &amp; Projects Mfg Gensets , Engines, Spares / Milking machines Storage &amp; Cooling units / Fashion/ F &amp; B Cummins / Delaval / M J Soffee / Tasty Bites Functional experience - Ten years in fashion industry - exports &amp; international trade Academics MBA Marketing (Bombay University)2</p> <p>Career track &amp; Roles / ResponsibilityLawson ERP : - Lawson M3 ( Movex) V 12.4,V 7.1 RPG / Java. May10 Nov 10 Sr Consultant / CoE Lead in TCS Ltd. Aug08 Feb10 Project Manager (ERP) in ProV Intnl Chennai Mar07 - Aug08 Manager / Solution Architect Symphony (Lawsons principle) Feb04 Mar 07 - Systems Manager with KPIT supporting Cummins global facilities. May'02 - Dec'03 - Independent Computers &amp; Consulting Group, PA, USA. Dec'00 - May'02 - BCC (USA) Inc.- MA, USA. Dec'98 - Dec'00 - Intentia South Asia (India) Roles &amp; Responsibility: CoE / Practice lead Lawson M3 Support, enhancements &amp; integration Project Management, competency development, team building and mentoring for Lawson COE. Helpdesk Management &amp; team leadership, job &amp; goal definitions Europe (Cummins IDPO) Business &amp; ERP consultancy:- Conducting business studies, Business review, On site Implementation &amp; configuration process based business solutions Lawson M3. Customizations &amp; software interfaces -- MODs, formulations &amp; testing. Enhancements, version upgrades, audit. Support the project in Change Management, Transition Management, Risk Mgmt etc Formulating charters, SLA, RFQs, Help business in prototype development, scope &amp; testing, map business situations. Help in issue identification, resolution procedures &amp; escalations of issue procedures3</p> <p>DetailsProject Details : Manufacturing 1. Metso Automation USA, Associate Mgr in PMO, Resource allocation. Jan 09 Feb 10 2. Cummins Global Genset, Engines, spares parts Support Manager Feb 04 to Feb 07 Enhancements, customizations, helpdesk, EDI interface, version upgrades. 3. M.J.Soffe (N.C. /USA) - A fashion giant in the USA. Jan 01 Dec 03 Implementation of ERP Movex (COM, DIL &amp; forecasting module), Mods -Decorative customized, Module interface PkMS &amp; Movex, EDI, Dollar value reports UPC based Mods CO Mgmt., CO line splits ,CO to CO/DO allocations 4. Brown &amp; Wooten (N.C. /USA) Innerwear - EDI Interface &amp; Working on Pik- Pak. 5. Pepperl &amp; Fuchs. (Ohio/USA) Factory automation &amp; process controls. - MOD. 6. 7. Alfa Laval Agri (I) Ltd. -- A Swedish multinational mfg Agri products.- Mar99 July 00 BR Study for ESAB , Chennai Mfg welding electrodes</p> <p>8. BR Study for Abu Jaani - Manufacturing &amp; Fashion designing Distribution 9. ONeill NL Project Lead - implementation of SCM / interfaces in M3 Sept 09 Feb 10 10. Tasty Bites Eatables Ltd. -- F &amp; B Ind frozen foods f- global market. Jun 99 July 00 11. A V Export: A multi product group -exports to Europe &amp; Americas. 12. BR Study / Kick off / Phase I - Devyani Delhi - F &amp; B / Distribution . 13. BR Study - Cryonbanks / Delhi - CRM Solutions</p> <p>Functional &amp; Academic details : Masters in Management Studies Mumbai University 1988 Ten years in Fashion, merchandising &amp; international marketing sourcing. - July 88 to Oct 93 as a Manager (Project exports): J.B.Advani, (J.B.A Printing Inks) - Oct93 to Dec98 as a Manager Exports : Papillon Grp of Cmps ( Leather garment commodities, handicrafts)4</p> <p>Core Contribution to Client Study business &amp; validate process documents based on requirements / current businessstructures. Recommend neutral but qualified views on the Project at all levels and stages Recommend on long term / short term IT strategy vis a vis the corporate goals or business requirements. Help in Resource Management &amp; Planning at all levels commercials , project team resources, time estimates / schedules. Over all help in Set up the PMO (Project Management Office) consisting of Process owners / subject matter experts (SME) / Domain consultants (Implementation partners) for Client pumps Map / study / validate the current business processes &amp; requirements. Monitor the ERP progress of the implementation team / partners. Plan and monitoring the project in all phases till Go live CRP and testing Help in validation of solutions / documentation / sign offs Organize for transitions or change management and knowledge retainment programs. Set up &amp; lead L1 team Post go live procedures - all business situations. Reporting &amp; BI requirements Enhancements / Mods hand holding &amp; support procedures.</p> <p>5</p> <p>Core Contribution to Client</p> <p>Participate in the Steering committee meetings and conform that the Project objectives are maintained Organize Project Mgmt Office Selection, monitoring of the Project Team Lawson Consultants, Process owners, for the PMO Develop and maintain a robust project plan for Client. Ensure proper estimates of costs &amp; efforts from implementation partners in time estimates &amp; deliveries . Minimize rework and avoid duplication of works. Proper risk management and back up planning. Proper prioritizing of all project activities ( VED Analyses) Ensure the following at all levels Phase wise milestoning entry and exit points / documentation / sign offs Knowledge management and training. Documentation and user manuals. Clarity of business process. Introduce concept of good practices / business improvement cycle / process ownership Induce user discipline and system outlooks to the team,</p> <p>6</p> <p>Implementation Tracks 5 Phase1</p> <p>5</p> <p>2</p> <p>4 3</p> <p>7</p> <p>Documents / Output Details Project Definition Scopes, In out Analyses Project Detailing - Plans &amp; Budgets, requirement planning Environment report Leadership ,IT,Business,People ,Outlooks Set Requirements &amp; Expectations Domain and functions based. Business Process or As is Documents Domain based details Configuration document or To Be Documents Domain based details Gap analysis or statements Test Documents integrated tests / full scale tests / CRP / Pilots etc Operations Documents Manuals / Handbooks etc Training documents / User manuals / Test scripts ( Training ) Helpdesk &amp; Trouble shooting data documents Improvement report</p> <p>Conventional PMO for LawsonProject Management Office Lawson M3Steering Committee</p> <p>Client IT Manager Project SponsorProject Responsible</p> <p>Lawson Partner</p> <p>Account OwnerProject Manager</p> <p>Process Owner</p> <p>Process Owner</p> <p>Process Owner</p> <p>Business Clt</p> <p>Business Clt</p> <p>Business Clt</p> <p>Tech Clt9</p> <p>Suggested PMO for ClientP R Client O J E C T T E A M SME SME SME Tech Clt Risk Elimination Process Owner Process Owner Process OwnerBusiness Clt Business Clt Business Clt IT Manager Project Responsible Project Mgr. Project Sponsor</p> <p>Project Management Office Lawson M3Steering CommitteeLawson Partner</p> <p>Account Owner</p> <p>S t e e r i n g C o m m t .</p> <p>Project Manager</p> <p>Super Users &amp; End user level</p> <p>Works list Steering CommitteeRole Steering Committee ResponsibilityComprises of Project Sponsor, Project Responsible Account Owner Project Manager IT Manager The Project Sponsor is normally the Client CEO / CFO or equivalent senior position.</p> <p>ActivityMeets at pre-defined intervals - Review phase deliverables - Make project-controlling decisions. - Major risks and escalations - Budget &amp; Targets - Lead &amp; support the ERP project in matters of principle, focus , commitments without playing an operational role in the project Owns the project - Responsible for delivery of the project. - Functional responsibilities are related to managing the project - Resource Deployments - Schedules &amp; Delivery of the project objectives quality / times - Risk Management - Budgeting activities This is a sales or commercial function - Kick off and hand over - Co-ordination with Mgmt of service provider on general health and well being of the project and tasks at hand -To control and deliver the project. - Controls the project plans, cost - Task allocations - Ensure documentation &amp; methodology - Manage escalations &amp; day to day work - Risk mitigations tasks - Ensure the project is on track &amp; budgets - Server maintenance - Connectivity &amp; net workings . - Installations &amp; Syst Performance 11 - Establish schedules / back ups / application</p> <p>Project Sponsor</p> <p>Project Responsible</p> <p>The Project Responsible represents the Client operationally</p> <p>Account Owner</p> <p>Overall Account handling from the service provider side</p> <p>Project Manager</p> <p>Assists the Project Responsible</p> <p>IT Manager</p> <p>Among other things he ensures that the solution delivery systems function effectively</p> <p>Works list Project TeamRole Responsibility Activity Provide business inputs Validate and verification of documented material as well as the solution Sign off Ensure that the solutions offered are as per requirements Conduct trainings Confirm data and test scripts BR / Process / solution documents Implementation &amp; Configurations Phase Documentation &amp; sign offs Gap mappings &amp; work arounds Solutioning &amp; Prototypes Train the trainer CRP / UAT / Go lives / Hand holding Trouble shooting &amp; issue handling The Enterprise Business Portal and configuration of the server. Help BCs as and when required Provide base training to IT staff Provide business inputs Validate and verification of documented material as well as the solution Ensure that the solutions offered are as per requirements Conduct trainings Confirm data and test scripts Take trainings Data and transaction level12</p> <p>Process Owner</p> <p>Responsible for the implementation of the business processes.</p> <p>Business Consultant</p> <p>Business Consultants provide experience within specific processes and recommend solutions.</p> <p>Technical Consultant</p> <p>Responsible for the initial installation of ERP</p> <p>SME</p> <p>Responsible business processes in context of subject matter . Responsible business processes in context of individual business activity Responsible business processes in context of individual business activity</p> <p>Super Users End Users</p> <p>Thank You</p>


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