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  • European designers and labelsEmmanuelle Bernard a French interior designer, founder of LAppartement combined her passion for furniture, photography and art, in a new place she just opened in Wynwood, (Miami), the very heart of creativity in South Florida. She decided to create LAppartement, a unique concept store with a soul. There, she curates an unprecedented atmosphere to convey her clients a true Parisian flair. To do so, she picked herself a very hedgy and co-lorful selection of pieces signed only by European designers and labels that were never presented in Florida, and for most of them, in the US.The vision of Bernard is to show very modern brands that were recently launched in France, and signatures such as Moustache and its iconic Bold Chair, that is part of the Moma per-manent collections, La Chance with a sculptural couch by Noe Duchaufour Lawrence, inspired by the trees of Villa Borghese in Roma, the Ho bookcase by La Corbeille, a ladder where you can stack books in a creative way, or pillows by Ferm Living, and pieces by Fermob or Harto. LAppartement Store offers an exclusive range of home decor pieces, furniture, tableware, lighting, jewelry, fashion accessories and art. Every item sourced by Bernard can create a conversation, and each is the beginning of a very personal narrative. We are merely putting together inspirations and flairs that compose an eclectic portrait of elegance a la francaise, Emmanuelle Bernard said.

    A space organized like a real apartment

    On top of the selection that is meant to please every design enthusiast, the place itself is organized with a very original set up. LAppartement is really an apartment. You will enter in the hallway, and then navigate through a very elegant dining room under the dimmed light of the fixture designed by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture; the kitchen will offer a casual pause to have the perfect French tea among plates, trays and geometric patterns. The boudoir, kind of a very smart dressing room features jewelry, espadrilles, beachware. Then, when entering the living room, you have options: either the casual one, with comfy couches by Sentou and colorful coffee tables, perfect for the family, or the high end ver-sion, with a massive leather couch, buoyant rug and sculptural coffee table. Of course, outdoors spaces are not to be forgotten in Miami, so Emmanuelle organizes the fanciest outdoor space with garden furniture, that would perfectly fit indoor as well, and a kids room, where you realize that Danish inspirations, pastel colors and hand knitted toys can create the perfect environment for your little ones. In LAppartement, you will also discover new artists from Miami, exhibited on a specific area of the showroom. Bernard will expose new artworks every three months in order to support artistic life in Wynwood.


  • VERTIGO, Constance Guissetlamp shadefiberglass, iron, polyurethane

    Black or CopperSmall: 55.11"x 5.9" (1.1 Lb)Large: 78.74"x 6.69" (1.1 Lb)

    BASIL, Arthur Leitner,side tablePyramidecork, steel, grained epoxy paint18.5" x 18.3" (13.2 Lb)

    BASIL, Arthur Leitnerside tableSpherecork, steel, grained epoxy paint21.26" x 18.3" (8.81 Lb)

    ISO A & B, POOLoutdoor/indoor side tablecoated Steel, grained epoxy paintISO-A: 18.5"x 17.71" (11Lb)ISO-B: 15.74"x16.73" (11Lb)

    ISO A & B, POOLoutdoor/indoor side tablecoated Steel, grained epoxy paintISO-A: 18.5"x 17.71" (11Lb)ISO-B: 15.74"x16.73" (11Lb)

    TRAMEAmandine Chor &Aissa Logerotarmchairindoor/outdoor

    coated steel, grained epoxy paint,height seat: 17.12"21.06"x 17.32"x 30.11"17.63 Lb

    MASK, Federico Florianiwall mirrorstinted lacquered mirror

    Oval: 23.62"x 47.24" Hexagon: 25.59"x 29.52" Diamond: 23.62"x 47.24"weight: 11 Lb

  • MOUSTACHEfrance

  • TIGER, Dylan Martorellrug hand tufted 100% wool710.5"x 41.2"

    BOLD, Big Gamechair

    blue or orangemetal structure, polyurethane

    foam and textile cover15.35" x 77.5"x 53"

    PETITE GIGUE,Francois Azambourg


    natural or blackash or beechseat height: 18.1"15"x 27.5"x 14.5"

  • LA CHANCEfrance

  • X-Ray- Alain Gillessteel frame elastic strips suspension, removable cover in leather118" x 35.6" x 80"

    Borghese- Noe Duchaufour Lawrancecouch: Steel frame, carbon black finish, highdensity foam and wool. 33.46" x 74" x 32.67"

    coffee table:steel frame, carbon black finish, natural oak. 54.72" x 25.19" x (h) 13.78"

    Salute, Sebastien Herknerside tableswhite marble (carrara) and lacquered steel tray or black marble (marquina) and copper tray

    Low: H: 13",D tot: 28.35", D column 10"

    Medium: 16.5",D tot: 15.75", D column 7"

    High: 22.44",D tot: 16", D column 12.6"

    Tembo, Note Design Studiostool, Coloful or black lacqueredcork, solid wood (beech), lacquered MDF, steel structureHigh: D: 14.2"x30"Low: D: 14.2" x 18.9"

    Ronin, Frederic Wermer& Emil Lagoni Valbakbeech wood, marble27.2" x 24.4"x 18.1"

    Iconic, Dan Yeffet & Lucie Koldovaaluminum, wood base 72.8" x 29.5"x 15"

    Tapigri, Nathalie du Pasquier100% pure wool. 3 different pile height 78.74" x 118.11"

  • SENTOUfrance

  • Lalinde- Free form coffee table- Sentou1: natural oak large; wood veneered MDF + solid oak legs: 51" x 38.8" x 152: yellow medium; lacquered MDF + solid oak legs; 32.8"x 24.72"x 15.35"3: blue small; lacquered MDF + solid oak legs; 25"x 18.8"x 16.1"

    Isabelle-Chairsriver Blue, hawaian ocean, spring bouquet, lemon chrome.16.53"x 18.7"x 34.25"

    Betty -Chairsolive or anthraciteoak structure, seat and back seat in matte lacquered plywood16.53"x 18.89"x 30.70"

    Coogeeframe and legs in natural wood, filled with foam, cotton cover

    sofa: Yellow: 71.26"x 31.1"x 32.3"loveseat: Grey: 51.96"x 31.1"x 32.3"armchair:Black: 31.49"x 31.1"x 32.3"

    Soullac- Reedition 1958petrol Blueframe in solid oak, cotton cover 23.62"x 27.55"x 30.70"

    Alpha- Kilim rug80% wool, 20% cotton118.11"x 78.74"

  • HARTOfrance

  • Rosalie- Julien PhedyaeffChairsstrawberry, blue, light green

    lacquered folded sheets of metal, matte finish, epoxy painting16.53"x 15.75"x 35"

    Celeste- Pauline Gilain & Roman PinTable- yellowoak (matte natural finish)metal frame, epoxy paint70.87"x 39.37"x 29.5"

    Jane- Pauline Gilain Rughandmade tufted New-Zealand wool70.86"x 86.6"Tickness: 3/4"

    Colette- Pauline Gilaincoffee tablepale blueMDF, Oak veneer, matte varnish, sliding oak, sliding system37.37" (25.19")x 25.19"x 14.9"

    Honore- Pierre-Francois Duboisdesksolid oak, matte finish, lacquered MDF55" x 27.5"x 28.74" (32.67")

  • Soonsalonthe netherlands

  • Plus de Madam Rubens LongFrank Willemsfoam, wood, PU coating31.5" x 25.2"x 35.43"

    Madam Rubens LongFrank Willemsfoam, wood, PU coating31.5" x 17.71"x 21.65"

    Madam Rubens CompactFrank Willemsfoam, wood, PU coating23.6" x 17.71"x 21.65"

    Madam Rubens CompactFrank Willemsfoam, wood, PU coating23.6" x 17.71"x 21.65"

  • IBRIDEfrance

  • JOE bookshelf high pressure laminate33.9 " x 61"x 81.1"


    Design by:

    Benoit Convers Rachel Convers

    Carine Jannin

    REX Side Tablehigh pressure laminate17.7 " x 27.6 " x 11.8"

    DIVA Wall Consolehigh pressure laminate9.8 " x 29.9 " x 27.9 "

  • FERMOBfrance

  • LUXEMBOURG-FERMOBaluminum tubular frameanti-UV powder coating

    large low table34" x17"x16"

    low armchair34" x27" x27" ( x28")

    Luxembourg armchair20.5" x22.5" x19" ( x34.5")

    Luxembourg sidchair20.5" x20.5" x19" ( x34.5")

  • Lappartement Concept Store2500 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

    contact@lappartementstore.comphone: +1 786 431 1937