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<ol><li> 1. Language Learnersin the 21st CenturyPresented by Kristina PetersPermission to use from Angela Maiers Mrskmpeters@gmail.comBlog: Twitter: Mrskmpeters </li><li> 2. 21st CenturyLearner?Worker?Global Citizen? </li><li> 3. global awareness effective speaking critical thinkingproblem solving21stcollaboration Century adaptability media uencySkills analytical skillsentrepreneurialisminnovationeffective writing creativity curiosity synthesis4 </li><li> 4. ImaginationCuriositySelf AwarenessPerseveranceCourageAdaptability </li><li> 5. How doweteach 21CSkills? </li><li> 6. 9 </li><li> 7. How doweteach 21CSkills? </li><li> 8. How do we KEEP 21C Skills? </li><li> 9. All children are bornartists . . .the challenge is to remain an artist as we grow up.- Pablo Picasso </li><li> 10. So.How do we KEEP 21C Skills? </li><li> 11. Name ItClaim ItSustain It </li><li> 12. ImaginationCuriositySelf AwarenessPerseveranceCourageAdaptability </li><li> 13. ImaginationImagination is thefoundation of allthinking. Without seeingthe possibility, we cannot achievethe outcome. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008 </li><li> 14. CuriosityCurious brainsare activebrains, and activebrains becomesmart brains. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008 </li><li> 15. Perseverance Perseverance is not only the ability to get done what needs to be done -- but to continue the effort no matter what. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008 </li><li> 16. Self AwarenessSelf Awarenessis the ability tothink and existinside --and outside ofourselvessimultaneously.Copyright Angela Maiers 2008 </li><li> 17. CourageSuccess is theby-product oftaking risks, not letting fearhold us back, andtaking theplunge Copyright Angela Maiers 2008 </li><li> 18. AdaptabilityThe world opensup for adaptablelearners, approaching eachtask andchallenge willingto be a beginner. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008 </li><li> 19. CuriosityMillion Dollar Conversation 23 </li><li> 20. Name ItClaim ItSustain It </li><li> 21. Claim It! </li><li> 22. 1.Who Do You Admire?2.What Trait/ Characteristic Sets Them Apart? </li><li> 23. WhatsYour CQ?Copyright Angela Maiers 2008 </li><li> 24. Whats Your CQ?1. I ask questions in class.2. My questions are simple and easy.3. I feel comfortable asking difficultquestions or leaving questions I askunanswered.4. I can identify curious people.5. I believe curiosity is important </li><li> 25. Genius QuestionsWhat if? Is ______ the reason for?I wonder why? Can?If? Would you rather?What is it that?What would it take to?When is it? Why is it that?Who could?How is ____ like _____? Is it possible to?If I ______, could_____?When is? Does it matter if? What could happen if?How can?If it were possible? Is it right to?Are there? I wonder when?Why is?Im wondering if?How? How could it?Where did?Why are? Do you? What is your opinion about? </li><li> 26. Put your questions out there33 </li><li> 27. Name ItClaim ItSustain It </li><li> 28. What happens when a teachershows students pictures of acountry halfway around the worlddestroyed by anearthquake and tsunami? THEY FIND A WAY TO HELP 35 </li><li> 29. March 14: I showed my students the before and after pictures of Sendai, Japan March 15: THEY brainstormed a list of ways to help March 16: THEY wrote a letter asking the principal to start a change drive; THEY made a video saying why they wanted to help Japan; THEY blogged why they wanted to help Japan36 </li><li> 30. 37 </li><li> 31. 38 </li><li> 32. March 17: THEY made posters for the entire school to make students aware of their efforts Change Japan Change Drive would launch March 2839 </li><li> 33. 40 </li><li> 34. Change Japan Change Drive 41 </li><li> 35. March 28: Change Japan video was put on school announcements and on school homepage THEY labeled the containers THEY distributed the containers and presented the information about the Change Japan Change Drive42 </li><li> 36. Change JapanChange Drive Explanation43 </li><li> 37. April 3: Change Japan goes viral thanks to Angela Maiers44 </li><li> 38. THEY connect with the real world 45 </li><li> 39. 46 </li><li> 40. What does this project prove?KIDS ALREADY HAVE THESE21ST CENTURY SKILLS ORHABITUDESIT IS OUR JOB TOCULTIVATE THEM SO THEY ARE READY FOR THEIR FUTURE 47 </li><li> 41. Give them a voice Ask thequestionsGet themconnected with the real world and see what happensMrs. Peters 2nd Grade </li><li> 42. Some tools to helpalong the way Skype ELL Checklist Glogster Genius Question Google Docsbookmarks Wordle Dropbox Realewriter Audacity Flip Camera Voicethread Digital Camera Slideshare GarageBand 49</li></ol>