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  1. 1. Label Applicator Systems Information Presentation
  2. 2. Encompasses a complete range of custom configured labeling systems Consistent with a proven modular concept More than 3,000 different configurations are possible Great for print-and-apply projects Fits almost all project criterion! Label Applicator Systems?
  3. 3. Direct Product Labeling Carton and Case Labeling Pallet Labeling Compliance Labeling Typical Applications Identification Routing/Tracking Inventory Management Warehouse/Distribution Center Management
  4. 4. Labeling products (various industries) directly Food Nutraceuticals Toys Other industries Direct Product Labeling
  5. 5. For cartons (packaging) and cases Also for shipping Carton and Case Labeling
  6. 6. For product pallets For various industries, esp. food Pallet Labeling
  7. 7. For government required compliance labeling Across all industries Compliance Labeling
  8. 8. Regular Identification card RFID (Radio frequency ID) Other applications requiring ID Identification
  9. 9. To track shipments Monitor shipments Routing/Tracking
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