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MANDATORY for all P1 students to complete by August 4, 2014 Admission Background Check Kroll Background Check Process. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Kroll Background Check Process

MANDATORY for all P1 students to complete by August 4, 2014Admission Background CheckKroll Background Check ProcessOn July 21, 2014, you will receive an email from, Subject: FirstLab/SC-COP Student Affairs Background Investigation, with the website address, package ID, log in, and password. You will have until August 4, 2014 to complete this background check process. Please see the following slides with instructions.1Kroll Background Check ProcessClick on link in Kroll email and below screen will appear.Enter Package ID found in Kroll email.

23. Enter the Login and Password contained in the Kroll email.

34. Read instructions. Click Start.

45. Complete all information on the screen. If you enter a piece of information wrong during the process you can go back and edit up until you SUBMIT the application. PLEASE ENTER CAREFULLY. 6. Click Save7. Click Continue

58. Complete all residence information. Please have all of your information for the past 7 years including all temporary AND permanent (dorms and school included) addresses. For Dorms either the street name and zip or box # and zip. Note: you need the beginning and the end date for all addresses.9. Click Save10. Click Continue

611. If you click Continue without adding additional residences, this screen will appear. Enter additional addresses that go back 7 full years.12. Click Save13. Click Continue

714. This screen requires you to add your Driver License number. Leave spaces for DEA Number and UPIN blank.15. Click Save16. Click Continue

817. Verify populated information is correct. 18. Click Save19. Click Continue

920. Verify populated information is correct.21. Click Save22. Click Continue

1023. This screen requires that you sign your name electronically to the form or to fax your authorization form to Kroll. If you wish to electronically sign, you need to do this with your mouse. It is suggested STRONGLY from Kroll that you use a desktop PC computer with Explorer 8 as your browser in order to electronically sign. If you do not have one, please use the school computers or the library. Choose either Yes or No.24. Click Save25. Click Continue

1126. This screen will appear if you choose to sign the form electronically.

1227. This is how the screen will appear after you have electronically signed.28. Click Continue

1329. This page will give you your last opportunity to edit your application. If you believe everything is correct, then you will click on the SUBMIT button which will be at the bottom of this page.

14Please note that the deadline to submit your background application is August 4, 2014. Failure to complete this in the necessary time frame, will impact your admission decision!

Timeframe for background checks is listed below:Once you receive your Login/Password, be prepared to complete and submit your application by August 4, 2014.Please have all your required residence information ready (7 years - address information, including all street addresses, cities, states, zip codes). Include all temporary and permanent addresses.Once you hit CONTINUE to move to the next screen, the information on the previous page is saved. But, if you will not be completing the entire application in one sitting, you do need to hit SAVE in order to EXIT and not lose the information on that page.Be careful when entering your information on the application; once you SUBMIT the form, you will not be able to make any edits. PLEASE ENTER INFORMATION CAREFULLY. 15