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Listed prices of a range of wheels, kilns & studio equipment from Clayman Supplies Limited.


  • Pri

    ce L

    istA range of wheels, kilns & studio

    equipment for the discerning potter, ceramicist & sculptor

    July 2014No. 1







    where quality comes as standard

  • Information - 2

    Welcome to our price list of wheels, kilns & studio equipment. The products we offer have been selected with care and attention to detail and we are sure you will find them all to have the quality you would desire at a price that is extremely competitive. At Clayman Supplies Limited we are passionate about ceramics and we have been for the last thirty years from our inception. We believe using the best quality aids should make the job easier or the end product better. We are also passionate about the service we give our customers. Simply, we aim to be the best.

    Clayman Supplies Limited started life as Nyetimber Pottery Supplies. Reg Griggs had set up a small studio pottery, and when asked by local people if they could buy the odd bag of clay, ventured into supplying more goods. Within six months of trading it was deemed that a more appropriate name was required and Clayman was chosen as the most apt for the man who sold clay. Reg now has eighteen years experience teaching pottery and over thirty years potting in a full or part-time capacity. Over that time he has absorbed ceramic knowledge like a sponge and now spends each day offering technical support to amateurs and professionals alike. Having taught and worked as a professional potter he can offer advice that is applicable to the enquiry he is dealing with at any one time.

    Linda Griggs started life as a practice manager for a group of doctors. For more than 20 years she has brought that desire for detail and efficiency to running the accounts and despatch sides of Clayman Supplies Limited. She also brings that personal touch to dealing with customers who visit our Potters Shop or who telephone with orders. Clayman Supplies Limited started in a small way, but it has not lost the belief that all customers are important. Service is a term that we grew up with and still want to practise on an every day basis.

    Our Products


    Wheels & EquipmentThe quality of the throwing wheels we offer is outstanding. We would not recommend a wheel that we would not be happy using ourselves. We have developed a close working relationship with the UKs leading equipment manufacturer, but also offer a selection of the very best imported items.

    Kilns & AccessoriesThe kiln is at the heart of every pottery and it is therefore vital that it works efficiently and successfully to produce the results one would expect. We ensure that all the kilns we offer will not disappoint - we offer a service which, as potters, we would expect with such an important piece of equipment.

    Clays, Materials etcWe also offer clays, slips, glazes, colours, raw materials, oxides, frit, grogs and a range of tools for all aspects of pottery. See our general price list for all this information.

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  • Telephone: 01243 265845 Fax: 01243 267582

    Our aspiration! We live and breath ceramics at Clayman. From carefully choosing the products we sell for quality and value for money to taking your order and making sure they are delivered to you on time and in good condition. That has always been our aim, now we have committed this vision to words in our Mission Statement.

    Making Our Vision Become a Reality

    The origins of our logo...

    Reg Griggs demonstrating at a craft fayre in the late 1970s - taken by a

    press photographer.

    Clayman by name Clayman by nature

    Mission Statement - 3

    Realising the vision of an efficient, imaginative ceramic supplier of materials and equipment has been a journey of commitment. That commitment shapes our philosophy. At Clayman:

    We will never be undersold. This applies to all branded or named products. *Terms apply. We will not surcharge the use of credit cards. We aim to source the best products that best suit the needs of customers. We promote and sell only quality products from the best sources worldwide. Dealing with Clayman should be a pleasurable and educational experience. Our customer service should meet our customers needs and expectations. Our products will be only those that are affordable offering quality, consistency and value for money from reputable sources. We will aim to contribute constructively to the whole ceramics market. We will aim to be a good employer; training and developing a satisfied, skilled and motivated team. We will listen to customer feedback and implement changes where and when appropriate.

    Note: This offer applies to all branded products, but excludes products sold under a generic name, such as Raw Materials, Oxides etc.

  • Information - 4 Email: sales

    ContentsWorkshop Tools 5Sieves, Protective Clothing Scales, Plastic Ware Clay Traps.

    Wheels & Equipment 6-7Power Wheels Kick Wheels Wheel Accessories Wheel Additions Pugmills Pugmill Add-ons Spray Booths Spray Equipment Whirlers Slab Rollers Extruders Plaster Working Equipment Slip Equipment Mixers Miscellaneous.

    Kilns & Accessories 8-1513 Plug & Fire Kilns Harrier Super Round Top-Loading Kilns Studio Round Top-Loading Kilns Chieftain Round Top-Loading Kilns Chieftain Oval Top-Loading Kilns Rohde Ecoptop Kilns Rohde TE-MCC Top-Loading Kilns Rohde TE-S Round Top-Loading Kilns Champion Front-loading Kilns Falcom 133 Front-Loading Kilns Falcon Compact VD Kilns Falcon Compact CP KilnsFalcon Eas-Load KilnsRocket Raku Kilns Rappido Raku Kilns Meteor Top-Loading Gas Kilns Saber Front-Loading Gas Kilns Champion Front-Loading Gas Kilns Glass Kilns Kiln Accessories

    Useful Information 16-17

    How to Order 18

    Where to Find Us 19

    Notes 20-23

    Conditions of Sale 24

  • Protective Clothing & Masks

    Code Protective Clothing Each

    6420 COTTON DRILL APRON 6.136420/1 DRILL APRON - Blue/White 9.506420/2 NATURAL PVC 3.756423 DUST MASK RESPIRATOR 11.236423/1 P3 FILTER - Toxic Dusts & Fumes 6.406423/2 PRE-FILTER for 6423 x 25 5.336423/3 P2 FILTER - Org. Vapours & Dust 5.006423/4 P2 FILTER - Toxic Dusts & Fumes 2.706424/1 P2 DISPOSABLE DUST MASK 1.126424/1-20 6424/1 x 20 18.686424/2 P2 DISP. DUST MASK - VALVED 1.866424/2-15 6424/2 x 15 18.696425/1 P3 DISP. DUST MASK - VALVED 3.336425/2 P3 DISP. DUST MASK - VALVED 5.486425/3 P2 DISP. DUST MASK - S/M 1.746425/4 P2 DISP. DUST MASK - M/L 1.74


    Code Workshop Aids Each

    4901 PLASTER SINK 32.107333 BIN DOLLEY - Adjustable 46.85


    Code Scales Each

    6595/1 OHAUS CL5000 - 5kg/1g 42.686595/2 OHAUS CL501 - 500g/0.1g 50.366595/3 OHAUS CS5000 + PRO 67.256595/8 BOWL FOR CS & CL Scales 7.846594 TRIPLE BEAM 148.52

    Plastic Ware

    Code Plastic Jars Each x 10

    6920 50ml JAR 0.32 2.906921 100ml JAR 0.39 3.506923 225ml JAR 0.61 5.606924 500ml JAR 0.79 7.20

    Telephone: 01243 265845 Fax: 01243 267582 Workshop Tools - 5

    Plastic Rim Sieves

    Code Plastic Rim Sieves Each

    6566/120 120s - 165 x 120mm 15.736566/80 80s - 165 x 120mm 15.736566/60 60s - 165 x 120mm 9.026567/120 120s - 215 x 100mm 17.10 6567/80 80s - 215 x 100mm 16.646567/60 60s - 215 x 100mm 16.356568/120 120s - 265 x 100mm 19.086568/80 80s - 265 x 100mm 18.176568/60 60s - 265 x 100mm 17.10

    Test Sieves

    Code Test Sieves Each

    6544/120 120s - 9.746544/80 80s - 9.746544/60 60s - 9.74

    Workshop Tools

    Metal Rim Sieves - Nylon Mesh

    Code Metal Sieves - Nylon Mesh Each

    6572/120 120s - 135mm x 47mm 12.426572/80 80s - 135mm x 47mm 12.426572/60 60s - 135mm x 47mm 12.42

    Code Plastic Bottles Each x 10

    6927/75 75ml BOTT LE 0.40 3.606927/125 125ml BOTTLE 0.65 5.906927/250 250ml BOTTLE 0.70 6.306927/500 500ml BOTTLE 0.92 8.40

    Code Plastic Tubs Each x 10

    6936 500ml TUB 0.43 4.006939 850ml TUB + HANDLE 0.41 3.806937 1000ml TUB + HANDLE 0.40 3.606901 2.5 litre TUB + HANDLE 1.26 11.606902 5 litre TUB + HANDLE 1.35 12.406903 10 litre TUB + HANDLE 2.05 18.806904 25 litre TUB + HANDLE 5.63 51.60

    Code Plastic - Misc. Each x 10

    6909 500ml JERRICAN 0.99 8.606908 2.5 litre JERRYCAN 1.46 12.706907 5 litre JERRYCAN 1.53 13.306911 25 litre JERRYCAN 12.386916 FUNNEL 2.52

    Code Plastic Jugs & Bowls Each x 10

    6915/2 BOWL - 30cm 2.70 19.806941/1 500ml JUG 1.89 15.006941/2 1000ml JUG 2.15 18.50

    Code Plastic Scoops Each x 10

    6940/1 SCOOP - Large 5.506940/2 SCOOP - Small 2.706940/3 SCOOP - Mini 2.07

    Clay & Plaster Traps

    Code Workshop Aids Each

    6996/1 W681 RECOVERY TRAP - 2.3litre 62.226996/2* W691 RECOVERY TRAP - 2.3litre 153.386996/3* W612 RECOVERY TRAP 248.066996/4* 910G RECOVERY TRAP 275.736996/9* W121 REDUCER 7.516999* CLAY TRAP - 20 litre 349.456999/1 CLAY TRAP ADAPTOR KIT x 2 3.16

    Items marked with an * to order only.

    Lightweight & portable Low profile and easy to store

    LCD screen ; Easy operation

    Low battery indicator Energy-saving auto shut-off feature

    Capacity: 5000g Readability: 1g

    Weighing units: g, lb:oz, ozt, dwt Power: 3 AA batteries (included)

    Dimensions: W140 x H40 x D200mm Platform: 120mm dia. Net Weight: ~400g

    Exceptional Value

    Just 42.68 + VAT

    6595/1 OHAUS CL5000


  • Power Wheels

    Code Electronic Wheels Each

    7112 SHIMPO RK55 WHEEL 555.507120 STAFFORDSHIRE THROWING 1660.007121 LINCOLN ELECTRONIC 1450.007122 SHIMPO WHISPER RK3E - Direct Drive 996.937125 KNIGHTSBRIDGE 980.007128 CRAFTSMAN P.O.A.7129 FITZWILLIAM P.O.A.7135 BAILEY - LOW FORMAT 890.007137 SHIMPO RK3D WHISPER - Direct Drive 898.


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