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15 Amazing ideas for kids birthday parties from the fans of Snikiddy. Ideas range from simple to complex...themes to helping out the less fortunate. There is a wide variety of party ideas, each one fun for all.


<ul><li> 15Amazing KidsBirthdayPartyIdeas Weaskedourfanswhattheyweredoingfortheirchildrensbirthdaypartiesthisyear.The creativityandoriginalitywasfuntosee.Itwasalmostimpossibletonarrowdownthelist. Beloware15oftheideasthatwelikedthebest.Enjoy! 1. Cartoon Character Themes: o SpongeBob Squarepants: We are having a welcome summer blowout in the Bikini Bottom fashion. We are having organic burgers (I make them my self) @ the grilling station that is going to be decorated like the Krusty Krab. We are Building the houses from the show, SpongeBobs house will be the Sponge painting art station, Squidwards house will be the music station and Patricks house will be the game station. We are also recreating Jelly Fish Fields so the kids can catch jellyfish! o Curious George: My son is turning 2 and loves Curious George so we are going to have a Curious George party in the park where they can hang like monkeys, search for George in the park, put the hat on the man with the yellow hat, eat banana cake, eat picnic food like George and have a blast! o Kim Possible: Our daughter loves "Kim Possible" especially the Kim Possible missions she got to do when we went to Walt Disney World, so we're going to do a "Secret Agent" party for her 7th birthday at our house with a mystery to solve that the kids can work on in teams (scavenger hunt, clues to decode and follow, puzzles to solve) with prizes when they solve the mystery and save the world, just like Kim Possible. o Alice in Wonderland: We are having an Alice in Wonderland party for my child's 5th birthday. I am using a tunnel for the children to enter our door for the party. Then the children will have a small cake labeled "eat me and drink labeled "drink me" to shrink them down. We will also have croquet. We will also decorate hats for the Mad Hatters' Tea Party. We will play pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat. We will have a place where the children can paint white paper roses red. 2. Presents for Charity: For my daughter's 8th birthday, we are doing something she came up with all on her own. Rather than asking the kids to bring birthday gifts for </li> <li> her. She is asking every child to bring either a bag of dog or cat food that we are going to donate to a local animal shelter. We are creating special certificate to give to ALL the kids regardless if they donate or not to acknowledge their donations. Here in AZ, the animal shelters are really struggling b/c of all the foreclosures and people just abandoning their pets. The shelters are just overwhelmed with abandoned pets and they need help! 3. Bird Watching: My kid really likes birds, so we are going to do a nature themed bird watching party. We are going to make bird feeders out of organic materials and peanut butter for a craft project. After we are all done, we will hang the feeders in the trees in the backyard and watch the birds come (and maybe some squirrels too) and then take pics with the digital cameras that either I provide or their parents provide. 4. Toy Swap: We are going to have a BBQ for our son since his birthday is in June. I was thinking that instead of gifts, everyone could bring items (including young guests) that are in good shape that they no longer want and have a swap. That way everyone goes home with something (hopefully) and everyone buys less! Then we can focus more on just having fun! 5. Princess Theme: We're going to be having a princess party. For each princess there will be a game. For example, Jasmine -will have a magic carpet ride (basically musical chairs, but with pieces of felt). We will have story time with Belle - reading a book. Pin the Crown on the princess (a sheet with stickers will be used to stick crowns on a princess hanging on the wall). Find the poison apple - from snow white Freeze Dance with Sleeping Beauty - the princess music will be playing, when it stops all the kids must stop. Whoever doesn't is out - but they will get a prize and move on to the Pin the Crown on the Princess Game. We will be decorating wooden magical wands (I prepainted these to avoid the mess) hearts for the girls, stars for the boys with unicorns, frogs, stars, hearts and princess wand sparkly stickers. The entrance will feature a red carpet and we will announce each guest as they arrive as if they were arriving at a castle. We're going to decorate a large box (about the size of a refrigerator) to make it look like a castle and have the children enter through there. The invitations are addresses to prince or princess and the name inviting them to the Royal Ball. 6. Creature Themes: o Monsters: Our next birthday party is going to be a monster themed one. We are going to have monster cutouts decorating the walls, purple, green and blue streamers, decorate-your-own monster cookies, make-your-own monster masks with recycled materials (magazine cutouts, scraps of fabric, leftover crafting supplies, items received from freecycle), a monster cake that will be green, blue and purple swirled inside, a monster puppet show and monster bowling. o Dragons: A Viking ship cut out from Cardboard with a Dragon cut out above it. (Night Fury from the new movie) The kids will have a craft table to make their own shields and swords from cardboard with markers and stuff to glue on them. So we can get a picture of them all together at the ship when they finish. We are making our own piata. Instead of a large cake we are making individual cakes from and Easter mold. They will have an egg shape that each child can decorate at the table with different colored icing to make their own </li> <li> Dragon Eggs. We will have a game of pin the fire to the Dragons mouth and an egg race game (painted Dragon eggs of course). There will be other games and the kids who win the games get a trophy that we will make. It will look like a shield and say " #1 Dragon Trainer...Gabriels party 2010" Invitations will be a shield shape cut from cardboard. We are super excited, me as much as him!! o Dinosaurs: We are doing a dinosaur theme. I went to a local teacher store and found plastic dino figures that are just the bones. I plan to burry these in a sand box. I also plan to use a mixture of dirt, sand, and clay and bury dinos, then set out plastic tools for the kids to excavate the dinos out. The food will be chicken drumsticks a.k.a dino bones. We will also have a dino egg hunt using plastic Easter eggs. 7. Garden Party: o Traditional Garden party: Christmas lights all around the fence and on the tree (for fireflies). Lots of fruits, vegetables, and snacks on little tables all over the yard. A pond (punchbowl) with (gummy) fish for the little fairies to drink from. Cupcakes that look like pretzels for wings and m&amp;ms for the body. A fire pit (with a wire mesh lid) in the middle of the yard for kids to roast marshmallows (with mom &amp; dad help). Fairy wreaths for around their heads made of flowers and tree stems from around the yard. Wings made of wire hangers, sheer curtain fabric and glitter. Tutus made by tying strips of tulle on elastic bands. We'll have a bug scavenger hunt. I got giant plastic bugs from the 99 cents store and of course, Snikkidy caterpillars using 3 or 4 cheese puffs on a toothpick! o Plant your own garden: Another great idea is to have kids plant their own little herb gardens that they can take home with them. You can also have a fruit and veggies tasting bar to let kids try things they might not have before. o Fairies: My daughter loves fairies.... the theme of course is the same. We have craft supplies for the kids to make their own fairy gardens (little walnut shells for miniature boats, Spanish moss, seeds for the herbs and flowers, pebbles and colorful rocks, bark to make tiny chairs, "fairy dust", etc.). The food will be of the same theme...all magical and fun tea-party style (choc. covered strawberries, miniature sandwiches, sugar cookies dusted in sugar baked on a lollipop stick to look like fairy wand, and a fairy garden cake, etc). The favor bags are still to be determined but a few of things we have already bought to be included are paint your own mini fairies for your garden, shrinky dink fairies, and necklaces with a small glass bottle of fairy dust. The downstairs will follow suit with twigs/branches with ribbons and fairies and al things magical. 8. Cowboy: My son is having a cowboy party. I first made my own garland by making small wanted posters with his pictures on them and used a whole punch and then stringing twine through to hang them up. I also used paper lunch bags that I glued more wanted photo's on for the giveaway bags. Of course all the kids got a badge, cowboy hat and bandana's to wear. We also had a cowboy boot shaped piata. For food we did yummy Snikiddy cheese balls, chunks of cheese, hotdogs, and baked beans. </li> <li> 9. Movie Premier: My children and I are hosting a "movie premier". I'm going to have a red carpet when each of the children arrive and have hired a photographer to take the arrival and red carpet pictures. Once inside, we're going to watch a movie and then have a post movie party with appetizers, mocktails and, of course, birthday cake! 10. Pirate: He LOVES pirates. We have an inflatable pirate ship pool- so all the pirates will be asked to wear their swimsuits! Upon arrival, all pirates wishing to come aboard will receive a pirate tattoo and bandana to wear. I plan on purchasing a pirate ship piata, which will be busted open with a wooden pirate sword. I found some jolly-roger flags on toothpicks to decorate cupcakes with, and of course no pirate party would be complete without a treasure hunt! Using a hand-drawn "map" of the back-yard, the pirates will be lead through a crazy zigzag path through the yard- where they'll have to dig for gold in the sandbox along the way- finally we'll reach the treasure chests, which will contain their goody-bags: handmade pouches containing pirate gold, necklaces, other jewels, and other pirate goodies. 11. Winter Wonderland: Summer fun for a 3 year old!!! We live in Florida, and August is always so darn hot! So this year, we are planning on trying out a winter wonderland with fake snow, water slides with lots of white bubbles o imitate the real white stuff, snow cones and ice cream. 12. Fear Factor: We will be having a Jell-O cube eating contest with bugs inside (raisins) Next, cracking eggs into a team mates hands an passing the raw eggs from team mate to team mate down the line and the end person will put it in a bowl - which ever team fills there bowl with the most eggs wins that challenge! Next a roll of the dice will determine how many disgusting items go into a protein shake they will drink. The items to choose from are: ostrich eggs, liver, pickled pigs feet, milk, frogeyes, blood ect. (these really dont go into the shakes - but we don't tell them that until its over) these items are all in pint jars displayed on the table. Next is digging through cow brains (spaghetti with red sauce) for a list of different items which include: a penny, floss string, b-bee, candy ect... Last a pie eating contest, fill a pie pan with colored cool whip and stick a piece of bubble gum in the very bottom. The first kid to find their piece of gum and blow a bubble wins. The cool whip makes blowing a bubble very challenging!! It will the perfect party for 9-12 year olds!! Keep points and the winner receives $10! 13. Olympics Theme: My daughter Natalie loves to swim, and has been asking to have a swimming party for the second year in a row. So, I was thinking of having an Olympics themed party. Every child will get to compete in an event, and every child will win a medal. We will even have a "medal ceremony". The favors will be little flashlights with a flame border for the "Olympic torch". We will also be giving each child a t-shirt that says they participated in the "Natalie Olympics of 2010". Of course, the colors will be red, white &amp; blue. 14. European Destination: Our last name is French and our youngest daughter loves girly things, so we're going to do a Pink Poodle in Paris theme for our to-be 3 year old. We'll have French cafe music playing, we're decorating in pink, white and black streamers and balloons, and we'll have pictures of the Eiffel tower, the Louvre and other French landmarks on the walls as decorations. While waiting for all the guests </li> <li> to arrive, the kids can be "les artistes" and color pictures of poodles and the Eiffel tower. The kids will play "Musical Paw" to French songs instead of the usual Musical Chairs (we'll have paw cut-outs on the floor). We'll also play Pin (tape) the Tail on Fifi! For a craft, the kids will decorate foam dog collars with plastic jewels from the craft store and they can put them on their stuffed pooches or other stuffed animals. The cake, or course, will...</li></ul>