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<ul><li> By Khanayjah Parks </li> <li> Jupiter was discovered On January 6th 1610. By Galileo. He used telescope to study the sky which led to their discovery The Romans knew of seven bright objects in the sky the sun the moon and five brightest planets. They named them after their most important gods. Jupiter the largest planet was named after the king of the Roman Gods. [Zeus in Greek god] This is an unique picture of Jupiter SYMBOL. </li> <li> This planet is ___5.2_AU__ from the sun. Distance from the sun in AU is 5.2 and in km is 788 million km. how long is one trip around the sun? Well it takes 11.86 earth years and 4,332 days and the length 7.88 as the length. This picture shows where Jupiter is located </li> <li> The is Mass=1.8913 x1027 kilo Volume=1.43x1015 Equatorial Circumference=449,197 Mean Destiny=1.33 grams per centimeter. Gravity=24.9ms2. This is an picture of Jupiter This picture just shows Jupiter an how its white and brownish in the dark. And how it isn't red all the time. </li> <li> . The atmosphere of Jupiter is 90 percent hydrogen. The remaining 10 percent is almost completely made up of helium though there are small traces of other gases inside. Include While some theorize that the core is a hot molten ball of liquid, other research indicates that it could be a Solid rock14 to 18 times the mass of the Earth. The temperature at the core is estimated to be about 35,000 degrees Celsius 63,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is information about Jupiter atmosphere core. </li> <li> List surface temperatures coldest, hottest, average. The temperature on Jupiter is 70 degrees Celsius. Describe the details about weather found on your planet. If you are doing Jupiter or Neptune, this is where you should show and tell about the large spot. What's the information about the large spot on Jupiter. The large spot on Jupiter is about when Jupiter has storms and it happens in the great red spot and when the sun gets really HOT. thats what the great red spot is. </li> <li> How many moons does your planet have? List moon names. If your planet has no moons, add more pictures and captions instead. </li> <li> Tell us about this interesting moon. Provide several facts. Include a photo (with a caption). Again, if your planet does not have moons, add more photos and captions. </li> <li> Provide information about the rings surrounding your planet. Include a photo (with a caption) of the rings. If your planet does not have rings, add more photos and descriptive captions. </li> <li> List satellite names and dates that have explored your planet. Include a photo (with a caption that describes the mission) of at least one of the satellites that has visited your planet. Add more slides if you need to. </li> <li> The completed Research Worksheet is worth 200 points! This presentation is worth 800 points. 700 for content. Did you complete everything asked with a high level of effort? 250 for great images with excellent captions. 50 for style and neatness. Is your presentation colorful, easy to read, and neat? Total: 1,000 points! Delete this slide before turning in. </li> <li> Make your presentation Over the Top Add more facts Add more photos with descriptive captions Add animations Add an audio narration Add supportive graphics </li> <li> Save the PowerPoint (ppt) in your periods folder that is located in the Mr. Gardinier folder on the desktop. Save your PPT file and any images in that folder only. Any images or files left on the desktop WILL BE DELETED! The file size for this presentation is too large to send to WebLockrz. If you want to work on this at home, you will need a flash drive. Delete this slide before turning in. </li> <li> When finished, alert Ms. Hunter. She will copy your presentation to a flash drive for grading. If you have your own flash drive or a recordable CD, you can take home your presentation files. WARNING No points are awarded if your presentation gets accidentally deleted, does not save, gets lost, is at home, etc. YOU are responsible for your files. Delete THIS slide before turning in. </li> <li> Click my Image </li> </ul>