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<ul><li><p>MONTHLY WARMERS AVAILABLE NOW!</p><p>April</p><p>JuneMay</p><p>In Bloom R$30</p><p>Lone Star R $35</p><p>Caribbean Blue C $30</p><p>MONTHLY FRAGRANCES AVAILABLE NOW!</p><p>Summer Sunrise</p><p>Savor the stillness of dawn with freshly ground juniper berry, cardamom and a crackle of black pepper, enlightened by </p><p>aromatic bergamot and cedar.</p><p>June</p><p>Summer Sunset</p><p>Delight in the suns last rays as brilliant pomegranate, black currant and </p><p>rhubarb dissolve into a horizon of sugared lemon and vanilla frost.</p><p>June</p><p>Sea Salt Mist</p><p>Conjure a gentle tide lapping against driftwood, a rustle of beach grass, a spray of ocean mist and sea salt with </p><p>bright mandarin and sultry amber.</p><p>May</p><p>Spring Symphony</p><p>As fresh as a spring garden sweet hyacinth sings with a </p><p>fragrant medley of coconut water, violet leaf and soft musk.</p><p>April</p><p>https:// .scentsy.us</p><p>To order, contact your Scentsy Consultant</p><p>Warmer of the Month available while supplies last. Scentsy and its logos are TMs of Scentsy, Inc. 2015</p><p>JULY 2015</p><p>MONTHLY SPECIALS</p><p>JULY WARMER</p><p>Dandy Wish</p><p>Finish Guide G = Glows when lit. H = Hand painted.* R = Reactive glaze.* C = Crackle glaze.* * Final finish may vary.</p><p>Pink Haze</p><p>A sweet confection of berries, nectarines and vanilla-laced whipped cream nestled in </p><p>marshmallow fondant.</p><p>February</p><p>Poppies &amp; Clover</p><p>Delicate poppies and morning mist herald spring, accompanied by delicate lily of the valley, irises </p><p>and white amber.</p><p>March</p><p>Field of Poppies H $35</p><p>February March</p><p>Easter Bunny H$35</p></li><li><p>Guava HoneyThe sweet, radiant scent of pure honey, </p><p>finished with dark berries, tart citrus and </p><p>a slice of fresh guava. </p><p>Enjoy this months fragrance at a 10% discount. </p><p>Discounts do not apply to Combine and Save.</p><p>Scent Circle $3.00 $2.70Scentsy Bar $5.00 $4.50Room Spray $8.00 $7.20</p><p>Dandy Wish G What do you see: a weed or a wish? Whisper-white seeds float </p><p>among full dandelions in the warm glow of summer. Close your </p><p>eyes, search your heart and let your sweetest wish drift away </p><p>with the breeze. Half-cut porcelain glows from within. </p><p>$35.00 $31.50 (10% OFF)</p></li></ul>