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  • draft for discussion

    JU Stakeholder Engagement Webinar

    April 27, 2017

  • draft for discussion 2

    Agenda for April 27th 2:30PM – 4:00PM EDT

    • The April 27th agenda will include presentations and Q&A sessions on the following topics:

    • Overview and Introductions • Matt Robison (ICF)

    • System Data • John Borchert (Central Hudson)

    • Customer Data • Sara Margaret Geissler (Con Edison)

    • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) • John Leana (National Grid)

    • DER Sourcing • Deidre Altobell (Con Edison)

  • draft for discussion 3

    2017 JU Stakeholder Conferences

    • The intent of the stakeholder conference webinars is two-fold:

    • Provide an opportunity for the Joint Utilities (JU) to inform stakeholders on the 2017 plans and progress of the nine JU implementation teams

    • Solicit feedback and recommendations from stakeholders through Q&A sessions

    • Questions can be submitted via the ‘chat function’ on the webinar interface

    • Webinars are open to the public and recordings will be posted following the webinar on the Joint Utilities website: www.jointutiitiesofny.org

    • Please contact info@jointutilitiesofny.org if you have any additional questions following the webinar

    http://www.jointutiitiesofny.org/ mailto:info@jointutilitiesofny.org

  • draft for discussion 4

    2016 JU Stakeholder Engagement Overview

    • Joint Utilities established an Advisory Group in April 2016 that met monthly and provided guidance on the Joint Utilities’ 2016 stakeholder engagement efforts.

    • The Advisory Group will continue to meet in 2017. It is comprised of approximately 15 organizations representative of the breadth of stakeholders that are a party to the proceeding.

    • The Joint Utilities facilitated 9 Engagement Groups and two conferences held via webinar in 2016 to help inform the filing of the Supplemental Distribution System Implementation Plan (SDSIP) under REV.

  • draft for discussion 5

    2016 JU Stakeholder Engagement Overview

    • 2016 stakeholder engagement goals included:

    • Achieve a shared understanding of complex issues

    • Establish collaboration and create progress on the most challenging issues

    • Identify points of consensus

    • Stakeholder webinars were held in July, August and September, open to participation by all stakeholders, for the JU to share updates in their development of the SDSIP and to solicit feedback from stakeholders

    • The Joint Utilities filed the SDSIP on November 1, 2016. The Filing incorporated input from stakeholders in the Advisory Group and Engagement Groups

    • 2016 was focused on forming a plan. Stakeholder engagement in turn was designed to inform that plan through mutual education, sharing of views, and facilitating feedback on proposals.

  • draft for discussion 6

    2017 JU Stakeholder Engagement Purpose & Goals

    • In 2017, the Joint Utilities are transitioning to implementation based on commitments in the SDSIP and individual DSIPs.

    • Stakeholder feedback on the filing raised a number of detailed suggestions on approach, many of which the JU can work on addressing in ongoing stakeholder engagement.

    • 2017 stakeholder engagement goals include:

    • Inform stakeholders of implementation progress

    • Solicit feedback on implementation progress and achieve alignment for moving forward

    • Incorporate stakeholder input into implementation plans where applicable

  • draft for discussion 7

    System Planning

    2017 JU Stakeholder Engagement Approach Proposal

    • The JU have formed 9 implementation teams:

    • Hosting Capacity • Interconnection (ongoing ITWG) • Load and DER Forecasting

    • Monitoring and Control • ISO-DSP Coordination

    • DER Sourcing (w/ NWA Suitability) • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

    • System Data • Customer Data

    Grid Operations

    Market Operations


  • draft for discussion 8

    2017 SDSIP Proposed Engagement Plan

    Source: Adapted from the Joint Utilities Supplemental Distributed Implementation Plan, November 2016

    Advisory Group

    Customer Data

    DER Sourcing + NWA Suitability


    System Data

    Monitoring & Control


    Hosting Capacity

    Interconnection (ITWG, IPWG)

    Stakeholder Conferences/Webinars

    Load/DER Forecasting

    Jan. Feb. March April May June July August Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. 2018

  • draft for discussion 9

  • draft for discussion 10

  • draft for discussion 11

    Key Themes from 2016 System Data Discussions

    • DER providers expressed a desire for the JU to provide detailed and granular system data, and as frequently as possible to support integration of possible DER solutions

    • General agreement that enhancing the transparency of modeling or planning methodologies may reduce the need for specific data request

    • JU data availability varies by individual utility, system configuration, technologies employed, and planning needs

    • The JU have noted that in addition to providing system data to DER providers, safe and reliable grid operation for which they are responsible will necessitate sharing of information and data from DER providers, and that in general the data requested is driven by the specific DER resource(s) connected to the grid

    • General agreement that data security and confidentiality are legitimate considerations accompanying provision of some system data

  • draft for discussion 12

    Key Themes from 2016 System Data Discussions

    • General agreement that system data collection and provision will be an evolving process over time as the individual utilities make various capital and other investments to collect and standardize data

    • General agreement that DSPs are responsible for system planning and maintaining the reliability, resilience, and safety of the grid, while providing opportunities for DER providers to connect to the grid and offer services

    • In response to DER provider requests for some data, understanding the need behind the data request can facilitate the JU in responding.

    • General agreement that JU may provide value-added services or information to distributed energy resources

  • draft for discussion 13

    System Data 2017 Implementation Plan

    1. Enhance stakeholder ability to access and utilize available system data • Develop and provide stakeholders an accounting of each utility’s currently

    available data including a description of the location, format, and frequency of such data

    • Highlight utility-specific plans to make data available in consistent and usable format

    • Facilitate stakeholder input on data accessibility, format, priorities for further development of data, and priority elements desired by stakeholders under business development use cases

    2. System Data Needs Assessment and Update • Facilitate stakeholder feedback on utility portals, quality of data supplied, ease

    of access to information, and other aspects of the stakeholder experience • Determine areas where enhanced accessibility and greater transparency may

    benefit future data and information release • Determine what the update frequency should be from a utility perspective

    and stakeholder use-case perspective

  • draft for discussion 14

    System Data 2017 Implementation Plan

    3. System Data Classification • Develop inventory of system data elements and classification practices, from

    both utility and user perspective • Facilitate JU cross-departmental discussion on sensitivity of each data

    element, including cyber security considerations and requirements • Develop and propose Terms of Use for specific system data classifications

    4. Define basic system data and develop value-added data definition • Define basic system data that utilities make available today • Work to develop a common basis for defining “value-added” system data

    • Develop inventory of current JU practices and data definitions • Conduct benchmarking study of other utility data definition best practices

    • Finalize proposed definition of basic and value-added system data • Develop rationale and structure for fee-based data and data services • Facilitate discussion with Stakeholders on JU proposed value-added/basic data

    definitions and proposed fee structures and revise as may be appropriate

  • draft for discussion 15

    System Data 2017 Stakeholder Engagement

    • The system data implementation team will engage stakeholders in ​3 meetings during 2017

    • April 20th – Meeting #1

    • Information session focused on an overview of the 2017 implementation plan, the objectives and planned outcomes, data availability and stakeholder data needs

    • End of Q2 / Early Q3 – Meeting #2

    • ​Engage with Stakeholders for input on specific implementation efforts underway

    • Focus on stakeholder use cases for current and additional data needs and if the planned implementation meets their needs

    • End of Q3 / Early Q4 – Meeting #3

    • Inform and update stakeholders of progress made on i


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