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<ul><li><p>AS NEAR AS YOUR </p></li><li><p>TELEPHONE 93 POINTS OF SERVICE mean fast delivery </p><p>BAKER ANALYZED' REAGENTS Wherever your laboratory may be you're only a nearby phone call f rom more than 1,000 'Baker Analyzed' Reagents and other laboratory chemicals. </p><p>Listed on th is page are 93 fine laboratory supply houses with complete stocks. You' l l f ind your favorite one so close that your day-to-day needs can be served fast. </p><p>You can work faster with greater confidence wi th 'Baker Analyzed' Reagents. Purity is defined precisely by the Actual Lot Analysis on every label. </p><p>J. T. BAKER CHEMICAL CO., PHILLIPSBURG, N. J . </p><p>ALABAMA E. H. Sargent * Co. North Birmingham Alpine 1-5125 </p><p>ARIZONA Van Waters &amp; Rogers, inc. Braun Division Phoenix-ALpine 4-6111 Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. Braun Division Tucson-MAin 2-7796 </p><p>CALIFORNIA Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. B-K-H Division San Francisco DEIaware 4-2600 Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. Braun Division Los Angeles-ANgelus 9-9311 E. H. Sargent &amp; Co. Anaheim PRespect 2-3550 Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. Braun Division National City-6Ridley 4-6421 Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. B-K-H Division West Sacramento FRontier 1-7600 </p><p>COLORADO Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. B-K-H Division Denver-DUdley 8-5651 </p><p>CONNECTICUT Brand-Nu Laboratories, Inc. Meriden-BEverly 5-7969 </p><p>DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Henry B. Gilpin Co. Washington-Lincoln 4-2432 </p><p>FLORIDA W. H. Curtin &amp; Co. Jacksonville-ELgin 5-5426 </p><p>GEORGIA W. H. Curtin &amp; Co. AtlantaSycamore 9-7444 Estes Surgical Supply Co. Atlanta-JA 1-1700 Will Scientific, Inc. (Ga.) Atlanta - TRinity 4-3672 </p><p>HAWAII Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. B-K-H Division Honolulu 14-9-0991 </p><p>ILLINOIS Chicago Apparatus Co. Chicago BRunswick 8-4630 A. Daigger &amp; Co. Chicago 644-3438 LaPine Scientific Co. Chicago REIiance 5-4700 E. H. Sargent &amp; Co. Chicago-SPring 7-2700 Schaar Scientific Co. ChicagoGladstone 6-6150 NAtional 5-7000 Scientific Glass App. Co., Inc. Elk Grove Village HEmpstead 9-2500 Stansi Scientific Co. ChicagoARmitage 6-8737 </p><p>INDIANA Curtis &amp; French, I'nc. IndianapolisWAInut 6-5301 </p><p>KENTUCKY B. Preiser Co., Inc. Louisville636-3307 Steidle Chem. Co., Inc. LouisvilleJUniper 4-0618 </p><p>LOUISIANA W. H. Curtin &amp; Co. New Orleans-TUIane 524-0475 MARYLAND Will Scientific, Inc. (Md.) BaltimoreDickens 2-4850 </p><p>MASSACHUSETTS Doe &amp; Ingalls, Inc. Everett-OUnkirk 7-4610 Hampden Color &amp; Chem. Co. Springfield-PE 2-2112 Howe &amp; French, Inc. Boston- HAncock 6-5910 </p><p>MICHIGAN Eberbach &amp; Son Co., Inc. Ann Arbor-NO 2-5634 Harshaw Scientific Co. Detroit^VErmont 6-6300 Haviland Prod. Co. Grand RapidsEMpire 1-6691 E. H. Sargent &amp; Co. Detroit WEbster 1-0337 </p><p>MINNESOTA Geo. T. Walkers Co., Inc. MinneapolisFEderal 3-3343 Lerlab Supply Co. Hibbing-AMherst 2-3456 Scientific &amp; Laboratory Div. Physicians Hosp. Supply Co. Minneapolis-FEderal 2-2494 </p><p>MISSOURI Chicago Apparatus Co. St. Louis-EVergreen 5-5992 Kansas City Lab. Supply Co. Kansas City-JEfferson 1-7745 NEW JERSEY Macalaster Bicknell Co. Milville-TAylor 5-3222 Para Lab. Supply Co. Trenton TUxedo 2-4545 E. H. Sargent &amp; Co. SpringfieldDRexel 6-7050 Scientific Glass App. Co. Bloomfield Pilgrim 3-2200 Seidler Chem. &amp; Supply Co. Newark- MArket 2-4495 </p><p>NEW MEXICO Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. Braun Division AlbuquerqueDiamond 4-3407 </p><p>NEW YORK Amend Drug &amp; Chemical Co. New York-GRamercy 3-4772 J. &amp; H. Berge, Inc. New York-WAIker 5-5197 Greiner Scientific Corp. New York WOrth 6-4700 LaPine Scientific Co. Irvington-on-Hudson LYric 1-8900 New York Lab. Supply Co. New York-CAnal 6-6504 Will Scientific of Buffalo Inc, Buffalo-TT 5-6383 Will Scientific, Inc. RochesterBRowning 1-8200 Will Scientific of N.Y.C. Inc. New York-CYpress 4-3000 NORTH CAROLINA Cardinal Products, Inc. Durham-681-2017 Carolina Biological Sup. Co. Burlington Burlington 584-8801 OHIO Chemical Rubber Co. CincinnatiPRinceton 1-8192 Chemical Rubber Co. Cleveland-SUperior 1-8330 Harshaw Scientific Co. Cincinnati-REdwood 1-9100 Harshaw Scientific Co. Cleveland-VUIcan 3-2424 &amp; L Scientific Co. ColumbusCApitOl 8-5527 Rigby Scientific Co. Toi edo-TUrner 2-2028 OKLAHOMA W. H. Curtin &amp; Co. Tulsa-LUther 5-5757 Melton Co.. Inc. Oklahoma City.-CE 5-7481 </p><p>OREGON Scientific Supplies Co. Div. of Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. Portland -CApital 2-1721 </p><p>PENNSYLVANIA Arthur H. Thomas Co. Philadelphia-MArket 7-5600 Bellevue Surgical Supply Co. Reading- 4-2255 Burred Corp. Pittsburgh-GRant 1-2527 Edward P. Dolbey Co. Philadelphia Evergreen 2-6100 Harshaw Scientific Co. Div. Harshaw Chemical Co. Philadelphia-HOward 2-4700 Scientific Equipment Co. Philadelphia-BAring 2-5655 </p><p>TENNESSEE Fillauer Surgical Sup., Inc. Chattanooga-AMherst 7-1161 </p><p>TEXAS W. H. Curtin &amp; Co. Dallas-Riverside 7-2503 W. H. Curtin &amp; Co. Houston-WAInut 3-1661 E. H. Sargent &amp; Co. Dallas-FLeetwood 2-8411 Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. Braun Division El Paso-PRospect 8-4225 </p><p>UTAH Van Waters &amp; Rogers, Inc. B-K-H Division Salt Lake City -EMpire 3-3961 </p><p>VIRGINIA Phipps &amp; Bird, Inc. Richmond-Milton 4-5401 </p><p>WASHINGTON Scientific Supplies Co. Div. of Van Waters &amp; Rogers, inc. Seattle-MUtual 2-3460 </p><p>WEST VIRGINIA B. Preiser Co., Inc. Charleston-343-5515 Will Scientific, Inc. (W.Va.) South Charleston POplar 8-1281 WISCONSIN Roemer-Karrer Inc. Milwaukee-BRoadway 1-0468 </p><p>CANADA EDMONTON, ALBERTA Canadian Lab. Supplies, Ltd. GE 9-5107 Cave &amp; Co., Ltd. GRanite 7-8607 Van Waters &amp; Rogers of Canada, Ltd. GArden 4-0718 MONTREAL, QUEBEC Canadian Lab. Supplies. Ltd. Riverside 8-8773 </p><p>OTTAWA, ONTARIO Canadian Lab. Supplies, Ltd. PA 9-5183 TORONTO, ONTARIO Canadian Lab. Supplies, Ltd. 255-5501 Cave &amp; Co., Ltd. DownsviewCHerry 6-3131 VANCOUVER, B. C. Canadian Lab. Supplies, Ltd. Mutual 2-4291 Cave S Co., Ltd. REgent 1-6521 Van Waters &amp; Rogers of Canada, Ltd. HEmlock 3-0521 WINNIPEG, MANITOBA Canadian Lab. Supplies, Ltd. SP 4-1945 </p><p>J.T. BAKER LABORATORY CHEMICALS Circle No. 27 on Readers' Service Card </p></li></ul>