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    Special Pictorial Edition

    Issues 2-3 September 2010

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    II n Luke 4:18, God gives us a charge He anoints and empowers us to go out and share His word with a lost world. You can start at home, on your job, at school or wherever the opportunity presents itself. God wants us to share with others that there is a better way of living; there is healing and deliverance from any situation;

    there is peace that surpasses all understanding. These are just a few of Gods awesome bless-

    ings he gives us if we trust and believe in Him.

    In our last issue, Pastor Byrd explained The Great

    Commission (Ref. Mark 16:15-16). In this issue,

    Pastor Byrd will speak on Evangelism and the various

    evangelistic methods. To recap, to evangelize someone

    is to give them the good news that they do not have to

    suffer the final consequences of sin. If they believe that

    Jesus died, buried and rose again, they will be saved

    from sins eternal results. Now, that is good news and all

    the more imperative to share with others that Jesus is the only way. We are all in need of

    salvation and salvation is only found in Jesus (John 3:16, 18), (Acts 4:10, 12).

    Evangelism is a requirement, not a request. We are not limited as to who we can evangelize

    to. We just need to take the first step and God will be with us every step of the way.

    In His Will,

    L Shawn Sandifer




    With Lifted Hands Evangelism A Requirement

    Not A Request

    Shepherds Share Evangelism

    Spiritual Scavenger Hunt

    New Saints


    Community Wide Job Fair

    Family & Friends Day

    Women of Worth Womens Retreat

    Men of Standard Praise to Fathers

    Graduates Challenge

    Scholarship Awards

    Senior Ministry

    Healthy Living

    Gospel Flava / On the Net

    The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the

    poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and

    recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

    Luke 4:18

    With Lifted Hands

    Evangelism A Requirement Not a Request

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    EE vangelism is a cardinal instruction given to the church by Jesus Himself. It is the sine quo non of the church. Evangelism is an indispensable element in the life of the church, both local and universal. But, allow me to be a realist. Even though the great

    commission presents evangelism as crucial, and of necessity; it does not mean evangelism is

    practiced by every church. In fact, churches typically practice church transfer vs. the great

    commissions idea of evangelism. The term church transfer means that the philosophy of

    ministry of church A is to do church in such fashion that it will attract congregants from church B, C and D to

    church A; therefore growing in number without any evangelism or discipleship whatsoever. In being fair and honest,

    all churches practice some form of church transfer. The appeal may not be to necessarily attract from other churches,

    but to be appealing to anyone, including their own members. The great danger of the philosophy of church transferism

    is that it works. Even if it is used just to produce numbers without any regard for evangelism. When this happens a

    church just swells and swelling as such is unhealthy. Its like one growing 1 or 2 inches from proper nutrition, verses

    one growing 1 or 2 inches from a knot that resulted from bumping the top of your head. That knot is unhealthy growth.

    There are a large number of Christians that are uncomfortable evangelizing. There fear is a lack of knowledge, fear of

    people, being poor conversationalist, etc. What they may not realize is that there are various evangelistic methods. When

    you examine 21st century evangelism I can think of approximately 5 types. First, there's personal evangelism. This is an

    individual effort to share the gospel with those believed to be in need of the gospel. Second, there is mass evangelism.

    This is typically preaching the gospel open air to large crowds. Third, is an evangelistic sermon. A pastor may inform a

    congregation that on a particular Sunday of the month there will always be a clear evangelistic sermon. Forth type is

    door-to-door. This method is done by canvassing the neighborhood with literature, and leaving it on each door step. And,

    the fifth one is my favorite; friendship evangelism. This occurs when an individual focuses on a friend or family member.

    I have listed only five evangelistic methods. There are more. Allow me to say each type has its limitations. But, if a

    Christian is sincere about being obedient to the great commission, he or she can find an evangelistic type that's within

    their comfort zone.

    Shepherds ShareShepherds Share

    Pastor John L. Byrd

    1. I conversed with Epicurean and Stoic philosophers who took me to Areopagus to

    proclaim AN UNKNOWN GOD to the Athenians.

    2. In the 600th year of my life I preached repentance to the ungodly to avoid being

    drowned in judgment.

    3. I was a priest and prophet who proclaimed fourteen messages to the people of

    Judah to repent and turn back to the LORD.

    4. I am not the Christ, nor am I Elijah, nor The Prophet. I am A VOICE OF ONE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS.

    Answers from Issue 1:

    John 4

    Jonah ~ Chapter 1-3

    By Rev. Terrance Perkins


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    New Saints New Saints New in Christ, Recommitments and Baptisms Jubilee continues to experience growth, Praise God! Below are a few pictures of our new members.

    Dakkhara McBee Veronica Davison Cirsten Nunn Leasia Turner

    Thomas Scruggs, Jr. Runna Scruggs Tylor Scurggs Thomas Scruggs, Sr. Taylor Scruggs

    Leona Butler

    Patricia Phillips

    Caley Shaw

    LaShawn Griffin Darryl Mitchell KeShawn Baker Chaunte' Nunn TSiah Miles

    Simone Black

    Samuel & Rosa Townsend

    (Daughter: Latrece)

    Quettely Lewis Daughter: Dayna

    Keith & Marine Nelson

    (Daughter: Marine Nelson (not pictured) Anthony & Carlonda Cockrell

    (Children: Jamela, Janese, Jazmin)

    Tanja Washington (Children:

    Tatyana , Terrell Jakob (TJ)


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    Welcome to the family!Welcome to the family!

    Avery Alahi

    Alexander Alahi

    Michael Allen

    Janelle Armstead

    Jasmine Armstead

    Alexis Austin

    Keshawn Baker

    Alexis Beauford

    Simone Black

    Isaiah Brown

    Jacqueline Campbell

    Maurice Campbell

    Anthony Cockrell

    Carlondra Cockrell

    Jazmin Cockrell

    Jameca Cockrell

    Janese Cockrell

    Veronica Davison

    Carnelius Eldridge

    Ulysses Fillilove

    Takashe Fultce

    Eddie Glover, Jr.

    Kyla Griffin

    LaShawn Griffin

    Tiffany Hayden

    Harriet Henderson

    Helen Hicks

    Patricia Ann Ingram

    Daniel Ingram

    Devin Ingram

    Keon Johnson

    Angelica Johnson

    Carl Kibble

    Aniya Lewis

    Danien Mallory

    Jan Martin

    Dakkhara McBee

    Alexis McCowan

    Jeffrey McMiller

    Kelly McMiller

    T'siah Miles

    Darryl Mitchell

    Tionn Nash

    Keith Nelson

    Marine Nelson

    Marine Nelson

    Chaunte' Nunn, Jr.

    Patricia Phillips

    Carliss Ratley

    Charles Ratley, Sr.

    Cathy Reynolds

    Jodi Robinson

    Drayona Rollins

    Carl Ross-Works

    Thomas Scruggs

    Ronna Scruggs

    Taylor Scruggs

    Tylor Scruggs

    Thomas Scruggs, Jr.

    Jordan Sharber

    Caley Shaw

    Sharonnette Sholaja

    Mark Simms, III

    Aliyia Smith

    Nakia Smith

    Jamil Smith

    Julisha Taylor

    Layla Thompson

    Samuel Townsend

    Rose Townsend

    Latrece Townsend

    Lacora Turner

    Tanja Washington

    Tatyana Washington

    Terrell Jakob (TJ) Washington

    Jahoani Watson

    NEW MEMBERS Please join New Members Class

    that runs continuously. Subjects covered includes:

    1. Salvation

    2. Faith

    3. Prayer

    4. Repentance

    5. Christian Growth

    Sundays at 9 AM in Room 106


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    Matthew 28:19-20 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and

    of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am

    with you always, to the very end of the age.

    A public confession of our faith.


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    Senior MinistrySenior Ministry By Loni Forrester

    E vangelism Proclaiming the Good News, Gospel, written accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

    The key message of the Good News is that God

    offers a new life and forgiveness through Jesus Christ,

    specifically the coming Kingdom of God.

    In giving the Great Commission to the apostles,

    Jesus commanded them to Go therefore and make

    disciples of all the nations, teaching them to observe

    all things I have commanded you (Matthews 28:19-

    20). The Lord has commanded us to teach His word to

    the lost so that they can be saved. The New Testament

    urges believers to speak the gospel clearly, fearlessly,

    graciously and respectfully whenever an opportunity

    presents itself.

    We are trying to fulfill Gods co


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